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4thought.tv is a series of short, thought-provoking films that explore some of the biggest questions facing society and individuals today. Each episode features a different person offering their perspective on a particular issue, from religion and faith to politics and identity.

The show is broadcast on Channel 4 and has been running since 2009. It is aimed at a general audience, with episodes covering a wide range of topics and featuring interviews with people from all walks of life. There is no presenter or narrator - instead, each episode is driven by the personal story and opinions of the interviewee.

One of the unique features of 4thought.tv is that it provides a platform for people to share their personal beliefs and experiences in a respectful and non-judgmental way. Whether the interviewee is discussing their faith, their sexuality, or their political views, the show always seeks to understand and explore their perspective without passing judgment or taking sides.

The episodes are typically around three minutes long, making them ideal for online sharing as well as television broadcast. They are also available to watch on the Channel 4 website and on YouTube. Despite their brief length, the episodes are often powerful and poignant, challenging the viewer to think deeply about the issues raised.

Some of the most popular episodes of 4thought.tv have dealt with topics such as atheism, mental health, and same-sex marriage. Others have explored more niche subjects, such as the experience of being a vegan or the impact of Brexit on a particular community. The show has also featured interviews with notable figures such as writer Salman Rushdie and former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

While each episode of 4thought.tv is different, they all share a common format. The interviewee is introduced and given a brief backstory, which helps to place their perspective in context. They are then given the opportunity to speak at length about their beliefs or experiences, often using personal anecdotes to illustrate their point.

The show is filmed in a simple and understated style, with the interviewee speaking directly to the camera. There is no music or other distracting elements, allowing the viewer to focus entirely on the person's words and emotions. Despite this basic approach, the episodes are often remarkably powerful, conveying a sense of intimacy and authenticity that is rare on television.

Overall, 4thought.tv is a refreshing and thought-provoking show that offers a platform for people to share their personal perspectives on a wide range of topics. It provides a space for respectful and non-judgmental dialogue, helping to bridge the gaps between different communities and offering viewers a chance to learn about people who are different from themselves. Whether you are interested in politics, religion, or society more broadly, 4thought.tv is a show that is well worth watching.

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Mon 30 Jul 2012
365. Mon 30 Jul 2012
As London hosts the Olympic Games, 4thought.tv asks: what role does faith play in sport? Khadijah Safari is a black belt in kickboxing. She believes her sport can adapt to her Muslim faith.
Sun 29 Jul 2012
364. Sun 29 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks: What is madness? Atul Shah is a follower of the Jain faith. He believes there's a spiritual realm to the universe that can't be explained from a scientific perspective.
Sat 28 Jul 2012
363. Sat 28 Jul 2012
As part of 4 Goes Mad, 4thought.tv asks: What is madness? Dolly Sen is an artist who, at her lowest point, considered suicide, but then found peace of mind through her art and creativity
Fri 27 Jul 2012
362. Fri 27 Jul 2012
Professor Richard Bentall says many people who have profound religious experiences could be labelled mentally ill, but that this would be illogical and unlikely to offer them any benefit.
Thu 26 Jul 2012
361. Thu 26 Jul 2012
Marianne Rankin has interviewed scores of people who say they've had profound spiritual and religious experiences. She says phenomena like religious visions can't be dismissed as delusions.
Wed 25 Jul 2012
360. Wed 25 Jul 2012
Peter Atkins believes that all religious belief is a delusion and therefore a sign of mental illness. He says people who claim to hear voices are suffering from malfunctioning brains.
Tue 24 Jul 2012
359. Tue 24 Jul 2012
Rosemarie Moore believes she regularly has contact with angels that give her support and guidance. She is convinced these are not imagined experiences and she says she is mentally healthy.
Mon 23 Jul 2012
358. Mon 23 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks: What is madness? Voice hearer Peter Bullimore once thought he was Jesus Christ and was diagnosed as schizophrenic. Peter does not believe he is mentally ill.
Sun 22 Jul 2012
357. Sun 22 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks: What does fatherhood really mean? Craig was three when his father walked out on his family. Craig believes it's essential for children to grow up with a loving dad.
Sat 21 Jul 2012
356. Sat 21 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks: What does fatherhood really mean? John-George Nicholson was taken into care by Social Services when he was nine. Without a dad, John-George found a father-figure in Jesus.
Fri 20 Jul 2012
355. Fri 20 Jul 2012
Christian mother-of-four Stella Adu-Boakye believes a father has a God-given authority to be the head of his family. She says it's against God's will for same-sex couples to raise children.
Thu 19 Jul 2012
354. Thu 19 Jul 2012
When he was young Liam Tully saw his alcoholic father beat his mother repeatedly. Liam now brings up his daughter by himself. He believes too many men shirk their parental responsibilities.
Wed 18 Jul 2012
353. Wed 18 Jul 2012
Simon Cooper was written out of his father's will after he joined the Unification Movement. He says having children of his own has made him realise the importance of the role of the father.
Tue 17 Jul 2012
352. Tue 17 Jul 2012
Ashling Phillips and her partner Natalie are mothers to children conceived by donor insemination. Ashling believes her son proves that you can raise well-adjusted children without a father.
Mon 16 Jul 2012
351. Mon 16 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks: What does fatherhood really mean? Feminist mother-of-two Mussurut Zia says that conservative Muslim fathers need to engage with their children.
Sun 15 Jul 2012
350. Sun 15 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks: is organised religion sexist? Lindsay Newcombe says that, as Jesus chose 12 men as his apostles, only men can pass on the traditions, services and authority of the Church.
Sat 14 Jul 2012
349. Sat 14 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Is organised religion sexist?' Jenny Thomas is a Church of England vicar, as is her twin sister, Yvonne Clark. Jenny says they've experienced sexism within the Church.
Fri 13 Jul 2012
348. Fri 13 Jul 2012
Canon Pat Lyes-Wilsdon was one of the UK's first women priests. She recalls the overt hostility shown both by male clergy and members of the congregation to the idea of female clergy.
Thu 12 Jul 2012
347. Thu 12 Jul 2012
Yasmin Aktar wants to train to be a female cleric. But she says women can't lead religious services in the mosque because menstruation makes them 'impure' for five days each month.
Wed 11 Jul 2012
346. Wed 11 Jul 2012
Susie Leafe is a lay member of the General Synod of the Church of England. She believes that only men have the qualities of leadership and decision-making required to be a religious leader.
Tue 10 Jul 2012
345. Tue 10 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Is organised religion sexist?' Chandrika Joshi is a Hindu priest. She believes all faiths should be prepared to allow women to have equality with men.
Mon 9 Jul 2012
344. Mon 9 Jul 2012
July 9, 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Is organised religion sexist?' Philippa White is training to be a priest in the Church of England. She says the idea that you must have a penis to be a priest is bizarre.
Mon 9 Jul 2012
343. Mon 9 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Has the internet ruined sex?' Liselle Bailey is one of Britain's few female porn directors. She thinks good porn can help inform and liberate young people.
Sun 8 Jul 2012
342. Sun 8 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Has the internet ruined sex?' Feminist Kat Banyard believes the vast majority of internet porn is degrading for both men and women.
Sat 7 Jul 2012
341. Sat 7 Jul 2012
Dominatrix Mistress Josephine believes the internet has led to a sexual awakening. She thinks this has been particularly liberating for women and has provided an outlet for their fantasies.
Fri 6 Jul 2012
340. Fri 6 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Has the internet ruined sex?' The internet is helping Britons shed conservative and puritanical attitudes to sex, according to porn performer Johnny Anglais.
Thu 5 Jul 2012
339. Thu 5 Jul 2012
Andre Adefope first watched pornography at the age of 10 with friends, but gave it up six years later when he became a Christian. Andre believes internet pornography devalues sex.
Wed 4 Jul 2012
338. Wed 4 Jul 2012
Poet Adam Lowe believes the internet enables people to have much more fulfilling sex lives. Adam says the internet has allowed him to have sex whenever he wants, with whoever he wants.
Mon 2 Jul 2012
337. Mon 2 Jul 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Has the internet ruined sex?' The internet has revolutionised our sexuality for the better, according to psychosexual and relationship therapist Samantha Jones.
Sun 1 Jul 2012
336. Sun 1 Jul 2012
Jasvinder Sanghera was disowned by her family when she ran away from home to escape a forced marriage. She says the acceptance of violence to defend honour is a problem for some families.
Sat 30 Jun 2012
335. Sat 30 Jun 2012
Patrick Tchetche spent three years in prison for dealing class-A drugs. He says that respect on the streets means everything but that you can't gain true respect through street violence.
Fri 29 Jun 2012
334. Fri 29 Jun 2012
Mark Prince's son Kiyan was stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight. Mark believes the murderer stabbed Kiyan to preserve a misguided sense of honour and the respect of his peers.
Thu 28 Jun 2012
333. Thu 28 Jun 2012
Mizanur Rahman believes Sharia Law should be implemented in the UK to protect women's honour. He says punishments such as death by stoning would deter men from committing adultery and rape.
Wed 27 Jun 2012
332. Wed 27 Jun 2012
Somali-born Leyla Hussein is seen as dishonourable by her community because she saved her nine-year-old daughter from female genital mutilation and fights for it to be eradicated in the UK.
Tue 26 Jun 2012
331. Tue 26 Jun 2012
Peter Lee served as a chaplain in the RAF in Iraq. He has seen that soldiers who suffer devastating injuries can retain a sense of honour because they are fighting for what they believe in.
Mon 25 Jun 2012
330. Mon 25 Jun 2012
4thought.tv asks: Have we lost the true meaning of honour? Usama Hasan is a former Muslim extremist. He believes some Muslims engage in extremist behaviour to restore lost pride and honour.
Sun 24 Jun 2012
329. Sun 24 Jun 2012
Does non-stop social media and the often anonymous freedom of expression afforded by the digital world come at too high a cost? 4thought.tv asks: Has social networking changed our morality?
