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The Reality TV show 72 hours is produced for American television by Lighthearted Entertainment. The show is hosted by Brandon Johnson, formerly appearing on the Disney Channel. The competition consists of three teams being dropped into wilderness and given only two items, one water bottle and one GPS tracking device. The teams are total strangers to one another so they do not know each others capabilities. The object is to find a hidden brief case containing $100,000, within the 72 hour period. The team that finds it is the winner and is awarded the cash as a prize.

The teams are dropped in a different location each episode. For example, one episode they might be dropped in a South American jungle and in another the Rocky mountains. In each case the teams must travel through rough and dangerous terrain. The terrain is dangerous because of wild animals, snakes and insects and because they must survive without any provisions except the one bottle of water. If the contestants want food they must forage for it, which could be dangerous because they could eat the wrong things. Also, if they spend time foraging they may have less time to find the brief case. On the other hand if the contestants do not eat they may become to weak to move through the rough terrain fast enough to find the brief case before another team finds it.

If someone on the team knows what to look for in the way of food they could possibly look for food and the brief case at the same time or they could delegate the task of finding food to the person that knows what to look for. But since the contestants do not know each other, it may be difficult to determine who should do what for the team. They may not even be able to work together. A big part of the competition is to get organized and devise a strategy for finding the brief case. This will require team work and trust in the other team members. It will also be a good idea for the teams to identify a leader to keep them focused on their task.

1 Season, 32 Episodes
June 6, 2013
Cast: R. Brandon Johnson
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72 Hours Full Episode Guide

  • A Girl Guide leader is found dead in her home on the floor of her bedroom. As there is no obvious cause of death, police are suspicious. When an autopsy reveals a small bullet lodged within the victim's brain with an entry wound through the left eye, detectives learn they're investigating a murder.

  • A young couple hit the road, hitchhiking their way across North America. They're free spirits keen to explore life and the world. When the young woman stops phoning home, her father becomes alarmed. But police dismiss the case as normal behaviour for a pair of young travelers.

  • A gorgeous young model is bludgeoned to death in her downtown Toronto apartment. The wounds to her head are so severe police initially presume she's been shot. Evidence at the scene suggests to detectives that the killer gained access to his victim by posing as a telephone repairman.

  • One cold February morning in the dark stairwell of a Toronto apartment building, a security guard makes a grotesque discovery: the dead body of a Filipina nanny. It's clear she's been savagely murdered and raped. Police analyze the list of potential suspects - the boyfriend, the employer, serial offenders in the community.

  • A dead woman is found in a park. When her body is identified it's learned the deceased is a recently divorced landlady of a group home for transients. The list of suspects is long; the clues police have to follow are few. And the only potential witness to the crime? A woman who remembers a car in the area the night the body was found.

  • The phone rings in the middle of the night and on the other end of the line, there is the awful sounds of an attack. The couple who received the call rush to its source only to discover a horrific scene. Two teenage sisters, from Taiwan studying English for the summer have been viciously attacked in their basement apartment.

  • A Toronto real estate broker fails to return home at the end of the day. Her family can't find her. But the police do - dead in a utility closet in her downtown office. The DNA found on her body is tested against 150 different men. No match. The case runs cold. And then an office employee suggests police investigate a former maintenance worker who has slipped under the detective's radar.

  • Stuck at home and bored, a retiree takes a job at a 24-hour convenience store. On her third night at work a customer finds her on the floor behind the register, face down in a pool of blood. Detectives determine that her last customer was also her killer. Only two witnesses saw that customer.

  • A young single mother in small town Saskatchewan visits her local hospital in the midst of a panic attack. Her doctor sedates her. Then, she is certain, he rapes her. But she's a party girl and the man she's accusing is a respected and esteemed citizen. No one, it seems, will believe her story.

