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Abandoned is a reality television series that appears on the National Geographic Channel. The series follows a business consisting of three persons who reclaim abandoned houses. The group works on houses across America in order to get as much money as possible from the materials that the house is made out of. The things the house reclaim company takes from houses include simple things like copper wiring, or it can include rare items such as old-growth wood and antiques. The series looks at the various problems that come with working on dilapidated houses, and how they can turn a profit by being savvy.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 18 Episodes
August 22, 2012
Cast: Jay Chaikin
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  • Rick finds out you can't believe the hype--good or bad--about the Motor City.

  • Rick introduces us to DIY culture in New Orleans: a city on the mend.

  • The Northern BC Coast is a land of wild, almost supernatural beauty. Rick visits the abandoned husks of industry towns gone bust that blight this majestic landscape.

  • Rick meets diehard fans lamenting the crumbling racetracks of The Carolinas.

  • Once touted as the Mother Road, Route 66 is a shadow of its former self. Rick & co-pilot Frank Gerwer take the journey to find out what remains along this nostalgic pipeline.

  • If making lace in the early 20th century was like printing money, then the guys will be rolling in dough after they explore the abandoned Scranton Lace Factory in Scranton, Pa. As they cross the immense factory, the guys collect a check protector, a pair of doors and a vintage tampon dispenser. When Jay spots a single shoe and Mark finds a bowling score sheet, the guys follow the clues to a four-lane bowling alley full of American-made bowling pins and balls.

  • The guys head to Vermont to tour an old marble factory. They also get a peek inside a hidden bomb shelter in the factory basement. Items uncovered include a vintage scale, a huge air-raid siren, and White House blueprints.

  • A historic hotel in Hot Springs, Ark., yields bathtubs, chaise lounges and a mosaic-tile fountain.

  • The guys visit Johnsonville, Conn., an abandoned ghost town purchased in the 1960s by an eccentric millionaire who intended to build a Victorian-era tourist attraction but failed to do so.

  • A Masonic retirement home in Tappan, N.Y., is visited. The guys then check out two barns set for demolition in nearby Newtown, Conn. and discover automotive relics, including a restored tractor, porcelain signage and a Chrysler Saratoga.

  • The crew investigates a huge abandoned paper factory in Maine and discover antique fire hoses, a Fairbanks scale, customized lockers, and a pair of temperature gauges.

  • A historic bank in Oil City, Pa., produces rare antiques, including a cash counter, a mail chute and a giant flagpole.

  • Jay and his team search for treasures in an abandoned cotton gin.

  • Jay and his team search for lost history in an abandoned Appalachian frontier homestead.

  • The guys are off to an old silk mill in Lonaconing, Md., and discover a number of unique items, including an antique washbasin, a wheeled cart and a custom-built bench.

  • The guys are off to the Milwaukee headquarters of Pabst Brewing Co., which abruptly closed in 1996.

  • The guys are off to Philadelphia to check out a historic church that's scheduled to be demolished. They discover stained-glass windows and a vintage set of parallel bars.

  • Jay and the team look for lost treasures in Westminster, Maryland in an abandoned 18th century grist mill.

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Abandoned - Car in the Coop Clip (02:52) Abandoned - Breaking into the Sactuary Clip (02:59) Abandoned - Duct Tape Boots Clip (01:06)