Sat 23 Jun 2012
328. Sat 23 Jun 2012
Social networking sites are profoundly transforming society for the better, according to Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group, which campaigns for a free and open internet.
Fri 22 Jun 2012
327. Fri 22 Jun 2012
4thought.tv asks: Has social networking changed our morality? Natalie Farzaneh considered suicide after being targeted by cyber-bullies. She is now a mentor with the Beatbullying charity.
Thu 21 Jun 2012
326. Thu 21 Jun 2012
4thought.tv asks: Has social networking changed our morality? Christian blogger James Poulter believes social media sites encourage spiritual and philosophical debate.
Wed 20 Jun 2012
325. Wed 20 Jun 2012
In 2010, Jon Kuhrt led a successful online campaign to have a billboard campaign for a marital affairs website withdrawn. He warns that the internet can facilitate immoral behaviour.
Tue 19 Jun 2012
324. Tue 19 Jun 2012
4thought.tv asks: Has social networking changed our morality? Andy Phippen, a Professor of Social Responsibility in IT, doesn't think networking sites fundamentally change moral standards.
Mon 18 Jun 2012
323. Mon 18 Jun 2012
Neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield believes social networking sites are damaging moral values and possibly leading some young people to lose the ability to feel empathy for others.
Sun 17 Jun 2012
322. Sun 17 Jun 2012
Alex Gabriel was brought up in a devout Christian home and made to pray every day. Now an atheist, he says that once he knew that God was not watching over him, prayer lost its importance.
Sat 16 Jun 2012
321. Sat 16 Jun 2012
4thought.tv asks: What has been your most important prayer? Dan Strange is a Christian whose most important prayer was for the deathbed conversion of his Hindu father.
Fri 15 Jun 2012
320. Fri 15 Jun 2012
Jaclyn Chernett is a Jewish cantor who helps her congregation talk to God through music. Jaclyn believes prayer is a natural part of the human condition.
Thu 14 Jun 2012
319. Thu 14 Jun 2012
Catholic anti-abortion activist Paul Smeaton has taken part in many prayer vigils outside abortion clinics and is convinced this has helped save the lives of unborn children
Wed 13 Jun 2012
318. Wed 13 Jun 2012
Prayer is the most fundamental thing in the life of Ghanaian Juliette Brobbey. She believes her devotion to the rosary helped bring her husband through cancer.
Tue 12 Jun 2012
317. Tue 12 Jun 2012
Susan Clarkson is a Catholic anarchist and a peace protestor whose most important prayers have been said as she was breaking the law to demonstrate her commitment to peace.
Mon 11 Jun 2012
316. Mon 11 Jun 2012
Pete Greig is a director of prayer in an Anglican church, but when a brain tumour threatened his wife's life he had to accept that too often his prayers for her remain unanswered.
Sun 10 Jun 2012
315. Sun 10 Jun 2012
Cherry Clarke's terminal cancer has prompted her to put herself first more often. She is at peace with dying but admits she still bargains with God for a little more time.
Sat 9 Jun 2012
314. Sat 9 Jun 2012
Daphne Hammond has terminal cancer. She says she's looking forward to meeting the Lord Jesus when she dies although she thinks death must be a fearful thing for non-believers.
Fri 8 Jun 2012
313. Fri 8 Jun 2012
Since the age of four, Harry Singh has been confined to a wheelchair with a life-limiting muscle-wasting condition of the spine. He's now 24 and says he's not afraid of death.
Thu 7 Jun 2012
312. Thu 7 Jun 2012
Christopher Werren has bowel cancer. As an atheist he says his terminal diagnosis has made him appreciate the beauty of everyday life and the importance of living life to the fullest.
Wed 6 Jun 2012
311. Wed 6 Jun 2012
Alistair Dunwoody is in the final stages of Motor Neurone Disease. He says he's scared of dying but takes some comfort from the thought that a bit of him will live on in his young daughter.
Tue 5 Jun 2012
310. Tue 5 Jun 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Are you afraid of dying?' Fifty-one-year-old Bev Peerless died of lung cancer, like her mother before her. Bev's biggest regret was that she had ruined her health through smoking.
Mon 4 Jun 2012
309. Mon 4 Jun 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Are you afraid of dying?' Kevin Arnold's terminal cancer diagnosis inspired him to make a bucket list of things he wants to do before he dies.
Sun 3 Jun 2012
308. Sun 3 Jun 2012
Stand-up comedian Bennett Arron talks about why he uses his faith as part of his act despite having been threatened with physical violence simply for being Jewish
Sat 2 Jun 2012
307. Sat 2 Jun 2012
Adam Atkins has had to hide his beliefs twice. In London, the family hid their Muslim faith. And when they moved to the Middle East Adam had to hide his decision to become an atheist.
Fri 1 Jun 2012
306. Fri 1 Jun 2012
Lindsay Taylor Guthartz's family renounced their Jewish ancestry but when Lindsay became a Modern Orthodox Jew, she felt she had to hide her faith rather than risk upsetting her parents.
Thu 31 May 2012
305. Thu 31 May 2012
As a child growing up in Iran Tahirih Danesh was threatened and abused for her Baha'i beliefs on a daily basis, but she never denied her faith and believes she never would.
Wed 30 May 2012
304. Wed 30 May 2012
Street preacher Michael Overd was arrested for verbally abusing a gay couple and subsequently cleared. He believes Christians are under pressure to keep quiet about their core beliefs.
Tue 29 May 2012
303. Tue 29 May 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Would you ever hide your faith?' A fear of being laughed at by her secular friends prevents Hilary Bichovsky from being completely open about her spiritual beliefs.
Mon 28 May 2012
302. Mon 28 May 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Would you ever hide your faith?' Christian dancer Jumeee Bolagi felt like he had to hide his strong faith from other children while he was growing up.
Sun 27 May 2012
301. Sun 27 May 2012
May 27, 2012
4thought.tv asks: are some people born evil? Geneticist Steve Jones believes the word 'evil' is unscientific. Steve says that doing evil acts has much more to do with society than genetics.
Sun 27 May 2012
300. Sun 27 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: are some people born evil? Mark Sutton's brother was tortured and murdered. Mark believes his brother's killer was born evil, and says he can never forgive him.
Sat 26 May 2012
299. Sat 26 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: are some people born evil? Anne Lawrence was sexually abused by her grandfather when she was a child. Anne believes his behaviour was because he had evil within him.
Fri 25 May 2012
298. Fri 25 May 2012
Emmanuel Jal is a hip hop artist who was once a child soldier in Sudan. He believes that a person's upbringing and environment determine if they become good or evil.
Thu 24 May 2012
297. Thu 24 May 2012
Are some people born evil? Detective Sergeant Bob Willis has investigated some of the UK's most notorious paedophile cases. Bob believes it's too simplistic to say people are born evil.
Wed 23 May 2012
296. Wed 23 May 2012
David Greaves is a Bishop in the New Testament Assembly Church. He believes we are born sinners and evil does exist but that it is not inevitable and that people can choose do good instead.
Tue 22 May 2012
295. Tue 22 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: are some people born evil? Lilian Black's grandparents died in the Holocaust. She thinks people aren't born evil but no one knows what they'd do in such circumstances.
Sun 20 May 2012
294. Sun 20 May 2012
Symran Kahani was disowned by her family because she wouldn't accept her parents' attempts to force her into an arranged marriage. It has taken her many years to forgive her family.
Sat 19 May 2012
293. Sat 19 May 2012
Kelly Connor was responsible for the death of an elderly woman pedestrian. The guilt and shame almost destroyed her life. After four decades she has finally found a way to forgive herself.
Fri 18 May 2012
292. Fri 18 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: Is there a limit to forgiveness? Stephen Habgood's son took his own life. Stephen believes his Christian faith has helped him understand and accept the loss of his son.
Thu 17 May 2012
291. Thu 17 May 2012
John Finucane's father was murdered by terrorists working in collusion with members of the British security forces. He won't forgive the government unless an independent inquiry is set up.
Wed 16 May 2012
290. Wed 16 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: Is there a limit to forgiveness? Charlie Ryder is an ex-prisoner who was changed by an encounter with a paralysed police officer who had chosen to forgive her attacker.
Tue 15 May 2012
289. Tue 15 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: Is there a limit to forgiveness? Shad Ali was the victim of a violent and unprovoked racist attack. Despite suffering terrible injuries, Shad has chosen to forgive his attacker.
Mon 14 May 2012
288. Mon 14 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: Is there a limit to forgiveness? Ray and Vi Donovan's son was murdered in a motiveless attack. As born-again Christians Ray and Vi decided to forgive their son's killers.
Sun 13 May 2012
287. Sun 13 May 2012
Dr Geeta Nargund is a fertility expert who believes that IVF should never be a lifestyle choice for couples and should not be used for the designing of babies.
Sat 12 May 2012
286. Sat 12 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: Should we be allowed to design babies? Elaine Franklin believes that genetic screening can allow families to avoid a lifetime of pain.
Fri 11 May 2012
285. Fri 11 May 2012
Nishad and Khilna were warned that pre-natal testing showed their first child was likely to be born with Down's Syndrome. Their Jain faith meant they would not countenance taking a life.
Thu 10 May 2012
284. Thu 10 May 2012
Dr Shane McKee thinks that religious objections to genetic testing mean putting principle ahead of the welfare of children at risk of genetic disease and severe disability.
Wed 9 May 2012
283. Wed 9 May 2012
Free Presbyterian James Dowson believes we must take a stand against scientific advances that allow us to design babies, and that we have no right to interfere with God's design.
Tue 8 May 2012
282. Tue 8 May 2012
Joe Fletcher's daughter was screened to make sure that her DNA could be used to help save the life of her brother, who would otherwise have died from a rare bone marrow condition.