  • A withered corpse is found half-buried in a field beside a theme park. Too decayed to identify properly, detectives have only the leathery fingers of one hand to work from. When they manage to get a print, they identify the dead woman as a missing wife and mother. The husband casts the finger of blame on his wife's conman lover.

  • Three bodies are found in a house, arms tied behind their backs. Stab wounds to the neck. Bloody footprints in the upstairs hall. These are the clues to a killing spree that leaves a young woman, her boyfriend and an elderly church deacon dead.

  • 1995 - Houston, Texas. A lonely man calls a dating service and gets more than he bargained for when he is met at gunpoint and robbed by his "dates". The women, dubbed "Thelma & Louise", lure men with the promise of sex but then drug and rob them. Who are they, and who is the mysterious puppet-master behind their actions?

  • Two murders of mothers in their own homes send shock-waves through a normally quiet and friendly town where everybody leaves their doors unlocked. The crimes go unsolved until twenty-eight years later when an astute veteran detective stumbles across some damning evidence that leads to an arrest.

  • A wealthy Asian girl is kidnapped in Vancouver. When the kidnappers make the fateful error of using the young girl's cell phone, police are able to track their movements and capture the assailants.

  • In 1994, a troubled single mother is found raped and murdered in her apartment. Was it one of the volatile men in her life? All possible suspects are eliminated and the case goes cold for three years, until a nine-year old girl is brutally raped and the DNA data bank offers a match.

  • In 1986, an American becomes one of Canada's most prolific bank and jewelry bandits after he pulls off one of the biggest heists in Canadian history. As more robberies occur, the police become ever more determined to catch the mastermind behind them all.

  • In Calgary, Alberta, a beautiful Ethiopian woman is found brutally strangled. The victim's husband seems genuinely distraught over his wife's death, but there is something strangely suspicious about him.

  • A man robs an armored car at gunpoint and holds a massage parlor worker hostage. As police investigate, they find startling links to a series of robberies, all taking place during the Christmas season.

  • Firemen are called to put out a blaze and discover two sisters, one dead and the other on death's door. Detectives learn that a man snuck into the house late at night and brutally sexually assaulted the sisters before setting fire to the house. The attacker's face was covered with a balaclava and he had a chain around his waist that could have been part of prison shackles.

  • When a senior citizen is killed on a city street, authorities at first treat it as a typical hit-and-run accident. But as they investigate further, they begin to realize that the culprit is a thrill-seeking psychopath who intends to kill people.

  • Surgically clean body parts start turning up on a highway. Stranger still, they have been drained of every drop of blood. Using a unique forensic technique that takes footprint impressions from the inside of shoes, police are able to connect the body parts to a missing 22-year-old violinist. Suspicion for the slaying falls on her ex-boyfriend and her new paramour, a college professor.

  • A trucker stopping at a roadside rest station discovers the fully clothed body of a dead East Indian woman in the woods. An autopsy reveals that she has been strangled, she has an unusually high level of sedatives in her bloodstream and, mysteriously, there are several pairs of burn marks on her skin.

  • Three teams composed of three strangers find their way through the southern Rocky Mountains.

  • Three teams composed of three strangers find their way through a Fijian Jungle.

  • Three teams composed of three strangers find their way through the extreme snow covered New Zealand Alps.

  • Three teams composed of three strangers find their way through stunning heat and the beauty of New Mexico's desert.

  • Three teams composed of three strangers find their way through the rough terrain of Flinder's Island in Tasmania.

  • Three teams composed of three strangers navigate their way through the wilds of Lana'i Hawaii in their efforts to locate a briefcase full of cash in just 72 hours.

  • Three teams composed of three strangers must find their way through thick forests, limestone cliffs and massive sand dunes in their efforts to locate a briefcase full of cash in just 72 hours.

  • When three teams composed of three strangers are dropped into the icy blue waters of the Yasawa Islands, they must survive extreme temperatures, and rough waters while attempting to locate a briefcase full of cash in just 72 hours.

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