Mon 7 May 2012
281. Mon 7 May 2012
4thought.tv asks: Should we be allowed to design babies? Reverend Joanna Jepson's brother was born with Down's Syndrome. She believes every child needs to be received as a gift from God.
Sun 29 Apr 2012
280. Sun 29 Apr 2012
Imam Abdullah Hasan believes that Islam can help people come to terms with difficulties in their lives, but that some older Imams can misdiagnose depression as possession by evil spirits.
Sat 28 Apr 2012
279. Sat 28 Apr 2012
Is faith a remedy for depression? Jane Parkes is a born-again Christian who has been diagnosed with depression. She's never blamed God for her depression but instead finds solace in Jesus.
Fri 27 Apr 2012
278. Fri 27 Apr 2012
Colin Brewer accepts that religion can sometimes help those suffering from depression, but he also says the same benefits can be derived from playing football or joining a knitting group
Thu 26 Apr 2012
277. Thu 26 Apr 2012
4thought.tv asks: Is faith a remedy for depression? As a teenager Debbie Harvie was sexually exploited, which led to drug addiction and depression. Debbie believes the Bible saved her life.
Wed 25 Apr 2012
276. Wed 25 Apr 2012
4thought.tv asks: Is faith a remedy for depression? Malcolm Bowden is a Christian who believes that depression is not a real mental illness but a manifestation of the cardinal sin of pride.
Tue 24 Apr 2012
275. Tue 24 Apr 2012
Lucy Farrow developed manic depression after being bullied at school. She says depression can only be sorted by medication and it's misguided to think faith can solve mental health issues.
Mon 23 Apr 2012
274. Mon 23 Apr 2012
Is faith a remedy for depression? After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder Avneet Chana rediscovered her Sikh faith. She believes working on the soul is the only way to fight depression.
Sun 22 Apr 2012
273. Sun 22 Apr 2012
Ethics lecturer Anna Abram believes anyone of good character can be a moral guide for young people, and supports the idea of offering parents moral education
Sat 21 Apr 2012
272. Sat 21 Apr 2012
Eighteen-year-old Free Presbyterian Chris Beverland fears that our society is becoming degraded because Christian morals aren't being passed down from parent to child
Fri 20 Apr 2012
271. Fri 20 Apr 2012
Eva O'Donovan is a teacher who claims that parents have thanked her for the improved behaviour of their children brought about by Scientologist teaching methods
Thu 19 Apr 2012
270. Thu 19 Apr 2012
Muslim Taji Mustafa draws his moral code from the Qu'ran, and teaches his children that all their actions must be made in the knowledge that they will have consequences in the next life
Wed 18 Apr 2012
269. Wed 18 Apr 2012
Vilma Watt has fostered over 60 children, and believes the state has a responsibility to intervene and rehouse the children of dysfunctional families to give them a chance for the future
Tue 17 Apr 2012
268. Tue 17 Apr 2012
Catholic and abstinence campaigner Daniel Clovis is opposed to the way our children are taught about sex in school, believing it steals their purity and puts them at great risk of STDs.
Mon 16 Apr 2012
267. Mon 16 Apr 2012
Where should our young people look for moral guidance? Former Catholic Sue Cox believes that the clergy should not be allowed to imprint their beliefs on to the innocent minds of children.
Sun 15 Apr 2012
266. Sun 15 Apr 2012
Anglican priest and psychotherapist Rev Chris MacKenna describes how some afflicted people need to believe in demons in order to articulate their pain
Sat 14 Apr 2012
265. Sat 14 Apr 2012
Anthropologist Jean La Fontaine reveals how people encouraged to confess they are possessed can become ostracised by their families and community
Fri 13 Apr 2012
264. Fri 13 Apr 2012
Pastor Kayumba, who once thought demons could be exorcised by force, describes how he now believes a gentler deliverance ministry is the best way to treat demonic possession
Thu 12 Apr 2012
263. Thu 12 Apr 2012
Islamic healer and exorcist Jebar Ahmed has treated many people possessed by spirits known as Djinn. Jebar recites the Qu'ran to cast out evil Djinn, and believes Allah does the healing.
Wed 11 Apr 2012
262. Wed 11 Apr 2012
Rev Elizabeth Baxter doesn't believe in possession, and favours a therapeutic approach to traumatised people over what she sees as some church's abusive methods
Tue 10 Apr 2012
261. Tue 10 Apr 2012
Angel N Kaleta is a Congolese Christian who believes even children can be possessed by evil spirits, and that prayer - not violence - should be used to exorcise them
Sun 8 Apr 2012
259. Sun 8 Apr 2012
The bigotry Alister McGrath witnessed growing up in Northern Ireland made him an atheist. But he lost his faith in atheism when he realised rational thought didn't have all the answers.
Sat 7 Apr 2012
258. Sat 7 Apr 2012
Jill Saward was 21 years old, a Christian and a virgin when she was raped by burglars who had broken into her father's vicarage. Her faith has remained strong even at the bleakest times.
Fri 6 Apr 2012
257. Fri 6 Apr 2012
4thought.tv asks: What would make you lose your faith? Witnessing prisoners being abused in Northern Ireland as a young soldier led Graham Matthews to question his Christian beliefs.
Thu 5 Apr 2012
256. Thu 5 Apr 2012
4thought.tv asks: What would make you lose your faith? Zigi Shipper survived four years in the concentration camp at Auschwitz but lost his Jewish faith after witnessing atrocities there.
Wed 4 Apr 2012
255. Wed 4 Apr 2012
Jacqui Putnam was in the carriage next to Mohammed Siddique Khan when he detonated a bomb on a packed Tube train on 7 July 2005. It led her to fundamentally question her faith.
Tue 3 Apr 2012
254. Tue 3 Apr 2012
4thought.tv asks: What would make you lose your faith? Peter Stanford found his faith shaken after discovering that one of his closest friends, a priest, had been a child sex abuser.
Mon 2 Apr 2012
253. Mon 2 Apr 2012
4thought.tv asks: What would make you lose your faith? Alom Shaha began to question his religious upbringing when he was taught that non-Muslim children would burn in Hell when they died.
Sun 1 Apr 2012
252. Sun 1 Apr 2012
Marigold Bentley is a Quaker and a self-described fundamentalist radical. She says Quakers now work to create heaven on Earth in this life, through protest and peaceful direct action.
Sat 31 Mar 2012
251. Sat 31 Mar 2012
Catherine Hopper took the name Munisha when she joined the Triratna Buddhist order, which is dedicated to communicating Buddhist truths in ways appropriate to the modern world
Fri 30 Mar 2012
250. Fri 30 Mar 2012
Karl Wightman says his life had little meaning until he found Bahá'í, a religion that stresses the oneness of God, the oneness of the human family, and the oneness of religion
Thu 29 Mar 2012
249. Thu 29 Mar 2012
Jonathan Butterworth says converting to Ahmadi Islam, a liberal, inclusive and moderate strand of Muslim belief, has helped make him the man he was supposed to become and liberated him
Wed 28 Mar 2012
248. Wed 28 Mar 2012
Citi Shakti is an NHS psychiatrist and a devotee of Hare Krishna. She believes everyone is loved by Krishna, whether they believe in him or not.
Tue 27 Mar 2012
247. Tue 27 Mar 2012
Patrick is a Jedi Master from Runcorn who believes the Church of Jediism is as strong and legitimate as any other faith and has helped him find a better way of life
Mon 26 Mar 2012
246. Mon 26 Mar 2012
Peter Dwan is a Scientologist. He says a lot of rubbish about his Church has been published by newspapers, but that his faith has made him happier than he has ever been.
Sun 25 Mar 2012
245. Sun 25 Mar 2012
London funeral director Moona Taslim says that in the Islamic tradition death is part of everyday life and from the moment they are born Muslims are preparing for the day they will die
Sat 24 Mar 2012
244. Sat 24 Mar 2012
Reverend James Thompson believes that animals deserve to be buried or cremated with the same ritual and respect as humans, because they also have souls
Fri 23 Mar 2012
243. Fri 23 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Have we lost touch with the sanctity of death?' Roman Krznaric is a philosopher who argues that we are too obsessed with life and think far too little about death.
Thu 22 Mar 2012
242. Thu 22 Mar 2012
Lawyer Andrew Singh Bogan is campaigning to introduce the UK's first open-air funeral pyre site. He says the Hindu sacrament of fire is rooted in the profundity of life, death and nature.
Wed 21 Mar 2012
241. Wed 21 Mar 2012
Have we lost touch with the sanctity of death? Rabbi Yosef Frankel volunteers for a Jewish recovery organisation who ensure proper burials for victims of attacks, disasters and accidents.
Tue 20 Mar 2012
240. Tue 20 Mar 2012
Garrett Smyth was the first Briton to pay to have his brain frozen when he dies, in the hope that he may be brought back to life in the future. He believes we shouldn't just accept death.
Mon 19 Mar 2012
239. Mon 19 Mar 2012
Crystal Hardwick set up the London African Gospel Choir. She says at British funerals there is more of a sense of loss than hope, but in African churches they are more about celebration.
Sun 18 Mar 2012
238. Sun 18 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Is it delusional to believe in saints?' Mesam Chohan is a project manager and Shia Muslim who follows Iman Hussein, one of the most important saints in Islam.
Sat 17 Mar 2012
237. Sat 17 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Is it delusional to believe in saints?' Catholic layman Myles Dempsey says saints have answered his prayers and helped many previously infertile women become pregnant.
Fri 16 Mar 2012
236. Fri 16 Mar 2012
Anthony Radice believes saints are completely relevant to modern life. Anthony believes the Virgin Mary, mother of God has communicated directly with him and changed the course of his life.
Thu 15 Mar 2012
235. Thu 15 Mar 2012
Joan O Pray thinks people who believe in saints performing miracles are either mentally ill or hysterical. Joan admires people who live the best lives they can now.
Wed 14 Mar 2012
234. Wed 14 Mar 2012
Andrew Tucker joined Opus Dei after reading the teachings of its founder, Saint Josemaria Escriva. Andrew says he is inspired by Saint Josemaria to try to lead the life of a saint.
Tue 13 Mar 2012
233. Tue 13 Mar 2012
Jewish educator Maureen Kendler says that the idea of saints isn't ridiculous or laughable, but that Jews don't do saints, with Jewish prayers going straight to God's ears.
Mon 12 Mar 2012
232. Mon 12 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Is it delusional to believe in saints?' Peta Wilkinson says she's a mystic and that she sees saints every day.
Sun 11 Mar 2012
231. Sun 11 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Could you live by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?' Ros Oman and her husband gave up careers to live simple lives as Christian missionaries.
Sat 10 Mar 2012
230. Sat 10 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Could you live by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?' Chase Sydnor became a US Marine but found it conflicted with his Christian faith.
Fri 9 Mar 2012
229. Fri 9 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks, 'Could you live by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?' Hedonist Sasha Das Gupta believes that you shouldn't have to sacrifice any of the pleasures of life.
Thu 8 Mar 2012
228. Thu 8 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks, 'Could you live by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?' Sister Cathy Jones believes that the sacrifice at the heart of Christianity brings spiritual rewards.
Wed 7 Mar 2012
227. Wed 7 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks, 'Could you live by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?' Adam Taub doesn't see any romance in poverty or any virtue in chastity.
Tue 6 Mar 2012
226. Tue 6 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks, 'Could you live by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?' Newly-wed Muslim Marinah Shah believes that abstinence will bring her rewards in the afterlife.
Mon 5 Mar 2012
225. Mon 5 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks, 'Could you live by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?' Ben Hunt wants to be a Catholic priest and is prepared give up sex for the rest of his life.
Sun 4 Mar 2012
224. Sun 4 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'How racist are we?' Leroy Rosenior thinks that racism on and off the football pitch still exists, but is not as overt as it was when he played in the 1980s.
Sat 3 Mar 2012
223. Sat 3 Mar 2012
Journalist Ian Dunt, who has written about race, racism and the Suarez-Evra affair, says we must challenge racist attitudes, which can still be found in all ethnic groups
Fri 2 Mar 2012
222. Fri 2 Mar 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'How racist are we?' Sophia is an English Gypsy who believes Gypsies are the forgotten victims of racism.
Thu 1 Mar 2012
221. Thu 1 Mar 2012
Michael Abatan's brother Jay died in 1999 outside a nightclub in what Michael believes was a racial attack. Michael says that Britain is as racist today as it was 20 years ago.
Wed 29 Feb 2012
220. Wed 29 Feb 2012
British-born Pakistani Muslim Qurra Tull-Anne Hussain believes that racism morphed into Islamophobia after 9/11 and 7/7, and that she is now abused for her faith as well as her race.
Tue 28 Feb 2012
219. Tue 28 Feb 2012
Harry Aldridge believes that black victims of racist crime get far more attention than white victims of similar crimes. He says his generation is the least racist there has ever been.
Mon 27 Feb 2012
218. Mon 27 Feb 2012
Matthew Collins used to be a violent racist. Sickened by his involvement in an attack on a group of Asian women, Matthew turned on his fellow racists and now campaigns against racism.
Sun 26 Feb 2012
217. Sun 26 Feb 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Do we still need religion?' Andrew McNabb is an 18-year-old theology student in Northern Ireland who lives his life by strict Christian values.
Sat 25 Feb 2012
216. Sat 25 Feb 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Do we still need religion?' Comedian Tim McGarry says that the Northern Ireland he grew up in is still terribly obsessed with religion and couldn't function without it.
Fri 24 Feb 2012
215. Fri 24 Feb 2012
Michele Marken is a proud Catholic who refuses to give up on her faith despite feeling that she is under attack from militant secularists and aggressive atheists.
Thu 23 Feb 2012
214. Thu 23 Feb 2012
Jeff Peel, founder of the Conservative Humanist Association, describes himself as an evangelical atheist. He's convinced there's no need in a modern society for religious mumbo jumbo.
Wed 22 Feb 2012
213. Wed 22 Feb 2012
4thought.tv asks 'Do we still need religion?' Jenny Taylor believes attacks on religion by militant secularists have provided an opportunity for Christians to make their case and be heard.
Tue 21 Feb 2012
212. Tue 21 Feb 2012
Humanist Trevor Moore believes Christianity and all other organised religions are founded on superstition, ritual and ancient texts, and have no relevance to modern life.
Mon 20 Feb 2012
211. Mon 20 Feb 2012
Lesley Pilkington, who believes homosexuals can be 'healed' through religious counselling, says Christians must speak up for their faith and challenge militant secularists and atheists.
Sun 19 Feb 2012
210. Sun 19 Feb 2012
Martina Hinds suffered with fibromyalgia which caused her severe pain. She says the Bowen technique relieved her of pain and that the complementary therapy should be available on the NHS.
Sat 18 Feb 2012
209. Sat 18 Feb 2012
Professor David Peters believes that some alternative treatments can have benefits for patients, even though they cannot be measured by conventional scientific methods
Fri 17 Feb 2012
208. Fri 17 Feb 2012
Sile Lane of Sense about Science believes that the NHS should not waste resources on alternative therapies like homeopathy, which lack clear clinical evidence that they work
Thu 16 Feb 2012
207. Thu 16 Feb 2012
Steven Isserlis lost his wife to breast cancer. She tried alternative therapies but Steven now believes they should not be available on the NHS unless they are properly tested.
Wed 15 Feb 2012
206. Wed 15 Feb 2012
Leanna Broom is a medical herbalist who believes that herbal remedies and other complementary treatments should be available on the NHS as a viable alternative to conventional medicine
Tue 14 Feb 2012
205. Tue 14 Feb 2012
Raymond Tallis, who was a hospital doctor for over 35 years, believes that alternative practitioners who claim to cure cancer are charlatans who put people's lives at risk
Mon 13 Feb 2012
204. Mon 13 Feb 2012
February 13, 2012
Andrea Giles gave up on chemotherapy and turned to alternative therapies when she discovered her breast cancer was terminal. She wishes she had known about alternative therapies earlier.
Mon 13 Feb 2012
203. Mon 13 Feb 2012
Ian Goggin and Kristin Skarsholt's Quaker beliefs promote equality and the belief that access to civil partnership and marriage should be the same for everyone, irrespective of sexuality.
Sat 11 Feb 2012
202. Sat 11 Feb 2012
Should gay couples be allowed to marry in places of worship? Gay Rabbi Mark Solomon looks forward to a day when gay people of any faith can marry in their chosen places of worship.
Fri 10 Feb 2012
201. Fri 10 Feb 2012
Laura McLachlan believes that marriage is about love, not sexual orientation, and that gay couples should have exactly the same rights as anyone else.
Thu 9 Feb 2012
200. Thu 9 Feb 2012
When Heather Peace came out, she felt she had to leave her Catholic upbringing behind. She believes the Catholic church has put itself in a dangerous place by ostracising gay people.
Wed 8 Feb 2012
199. Wed 8 Feb 2012
Church of England minister John Richardson believes homosexuality is against human biology. In his view gay couples should not be allowed to marry in church.
Tue 7 Feb 2012
198. Tue 7 Feb 2012
Catholic Kevin Maxwell believes that marriage should be open to everybody and that religious discrimination towards gay couples is unjustifiable.
Mon 6 Feb 2012
197. Mon 6 Feb 2012
Catholic Anthony McCarthy believes that any attempt to redefine marriage poses a threat to society. In his view gay couples should not be allowed to marry in places of worship.
Sun 5 Feb 2012
196. Sun 5 Feb 2012
Ben Rawlence believes that taxpayers and governments have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure that foreign aid does not fall into the hands of corrupt regimes
Sat 4 Feb 2012
195. Sat 4 Feb 2012
Inderjit Singh Bhogal says the altruism of the Sikh charitable tradition of Seva has a healing effect on the brain and is beneficial to both the giver and the receiver
Fri 3 Feb 2012
194. Fri 3 Feb 2012
Joy Carter was an infant when British missionary workers rescued her from civil war in Nigeria. Joy believes that without the charity of her adoptive parents, she would not be alive today.
Thu 2 Feb 2012
193. Thu 2 Feb 2012
Muslim aid worker Salah Aboulgasem has witnessed the devastation caused by humanitarian crises. Salah believes people in Britain have a responsibility to try to break the cycle of poverty.
Wed 1 Feb 2012
192. Wed 1 Feb 2012
4thought.tv asks: what's the point of charity? Alessandra Pigni is a psychologist and former aid worker who believes that it's naïve to think that we're being selfless when we try and save the world.
Tue 31 Jan 2012
191. Tue 31 Jan 2012
Mohamed Ali Ugas was five years old when he was brought to the UK as a refugee from Somalia. He believes those who have received charity have a moral responsibility to give something back.
Mon 30 Jan 2012
190. Mon 30 Jan 2012
Sophie Maxwell was 16, homeless and dependent on drugs when a stranger's kindness transformed her life. Sophie believes the simplest act of charity can help turn a person's life around.
Sun 29 Jan 2012
189. Sun 29 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: does faith healing work? Canon Tony Butterworth has worked in the healing ministry of the Church of England for three decades and is opposed to those who make wild claims.
Sat 28 Jan 2012
188. Sat 28 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks if faith healing works. Ann Fergusson believes that a spiritual healer freed her from back pain and brought comfort to her husband, who was suffering from terminal cancer.
Fri 27 Jan 2012
187. Fri 27 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: does faith healing work? Manjula Sood is Chair of the Leicester Council of Faiths and believes bogus holy men are cheating vulnerable members of the Asian community.
Thu 26 Jan 2012
186. Thu 26 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: does faith healing work? Jenny Bartle is a humanist who can't understand how any rational person can believe in faith healing.
Wed 25 Jan 2012
185. Wed 25 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: does faith healing work? Damian Stayne is a Catholic Charismatic preacher who believes God has worked through him and his ministry to heal thousands of people worldwide.
Tue 24 Jan 2012
184. Tue 24 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: does faith healing work? Professor Chris French is disgusted that some faith healers have made a lot of money by exploiting the uneducated, the poor and the sick.
Mon 23 Jan 2012
183. Mon 23 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: does faith healing work? Pastor Moby Mathew is a pentecostal Christian who believes God can heal where medicine cannot.
Sun 22 Jan 2012
182. Sun 22 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: Are there too many people in the world? Ecological scientist Dr Stephan Harding believes that if we don't radically reduce our consumption, we're heading for catastrophe.
Sat 21 Jan 2012
181. Sat 21 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: Are there too many people in the world? Susan Long was brought up in China and approves of the Chinese government's one-child policy to control their population.
Fri 20 Jan 2012
180. Fri 20 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: Are there too many people in the world? Roya Kashefi is an Iranian who believes Iran deliberately doubled its population in the past, ignoring the social consequences.
Thu 19 Jan 2012
179. Thu 19 Jan 2012
Are there too many people in the world? Tim Fox believes thinks existing technology can provide all the food, water and energy the world needs, if the political and financial will is there.
Wed 18 Jan 2012
178. Wed 18 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: Are there too many people in the world? Chairman of Population Matters Roger Martin believes the world faces dire consequences because of enormous levels of consumption.
Tue 17 Jan 2012
177. Tue 17 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: Are there too many people in the world? Teresa Crabtree is a mother of 14 children and is confident that God will not send more people to the world than we can look after.
Mon 16 Jan 2012
176. Mon 16 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: Are there too many people in the world? Charlie McCann chose to be sterilised when she was 30. She thinks child-free people should be given credit.
Sun 15 Jan 2012
175. Sun 15 Jan 2012
British children share their experiences of child poverty. Twelve-year-old traveller Johnny says child poverty is something that affects all cultures.
Sat 14 Jan 2012
174. Sat 14 Jan 2012
Nine-year-old Matilda is angry at the people who have made children poor. Matilda thinks people who are already rich in certain types of jobs are taking all the money and that isn't fair.
Fri 13 Jan 2012
173. Fri 13 Jan 2012
British children share their experiences of child poverty. Nine-year-old Josephine lives in a council flat with her mum and three brothers and thinks poverty among children is worsening.
Thu 12 Jan 2012
172. Thu 12 Jan 2012
British children share their experiences of child poverty. Nine-year-old Samuel has spent four years living in Ecuador with his missionary parents, where he has seen extreme child poverty.
Wed 11 Jan 2012
171. Wed 11 Jan 2012
British children share their experiences of child poverty. Lily is 11 years old. She thinks that every child, no matter what their background, should be given a fair chance in life.
Tue 10 Jan 2012
170. Tue 10 Jan 2012
British children share their experiences of child poverty. Eleven-year-old Naphysa has been hospitalised with scurvy, and there have been times when her family haven't had enough to eat.
Mon 9 Jan 2012
169. Mon 9 Jan 2012
Today 2.5 million children are living in poverty across Britain. Seven of them share their experiences with 4thought.tv. Tommy, 11, is frightened his mum won't be able to afford the rent.
Sun 8 Jan 2012
168. Sun 8 Jan 2012
Is it right to ask God to make us rich? Sikh Dr Spinder Dhaliwal compiles the British Asians Rich List and says she is unashamed to pray for prosperity, provided the wealth is used wisely.
Sat 7 Jan 2012
167. Sat 7 Jan 2012
Is it right to ask God to make us rich? Feng shui expert and Chinese astrologer Ting-Foon Chik believes that luck, and not prayer, determines whether someone becomes rich.
Fri 6 Jan 2012
166. Fri 6 Jan 2012
January 6, 2012
Is it right to ask God to make us rich? Reverend Bridget Adams works with successful Christian businesses and believes that creating wealth and riches is part of doing God's work.
Thu 5 Jan 2012
165. Thu 5 Jan 2012
Is it right to ask God to make us rich? Rabbi Josh Levy believes it is a legitimate desire to ask God for a wealthy life but there is a duty to acquire the money honestly and use it wisely.
Wed 4 Jan 2012
164. Wed 4 Jan 2012
Is it right to ask God to make us rich? Baptist pastor Chris Hand believes churches that promote the Prosperity Gospel and personal gain are acting against the teachings of the Bible.
Tue 3 Jan 2012
163. Tue 3 Jan 2012
Is it right to ask God to make us rich? Born-again Christian Julia Doe says God doesn't have a problem with us having nice things and money has helped her to make the world a better place.
Mon 2 Jan 2012
162. Mon 2 Jan 2012
In a time of economic uncertainty, 4thought.tv asks: Is it right to ask God to make us rich? Franciscan friar Brother Paul Coleman has taken a vow of poverty and shuns private possessions.
Sun 1 Jan 2012
161. Sun 1 Jan 2012
Comedian Milton Jones is a Christian who believes Christmas is a time to reacquaint ourselves with Jesus Christ the man, in spite of the dodgy company he sometimes kept
Sat 31 Dec 2011
160. Sat 31 Dec 2011
Sarah Hagger Holt is a gay Christian who spends Christmas with her partner, their daughters and the girls' biological fathers. Christmas helps Sarah reflect on the blessing of her family.
Fri 30 Dec 2011
159. Fri 30 Dec 2011
4thought.tv hears why Christmas is still relevant to people of faith. DJ Kelechi Amadi and his son Jordan use rap music to celebrate Christmas as the birth of the saviour Jesus Christ.
Thu 29 Dec 2011
158. Thu 29 Dec 2011
4thought.tv hears why Christmas is still relevant to people of faith. Rachel Howse Binnington is a Jewish convert from Christianity for whom Hanukkah means much more than Christmas.
Wed 28 Dec 2011
157. Wed 28 Dec 2011
Nathanael Watchorn is the fifth generation of his family to be a member of the Salvation Army. Nathanael believes we can show God's love at Christmas by giving back to the community.
Tue 27 Dec 2011
156. Tue 27 Dec 2011
4thought.tv hears why Christmas is still relevant to people of faith. For Lindsay West, the frontman of Christian hip hop band LZ7, Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus' birth.
Mon 26 Dec 2011
155. Mon 26 Dec 2011
4thought.tv hears why Christmas is still relevant to people of faith. Canon James Rosenthal wants Christians to reclaim St Nicholas as a true symbol of their faith at Christmas.
Sun 25 Dec 2011
154. Sun 25 Dec 2011
Ian Thompson is the conductor of the Hackney Secular Singers. He says he doesn't need belief to enjoy Christmas, which for him represents the spirit of life amplified for a few days.
Sat 24 Dec 2011
153. Sat 24 Dec 2011
Lucy Porter is a writer, comedian and atheist who is due to give birth on Christmas Eve. She doesn't believe in the redemptive power of Christmas shopping but loves the festive season.
Fri 23 Dec 2011
152. Fri 23 Dec 2011
Dharmender Singh is an atheist Sikh who believes most of our Christmas customs are pagan in origin and that Christmas is simply a way for people to celebrate the human experience
Thu 22 Dec 2011
151. Thu 22 Dec 2011
John Hunt is a minister in the First Church of Atheism and believes the Christian version of Christmas is nonsense. He harks back to a time when Christmas had its place and knew its place.
Wed 21 Dec 2011
150. Wed 21 Dec 2011
Helen Arney is a musical comedian who says that although she can do without the religious part of Christmas she could never give up the rest, whether it be huge Christmas trees or family arguments
Tue 20 Dec 2011
149. Tue 20 Dec 2011
What does Christmas mean to non-believers? Kat Affleck is an atheist, vegan and animal rights activist who believes turkeys suffer terribly in the name of Christmas.
Mon 19 Dec 2011
148. Mon 19 Dec 2011
What does Christmas mean to non-believers? David Baddiel is a writer, comedian and Jewish atheist who likes religion, loves the rituals of Christmas, and believes in Santa.
Sun 18 Dec 2011
147. Sun 18 Dec 2011
Christian Shirley Chaplin took early retirement from her job as a nurse after she was told she could not wear her crucifix while working
Sat 17 Dec 2011
146. Sat 17 Dec 2011
Stephen Holland is an Evangelical Baptist Pastor who says Christians should be free to preach publicly from the Bible, even if it offends modern sensibilities on issues such as homosexuality
Fri 16 Dec 2011
145. Fri 16 Dec 2011
Gerard Philips turned away from the church because of its teachings on homosexuality. He believes religion is a private matter that should not be expressed in public.
Thu 15 Dec 2011
144. Thu 15 Dec 2011
Sergeant Kashmira Singh Mann is a Sikh police officer who would resign from his job if he were not allowed to wear his turban, which is a key symbol of his faith
Wed 14 Dec 2011
143. Wed 14 Dec 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Should we be free to express our religion in public?' Yudong Gao is a member of the spiritual movement Falun Gong, which is banned by the Chinese government.
Tue 13 Dec 2011
142. Tue 13 Dec 2011
Laura Stuart was raised as a Christian but has converted to Islam. She always wears the full face veil or niqab in public, and says no one has the right to tell her how to dress.
Mon 12 Dec 2011
141. Mon 12 Dec 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Should we be free to express our religion in public?' Dr Taj Hargey, Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, says the Muslim face veil has no place in modern society.
Sun 11 Dec 2011
140. Sun 11 Dec 2011
Alcoholism and huge debts resulted in former newsreader Ed Mitchell becoming homeless. Having put his life back together, Ed warns that homelessness can strike anyone.
Sat 10 Dec 2011
139. Sat 10 Dec 2011
Michael Bray found himself homeless after being released from prison. He spent nine years sleeping rough in London and says he was lucky to escape alive from an inhuman life on the streets.
Fri 9 Dec 2011
138. Fri 9 Dec 2011
Catherine Brogan has been squatting for almost three years. She wants to know why we have a million empty properties when there are so many people lacking adequate housing.
Thu 8 Dec 2011
137. Thu 8 Dec 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Does everyone have a right to a home?' Randeep Lall's faith has led him to believe a home is a basic entitlement without which it is impossible to integrate into society.
Wed 7 Dec 2011
136. Wed 7 Dec 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Does everyone have a right to a home?' Paul Marsh became homeless after splitting up with his girlfriend and subsequently losing his job.
Tue 6 Dec 2011
135. Tue 6 Dec 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Does everyone have a right to a home?' Big Issue co-founder John Bird says the homeless should be given the chance of self-help rather than rely on handouts.
Mon 5 Dec 2011
134. Mon 5 Dec 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Does everyone have a right to a home?' Former fashion designer Paula Daly became homeless in just 18 months after losing her job and having her home repossessed.
Sun 4 Dec 2011
133. Sun 4 Dec 2011
Muslim Obadah Ghannam is a medical student who believes that a woman's family doctor must provide impartial and unbiased counselling on abortion, irrespective of their own beliefs.
Sat 3 Dec 2011
132. Sat 3 Dec 2011
Matt O'Connor is founder of Fathers 4 Justice. He says fathers have a right to be involved in decisions about abortion, and counselling should come from sources free of financial interest.
Fri 2 Dec 2011
131. Fri 2 Dec 2011
Ed Rennie is a Catholic pro-life activist who believes that women considering an abortion should have access to independent counselling, because they may opt to continue with their pregnancy.
Thu 1 Dec 2011
130. Thu 1 Dec 2011
Dr Evan Harris strongly believes that abortion clinics, as health service providers, provide the best source of information and counselling for women faced with an unwanted pregnancy
Wed 30 Nov 2011
129. Wed 30 Nov 2011
Mara Clarke helps women from Ireland and Northern Ireland seeking an abortion in the UK. She challenges the notion that women need counselling when considering abortion.
Tue 29 Nov 2011
128. Tue 29 Nov 2011
Kate Cooper was 20 and a student when she had a termination. She thinks it's ridiculous that women still need two medical signatures to access an abortion.
Mon 28 Nov 2011
127. Mon 28 Nov 2011
Should abortion clinics be stopped from providing counselling to pregnant women? Tanya Ray was 15 when she had an abortion. She believes abortion clinics put women under unfair pressure.
Sun 27 Nov 2011
126. Sun 27 Nov 2011
Professor of science education Michael Reiss welcomes open discussion of creationism in the classroom, provided it is made clear that it has no scientific basis whatsoever
Sat 26 Nov 2011
125. Sat 26 Nov 2011
Muslim Abdul Aziz is a maths teacher who wants creationism presented alongside evolution in the classroom, so that children can make up their own minds
Fri 25 Nov 2011
124. Fri 25 Nov 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'should creationism be taught in schools?' Laura Horner is an Anglican who believes creationism discredits religion as much as it discredits science.
Thu 24 Nov 2011
123. Thu 24 Nov 2011
Should creationism be taught in schools? Reverend Canon Rosie Harper thinks literal interpretations of the Bible are dangerously wrong-headed and risk bringing Christianity into disrepute.
Wed 23 Nov 2011
122. Wed 23 Nov 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'should creationism be taught in schools?' Creationist Randall Hardy wants children to be taught that God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh.
Tue 22 Nov 2011
121. Tue 22 Nov 2011
Should creationism be taught in schools? Stephen Law believes creationism is scientific nonsense and that it's wrong to teach children something he thinks is quite clearly false.
Mon 21 Nov 2011
120. Mon 21 Nov 2011
Young Earth Creationist Sam Scott Perry believes that dinosaurs roamed the land with humans. Sam thinks creationism should be taught in schools so that children can make up their own mind.
Sun 20 Nov 2011
119. Sun 20 Nov 2011
Father Paul Butler believes Christians cannot serve both God and capital, and that the Church should support the protestors outside St Paul's Cathedral in their fight for a fairer society.
Sat 19 Nov 2011
118. Sat 19 Nov 2011
Alison Ruoff believes the Church's failure to go among the protestors outside St Paul's spreading the word of God reveals a crucial lack of confidence in the Gospel.
Fri 18 Nov 2011
117. Fri 18 Nov 2011
Ian Chamberlain believes the Church of England should support the protestors outside St Paul's, because Christians have an obligation to protect the poor against the powerful.
Thu 17 Nov 2011
116. Thu 17 Nov 2011
John Barstow wants the protestors outside St Paul's evicted by force. He believes the Church of England has failed to ensure that St Paul's remains a place for prayer and quiet reflection.
Wed 16 Nov 2011
115. Wed 16 Nov 2011
Philosopher Baroness Mary Warnock believes the Church of England has mishandled the protest outside St Paul's. She says Christianity must be on the side of the poor and the dispossessed.
Tue 15 Nov 2011
114. Tue 15 Nov 2011
Should the Church side with the protestors at St. Paul's? Dave Landrum of the Evangelical Alliance thinks the protestors outside St Paul's Cathedral are abusing the goodwill of the Church.
Mon 14 Nov 2011
113. Mon 14 Nov 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Should the Church side with the protestors at St. Paul's?' Dr Eve Poole believes the Church must support the Occupy London protestors because they share core values.
Sun 13 Nov 2011
112. Sun 13 Nov 2011
Orthodox rabbi Dr Naftali Brawer thinks everyone is entitled to basic needs, but that able-bodied people who receive benefits without giving anything in return are effectively stealing.
Fri 6 Jan 2012
111. Fri 6 Jan 2012
4thought.tv asks: 'Is everyone entitled to welfare?' Youth worker Emeka Egbuonu believes most young people are desperate to work and that benefits help them turn around their lives.
Fri 11 Nov 2011
110. Fri 11 Nov 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Is everyone entitled to welfare?' James Bartholomew believes universal benefits have caused a culture of dependency and trapped people in unhappy, unfulfilled lives.
Thu 10 Nov 2011
109. Thu 10 Nov 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Is everyone entitled to welfare?' Colin works at an unemployed workers' centre. He believes government economic mismanagement is to blame for the rise in unemployment.
Wed 9 Nov 2011
108. Wed 9 Nov 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Is everyone entitled to welfare?' Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra says we should look after the poor and needy but the Koran condemns those who don't use their god-given ability.
Tue 8 Nov 2011
107. Tue 8 Nov 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Is everyone entitled to welfare?' Sue Marsh has Crohn's Disease. She believes the sick and disabled are often unfairly labelled as 'benefit scroungers'.
Mon 7 Nov 2011
106. Mon 7 Nov 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Is everyone entitled to welfare?' Baroness Shreela Flather believes the benefits system causes idleness and has led to a generation of people who have never worked.
Sun 6 Nov 2011
105. Sun 6 Nov 2011
Chris Green is director of the White Ribbon campaign aimed at reducing violence against women. He believes God is a woman and wishes the established religions would embrace this idea.
Sat 5 Nov 2011
104. Sat 5 Nov 2011
Bharti Tailor is secretary-general of the Hindu Forum of Britain. Bharti says Hindus have many female deities and her own favourite is Saraswati, the goddess of spiritual knowledge.
Fri 4 Nov 2011
103. Fri 4 Nov 2011
Who is best equipped to advise women on their unwanted pregnancies? 4thought.tv asks: 'Should abortion clinics be stopped from providing counselling?'
Thu 3 Nov 2011
102. Thu 3 Nov 2011
Who is best equipped to advise women on their unwanted pregnancies? 4thought.tv asks: 'Should abortion clinics be stopped from providing counselling?'
Wed 2 Nov 2011
101. Wed 2 Nov 2011
Who is best equipped to advise women on their unwanted pregnancies? 4thought.tv asks: 'Should abortion clinics be stopped from providing counselling?'
Tue 1 Nov 2011
100. Tue 1 Nov 2011
Who is best equipped to advise women on their unwanted pregnancies? 4thought.tv asks: 'Should abortion clinics be stopped from providing counselling?'
Mon 31 Oct 2011
99. Mon 31 Oct 2011
Who is best equipped to advise women on their unwanted pregnancies? 4thought.tv asks: 'Should abortion clinics be stopped from providing counselling?'
Sun 23 Oct 2011
98. Sun 23 Oct 2011
Úna Hussey follows the Bahá'i faith and thinks that the world is morally bankrupt. Úna thinks all religions need to adopt a universal moral code in order to survive in the new world.
Sat 22 Oct 2011
97. Sat 22 Oct 2011
Pastor Jaipaul Ebenezer Daniel believes that, when the world ends, those who believe in God's plan of salvation will be saved, but those who do not will perish for all eternity
Fri 21 Oct 2011
96. Fri 21 Oct 2011
Lee Banks has been a Satanist for 13 years and believes that theistic religions and the wars that they produce will eventually be the cause of the end of the world.
Thu 20 Oct 2011
95. Thu 20 Oct 2011
Evolutionary Psychologist Diana Fleischman believes that when humanity becomes extinct, certain species of animals have the capability to occupy the niche once filled by humans
Wed 19 Oct 2011
94. Wed 19 Oct 2011
Devout Muslim Mohamed Osman believes that when the world ends, the sun will rise in the west, the earth will become flat, and Allah will judge each individual based on their deeds
Tue 18 Oct 2011
93. Tue 18 Oct 2011
Humanist Jeanne Rathbone thinks that religious ideas of an afterlife patronise individuals into believing in something that doesn't exist and ultimately denies the reality of death
Mon 17 Oct 2011
92. Mon 17 Oct 2011
4thought.tv asks 'If the world ends, what do you believe will happen?' Born-Again Christian Pastor Vincent Jan Ten Bouwhuis says people should be prepared for the second coming of Christ.
Sun 16 Oct 2011
91. Sun 16 Oct 2011
Robert Golbert has worked for a variety of Jewish charities. He supports Alzheimer charities in keeping with the Jewish tradition of giving at least 10% of income to good causes.
Sat 15 Oct 2011
90. Sat 15 Oct 2011
4thought.tv asks: which charities should we give our money to? Richard Wellings from the Institute of Economic Affairs says we need to do our homework before making any donations.
Fri 14 Oct 2011
89. Fri 14 Oct 2011
In September 2005 Major Matthew Bacon was killed on duty in Iraq. His father Roger feels it's important to give to charities that support military families, as we owe them an enormous debt.
Thu 13 Oct 2011
88. Thu 13 Oct 2011
4thought.tv asks: which charities should we give our money to? Street fundraiser and humanist Sam Butler believes we should be giving to the worst off and most vulnerable in our society.
Wed 12 Oct 2011
87. Wed 12 Oct 2011
Which charities should we give our money to? Jade Brede was 14 when she was hit by a car and suffered a brain injury. Jade feels it's important to support children's charities.
Tue 11 Oct 2011
86. Tue 11 Oct 2011
4thought.tv asks: which charities should we give our money to? Sam Chandlers is a passionate supporter of animal charities. She says if we treat animals cruelly we are demeaning ourselves.
Mon 10 Oct 2011
85. Mon 10 Oct 2011
4thought.tv asks: which charities should we give our money to? Nehal Bhatt's five-year-old son was diagnosed with a tumour in 2009. Nehal thinks it's important to give to cancer charities.
Sun 9 Oct 2011
84. Sun 9 Oct 2011
Bernard Hare will never forget the Good Samaritan who helped him get home when his mother was on her deathbed. Bernard says that act of kindness changed his own outlook on life for ever.
Sat 8 Oct 2011
83. Sat 8 Oct 2011
Rashpal Singh risked his own safety to intervene when he saw two women being attacked. He says he'd do the same again as Sikhism teaches that you should help others without seeking reward.
Fri 7 Oct 2011
82. Fri 7 Oct 2011
Richard Phillips isn't sure he'd be prepared to put his life in danger to help a stranger without a powerful incentive and says he values his life too much to risk losing it
Thu 6 Oct 2011
81. Thu 6 Oct 2011
Brian Paddick spent 30 years as a police officer and believes there's no point in wading into a violent attack if you might become another victim
Wed 5 Oct 2011
80. Wed 5 Oct 2011
Phil Joslin is still devastated by the loss of his son David, who died trying to break up a street fight. Phil wishes David had crossed the street and called 999 rather than stepping in.
Tue 4 Oct 2011
79. Tue 4 Oct 2011
Denise Rhodes stepped in to tackle a burglar robbing an old lady. She thinks the instinct to look out for each other is what makes us a society rather than a bunch of individuals.
Mon 3 Oct 2011
78. Mon 3 Oct 2011
Is Britain a place where we are willing to risk our own safety to help a stranger? London street pastor Les Isaac thinks we should put our lives on the line to follow the example of Jesus.
Sun 2 Oct 2011
77. Sun 2 Oct 2011
Minna Salami was raised by a Christian mother from Finland and a Muslim father from Nigeria. She feels privileged as the child of a mixed marriage.
Sat 1 Oct 2011
76. Sat 1 Oct 2011
Saira Khan is a British Muslim married to a white Briton. She says being in a mixed marriage can be tough, but that in the long term children of mixed marriages get the best of both worlds.
Fri 30 Sep 2011
75. Fri 30 Sep 2011
Mizan Raja believes Muslims should only marry other Muslims, and that mixed marriages place too much stress on the couple and deny their children clarity and stability
Thu 29 Sep 2011
74. Thu 29 Sep 2011
Christie Watson is a white Briton whose partner is a Muslim from Nigeria. She says this dual heritage has been enriching for her children, but is shocked by the racism her family suffers.
Wed 28 Sep 2011
73. Wed 28 Sep 2011
Should we raise children in mixed marriages? Aarathi Prasad is a mother of a mixed race child. She believes that racial diversity can only benefit the children, our society and humanity.
Tue 27 Sep 2011
72. Tue 27 Sep 2011
September 27, 2011
Pastor Tapiwa Muzvidziwa believes raising children in an inter-faith marriage is prohibited in the Bible and that a child raised by parents of different faiths will lack a moral compass
Tue 27 Sep 2011
71. Tue 27 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Should we raise children in mixed marriages?' Ravinder Dhesi believes that marrying outside her faith has been enriching for her and her children.
Sun 25 Sep 2011
70. Sun 25 Sep 2011
Political activist Owen Jones believes the British public does not get the press it deserves because newspaper owners and journalists have no real connection with their readership
Sat 24 Sep 2011
69. Sat 24 Sep 2011
Do we get the press we deserve? Celebrity agent Jonathan Shalit believes it's hypocritical to criticise the press when they're just giving us what we want.
Fri 23 Sep 2011
68. Fri 23 Sep 2011
Environmental activist Lily Kember was sent death threats after some newspapers caricatured her as a 'posh protestor'. She believes the press have an obligation to behave more ethically.
Thu 22 Sep 2011
67. Thu 22 Sep 2011
Islamic Human Rights Commission Chairman Massoud Shadjareh believes Muslims are unfairly demonised by some sections of the British press in the wake of any terrorist attack
Wed 21 Sep 2011
66. Wed 21 Sep 2011
Richard Peppiatt left the world of tabloid journalism because he was convinced it had become morally bankrupt. But he says the public's appetite for gossip drives the press into the gutter.
Tue 20 Sep 2011
65. Tue 20 Sep 2011
Do we get the press we deserve? Mr Paparazzi Darryn Lyons says we should be grateful for tabloid newspapers. He says more of us spend Sunday morning reading salacious gossip than in church.
Mon 19 Sep 2011
64. Mon 19 Sep 2011
Do we get the press we deserve? Max Mosley became a privacy campaigner after the News of the World exposed his extra-marital sex life. He says the public knows the press must be controlled.
Sun 18 Sep 2011
63. Sun 18 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Should embryonic stem cell research be allowed?' Professor Pete Coffey is using a single embryo to find a cure for age-related macular degeneration.
Sat 17 Sep 2011
62. Sat 17 Sep 2011
Practising Catholic Niamh Moloney is opposed to IVF and believes that using embryos in medical research is exactly the same as killing an adult or a child to find a cure
Fri 16 Sep 2011
61. Fri 16 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Should embryonic stem cell research be allowed?' Mohammad Zubair Butt believes the limited use of embryos is permissible in Islam and life does not begin at conception.
Thu 15 Sep 2011
60. Thu 15 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Should embryonic stem cell research be allowed?' David Jones believes life begins at conception and the use of embryos is irresponsible destruction of human life.
Wed 14 Sep 2011
59. Wed 14 Sep 2011
John Cain's wife is living with Huntington's disease. He thinks those who oppose embryonic stem cell research should swap places with him, to see how lives are destroyed for want of a cure.
Tue 13 Sep 2011
58. Tue 13 Sep 2011
Kathryn Sloane believes you shouldn't take a life to save another life. She's ready to see her grandfather die with senile dementia rather than be potentially cured through embryo research.
Mon 12 Sep 2011
57. Mon 12 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: 'Should embryonic stem cell research be allowed?' Wayne Sammut was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2009. He believes we must do everything we can to find a cure.
Sun 11 Sep 2011
56. Sun 11 Sep 2011
Brenda Hale's husband Captain Mark was killed in Afghanistan while fighting the Taliban. Brenda says it's too soon to learn the lessons of 9/11 but in time history will teach us.
Sat 10 Sep 2011
55. Sat 10 Sep 2011
At the age of 12, Gulwali Passarlay fled Afghanistan after the West invaded. He now dreams of returning to his homeland, and says there will never be peace until the foreign troops leave.
Fri 9 Sep 2011
54. Fri 9 Sep 2011
Evelyn Curran escaped the World Trade Center when it was first attacked in 1993, but lost many former colleagues on 9/11. Her only comfort is her continued faith in God.
Thu 8 Sep 2011
53. Thu 8 Sep 2011
British Sikh Jagdeesh Singh says his beard and turban led him to suffer racist attacks in the aftermath of 9/11
Wed 7 Sep 2011
52. Wed 7 Sep 2011
Former soldier Joe Glenton was sentenced to nine months in a military prison after refusing to serve in Afghanistan. He says lives have been wasted and little achieved in Afghanistan.
Tue 6 Sep 2011
51. Tue 6 Sep 2011
University student Rizwaan Sabir says the West's reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attacks has alienated many British Muslims and made the world a more dangerous place
Mon 5 Sep 2011
50. Mon 5 Sep 2011
Baptist pastor Leah Robinson says religions should come together to respond to the hate caused by 9/11. She tried to work with the Muslim community but met resistance from her congregation.
Sun 4 Sep 2011
49. Sun 4 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: should you only marry for love? Model Victoria Shelley dated a number of famous footballers, before falling in love with a carpenter.
Sat 3 Sep 2011
48. Sat 3 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: should you only marry for love? Philosopher and author Alain de Botton believes you should only marry for love, but that you will also need to show charity and generosity.
Fri 2 Sep 2011
47. Fri 2 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: should you only marry for love? Alex Strom from the ultra-conservative Haredi Jewish community believes that in an arranged marriage you can grow to love your partner.
Thu 1 Sep 2011
46. Thu 1 Sep 2011
4thought.tv asks: should you only marry for love? Karen Newman's parents hoped she would marry a nice Jewish boy. Instead Karen has been with her partner Susan for the past 26 years.
Wed 31 Aug 2011
45. Wed 31 Aug 2011
4thought.tv asks: should you only marry for love? At the age of 21, Geeta Vaiwala, who was raised in the UK by Indian Hindu parents, had an arranged marriage to a man she barely knew.
Tue 30 Aug 2011
44. Tue 30 Aug 2011
4thought.tv asks: should you only marry for love? Gagangeet Sokhey is a British Sikh woman who has been happily married for over 30 years to a husband chosen by her parents.
Mon 29 Aug 2011
43. Mon 29 Aug 2011
4thought.tv asks: should you only marry for love? Sameem Ali was taken to Pakistan aged 13 and compelled to marry a stranger by her strict Muslim parents.
Sun 28 Aug 2011
42. Sun 28 Aug 2011
Sophie Pandit supported her terminally ill mother when she chose to end her life in Switzerland. Sophie thinks her mother had the right to choose a good death over a bad one.
Sat 27 Aug 2011
41. Sat 27 Aug 2011
4thought asks: is suicide a selfish act? Katherine Araniello is an artist whose disability means she relies on others 24/7 to assist her in daily living. She opposes assisted suicides.
Fri 26 Aug 2011
40. Fri 26 Aug 2011
4thought asks: is suicide a selfish act? Nav Kapur thinks labelling suicide as selfish fails to recognise that many attempts arise from depression or other mental health problems.
Thu 25 Aug 2011
39. Thu 25 Aug 2011
4thought asks: is suicide a selfish act? Duncan Irvine became a volunteer for The Samaritans after they saved his life. He thinks suicide is an act of despair but blaming people isn't fair.
Wed 24 Aug 2011
38. Wed 24 Aug 2011
Mehool Sanghrajka is a Jain, a member of an ancient Indian religion whose followers believe in reincarnation. He believes suicide is a sin because it leads to bad karma in a future life.
Tue 23 Aug 2011
37. Tue 23 Aug 2011
4thought asks: is suicide a selfish act? Linsey Molyneux's twin sister took her own life last year. Linsey thinks society is too quick to judge decisions made by desperately ill people.
Mon 22 Aug 2011
36. Mon 22 Aug 2011
4thought.tv asks: is suicide a selfish act? Daphne West survived a train crash caused by a man who drove onto the tracks to kill himself. She feels desperately sorry for him and his family.
Sun 21 Aug 2011
35. Sun 21 Aug 2011
Benita Refson runs children's charity A place2be. She believes if we want a safer and more stable society we need to be prepared to intervene much earlier with our troubled children.
Sat 20 Aug 2011
34. Sat 20 Aug 2011
4thought.tv asks: Why did the riots happen? Miles Weaver called on his community in Birmingham to come out and clean up the mess caused by the riots, and was astonished by the response.
Fri 19 Aug 2011
33. Fri 19 Aug 2011
Graffiti artist Stik describes the London riots as an awesome children's revolution, and warns that a tough crackdown by authority would be like smacking a child who's having a tantrum
Thu 18 Aug 2011
32. Thu 18 Aug 2011
4thought.tv asks: Why did the riots happen? Salman Farsi believes a profound lack of faith and religious belief lies at the heart of why so many young people were caught up in the riots.
Wed 17 Aug 2011
31. Wed 17 Aug 2011
4thought.tv devotes a special week to those directly affected by England's riots. Social entrepreneur Nathan John says young people in his community lack any moral leadership.
Tue 16 Aug 2011
30. Tue 16 Aug 2011
Adrian Mills's restaurant was destroyed in the London riots. He challenges the view that there's any connection with social deprivation, and instead blames an immoral 'me, me, me' culture.
Mon 15 Aug 2011
29. Mon 15 Aug 2011
4thought.tv asks: Why did the riots happen? Manchester Priest Phil Sumner believes young people will only learn to live by the values of society once they themselves feel valued.
Sun 14 Aug 2011
28. Sun 14 Aug 2011
How should we respond to the Norway massacre? Jonathan Cash was badly injured when an extremist bombed a gay bar in 1999. He tells of the impact on his life of hate-fuelled terrorism.
Sat 13 Aug 2011
27. Sat 13 Aug 2011
Kenan Malik says the Norwegian killer Anders Breivik has much in common with Osama bin Laden, and that we must never pander to racists in responding to attacks on multiculturalism
Fri 12 Aug 2011
26. Fri 12 Aug 2011
What response should we have to the Norway massacre? Nineteen-year-old Norwegian Synne Hoffman Wendelborg believes we must try to find out what motivated the killer.
Thu 11 Aug 2011
25. Thu 11 Aug 2011
How should we respond to the Norway massacre? Mohammed and his brother were the victims of a racially aggravated attack earlier this year. He believes we must shun all forms of extremism.
Wed 10 Aug 2011
24. Wed 10 Aug 2011
What response should we have to the Norway massacre? Jessica Cheetham's Christian beliefs lead her to conclude that we should condemn the sin but forgive the sinner.
Tue 9 Aug 2011
23. Tue 9 Aug 2011
Michael Heaver, a member of the UK Independence Party, condemns the killings in Norway but argues that if we want to prevent the growth of extremism we must openly debate immigration
Mon 8 Aug 2011
22. Mon 8 Aug 2011
What response should we have to the Norway massacre? Marte Kaasa Arntsen, a 32-year-old Norwegian radio journalist, was shocked when she found out about the killer's background.
Sun 31 Jul 2011
21. Sun 31 Jul 2011
Can music make you believe? Former Christian Pepijn van Houwelingen and his heavy metal band Pantheist use their music to challenge and reflect the dark side of religious beliefs.
Sat 30 Jul 2011
20. Sat 30 Jul 2011
Can music make you believe? Pianist and composer of film soundtracks Vanessa James believes that her music takes on a spiritual language that is vital to understanding humanity.
Fri 29 Jul 2011
19. Fri 29 Jul 2011
Can music make you believe? Rapper Mr C'monn believes that gospel music led him away from a life of violence and helped him find God.
Thu 28 Jul 2011
18. Thu 28 Jul 2011
Can music make you believe? Research scientist Dr Victoria Williamson says recent advances in our understanding of the brain prove that music can impact directly on how we believe.
Wed 27 Jul 2011
17. Wed 27 Jul 2011
Can music make you believe? Muslim musician Hassen Rasool recites aloud from the Qu'ran every day. Hassen believes that the pure sound of recitation can move believers and non-believers.
Tue 26 Jul 2011
16. Tue 26 Jul 2011
Can music make you believe? Catholic Violetta Gawara is a singer and conductor. Violetta believes that music touches the deepest parts of her soul and helps lead her to God.
Mon 25 Jul 2011
15. Mon 25 Jul 2011
Can music make you believe? Kripa Moya Das experienced a life-changing conversion when he first heard the Hare Krishna mantra. He believes that music can release the spirit within everyone.
Sun 24 Jul 2011
14. Sun 24 Jul 2011
Is mental illness ever a gift? Buddhist Jim Taylor was 20 when he experienced a cannabis-induced psychotic episode. Jim believes that his experience set him on a new spiritual path.
Sat 23 Jul 2011
13. Sat 23 Jul 2011
Can mental illness be a gift? Psychiatrist Dr Subodh Davé doesn't think so. He thinks the negative effects of mental illness can cause lasting damage to a person and the people around them.
Fri 22 Jul 2011
12. Fri 22 Jul 2011
Is mental illness ever a gift? Melanie Goodwin has Dissociative Identity Disorder. She believes it is a gift that has allowed her to live a full life.
Thu 21 Jul 2011
11. Thu 21 Jul 2011
Reverend Davey Falcus's tough childhood led to drug addiction, alcoholism and suicidal tendencies. He believes mental illness is never a gift, but that his recovery was a gift from God.
Wed 20 Jul 2011
10. Wed 20 Jul 2011
Is mental illness ever a gift? Christian Alastair Hamilton has suffered with mental illness for over 20 years. He believes that mental illness is confusion caused by the Devil.
Tue 19 Jul 2011
9. Tue 19 Jul 2011
Is mental illness ever a gift? Douglas McQueen's musician son Mark was depressed and took his own life. Douglas thinks mental illness is a curse and not something that can be celebrated.
Sun 17 Jul 2011
7. Sun 17 Jul 2011
4thought.tv asks: is it wrong for Anglican Bishops to be actively gay? The author of The Gay Gospels, Dr Keith Sharpe, believes there may be a dozen secretly gay bishops in the Church of England.
Sat 16 Jul 2011
6. Sat 16 Jul 2011
Mike Davidson believes childhood trauma caused his homosexual feelings. Now married with children he thinks that ordaining gay bishops would send the wrong message about Christian teachings.
Fri 15 Jul 2011
5. Fri 15 Jul 2011
4thought.tv asks: is it wrong for Anglican Bishops to be actively gay? Canon Chris Sugden understands that some people may have homosexual tendencies but says it is sinful to act on them.
Thu 14 Jul 2011
4. Thu 14 Jul 2011
4thought.tv asks: is it wrong for Anglican Bishops to be actively gay? Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah is a lesbian feminist. She believes that Jesus himself may have been gay.
Wed 13 Jul 2011
3. Wed 13 Jul 2011
Peter Crawford was brought up a devout Anglican. He denies that his homosexuality is a sin and wants gay bishops as role models.
Tue 12 Jul 2011
2. Tue 12 Jul 2011
4thought.tv asks: is it wrong for Anglican Bishops to be actively gay? Evangelical wife and mother Lorna Ashworth thinks practising homosexuals shouldn't be clergy and must repent.
Mon 11 Jul 2011
1. Mon 11 Jul 2011
4thought.tv asks: is it wrong for Anglican Bishops to be actively gay? Vicar Trevor Donnelly says the Church is hung up on sex despite the bible hardly mentioning sexuality.
  • Premiere Date
    March 11, 2011