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  • TV-MA
  • 1999
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (1,350)

In this thirteen episode dark satire series created that skewers the movie business and the Hollywood lifestyle, Peter Dragon (Jay Mohr) is a big shot Hollywood producer of crappy action films whose last movie tanked at the box office. Arrogant and ethically flexible, he knows that in the entertainment industry you're only as good as your last project, so he desperately needs a successful to keep him on top of the game. Through a set of circumstances he ends up hiring Wendy Ward (Illeana Douglas) a one time child star who has turned to prostitution and drugs after the demise of her career during her teen phase, as his Vice President in charge of Production.

Also featuring comedy legend Buddy Hackett as Peter's uncle, and with frequent cameos by celebrities playing fictionalized versions of themselves, including Keanu Reeves, David Hasselhoff, and Salma Hayek. Created by Chris Thompson, with music by Warren Zevon.

Action is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 16, 1999.

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Love Sucks
13. Love Sucks
August 8, 2000
Reagan's reluctance to do nude scenes forces Peter into negotiations with her agent and uncle, Bernie Beckerman. But after carefully crafting an agreement that stipulates just how much of Reagan's body filmgoers will be allowed to see, Bernie then turns around and lets Peter do whatever he pleases in exchange for $100,000. Meanwhile, during dinner with Jenny, Peter spots Stuart interviewing for a new job. And after graciously handling their encounter at the restaurant, back at the office Peter lambastes Stuart for being disloyal. While Peter says he'll do whatever it takes to keep him at DragonFire, he balks at having dinner with Stuart and his companion, Julian. But after Peter diffuses one crisis with an offer to have the gay couple over for dinner at his house, Adam creates another when he demands an additional $100,000 for his rewrites. So in order to keep from shelling out any more cash, Peter makes him a co-producer. Meanwhile, Reagan threatens to derail the picture over Holden's lackluster sexual performance. After Julian makes it clear how little he thinks of Peter's films, he encourages Stuart to take the new job. However, word that it's gone to another executive keeps Stuart at DragonFire for now. With Jenny's help, Holden gets through his sex scenes. But when Reagan then says that they are now a little too realistic for her taste, Jenny dredges up an old porn film that silences her complaints. Finally, after Peter encourages him to prove himself as a producer, Ad...
One Easy Piece
12. One Easy Piece
September 5, 2000
When Bobby complains about the project's slow start, Peter offers to put his own money into Beverly Hills Gun Club as a sign of good faith. However, when the studio head calls his bluff and takes the ten million dollar check, Peter must scramble to get things back on track before his investment disappears. Having already lost one director to a drug overdose, Peter then asks Wendy to find another. And while he isn't impressed with TV and independent film veteran Guy Reynolds, Peter finds he has no other choice but to hire the fawning director. Back on the set with Guy at the helm, Peter gets more bad news when a summons claims arrives from rival producers Rick and Elliott Rothstein over Adam's script. After taking Adam to task for selling it twice, Peter then orders Lonnie to kill the screenwriter before asking Bobby for help. However, while Lonnie only makes it look like he shot Adam for Peter's sake, Bobby refuses to give him any assistance in talking the Rothsteins into releasing their claim on his picture. When the Rothsteins make it impossible for him to continue shooting, Peter has no choice but to approach them himself. And once Wendy offers half a million dollars of her own money to help him out, Peter is ready to negotiate. Although they quickly dismiss his first offer, the Rothsteins eventually agree to sell their rights for $1 million and sex with Wendy. And though Peter steadfastly refuses to make Wendy part of the deal, one look at Guy's brilliant first few scen...
Last Ride of the Elephant Princess
11. Last Ride of the Elephant Princess
September 12, 2000
While showing Adam the ropes at a popular Hollywood singles bar, Peter offers to buy Jenny Johnson a drink. Though expecting her to be just another mindless sexual conquest, Peter is immediately taken with Jenny?s intelligence and wit, so much so that he offers her a job. And even though Wendy doesn't want an assistant, Peter refuses to take no for an answer. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding spawns a rumor about a sex act with a frog that landed Peter in a hospital emergency room. Though he didn't promise Jenny the job in exchange for sex, Peter doesn't hesitate to seduce her once she?s hired. But after Wendy catches them in bed, Peter has no choice but to fire Jenny who, upon losing her job, doesn't hesitate to start spreading news about Holden Van Dorn?s sexual conquests on the set of Beverly Hills Gun Club. Meanwhile, after his new movie business insider status lands him a date with a beautiful studio assistant, Adam adds fuel to the rumor about Peter and the frog. And following a date to discuss the baby they are having together, Peter's ex-wife, Jane, offers to leave Bobby and movie back in with him. While meeting about the problem with Holden, a brief but heated negotiation leads Bobby to offer Peter a deal for Jane. But after Bobby insists that he stop the leaks about Holden, Peter discovers that Jane decided to stay where she is in exchange for a new jet plane. When Adam trades some help with a script for another date with Julia, both he and Stuart learn the hard way t...
Dead Man Floating
10. Dead Man Floating
August 29, 2000
Following his death from a heart attack, Peter comes face to face with God. When his promise to be a nicer person allows him to negotiate a deal, Peter returns to life to finish Beverly Hills Gun Club. Coming back to find his ex-wife Jane reading his will in his hospital room, he does his best to make good on the promise. And after recuperating for two weeks, Peter returns to work where Stuart, Jenny and Titus have held things together in his absence. Back on the set, Peter's first act is to find a well-endowed actress to play Reagan's sister. But when none of Jenny's candidates measure up, he orders Stuart to continue looking for as long as it takes. Meanwhile, as Peter faces another stressful incident when Titus dies from a drug overdose, his promise to be good forces him into birthing classes with Jane. With Stuart and Lonnie in tow, Peter finds Titus floating in the pool as his wife and Holden look on. Realizing that the problem could sink the picture, Peter pays publicist and troubleshooter Connie Hunt for a cover story to keep Holden out of trouble. Back at the birthing class, he tries to persuade Bobby to recast the film without Holden. But when he can't, he takes drastic measures and threatens to kill Holden's prized iguana if he doesn't finish the movie without another incident. Finally, Peter finds the perfect breasts for the part of Reagan's sister on Titus's widow, Missy.
Dragon's Blood
9. Dragon's Blood
August 1, 2000
During his Capitol Hill testimony on film violence, Peter goes out of his way to antagonize the panel?s conservative senators. As a result, Bobby insists that he begin the process of recanting his provocative remarks by putting his fate in the hands of publicist Connie Hunt. Meanwhile, after being enticed by a seductive offer from Marty Jordan, Adam reconsiders a longtime relationship with his elderly agent, Irwin Klein. At Connie?s insistence, Peter agrees to temper the effects of his testimony with a series of charitable deeds. While he would rather just write a check for a good cause, he is forced to make a highly public appearance at a recreation center to announce his new camp for children with German measles. Meanwhile, after realizing that Irwin hasn't got a clue about today?s Hollywood, Adam decides that changing agents might be for the best. And to make sure that Adam signs with his agency, Marty sends a high price prostitute to woo him. Following a major gaffe during his rec center appearance, Peter is sent to a charity auction to help raise money for Alzheimer?s research. However, after being mugged in the parking lot, a conversation with his youthful attacker inspires Peter to create a screenwriter?s camp for inner city kids. Finally, unable to fire Irwin himself, Adam turns the job over to Marty. But once he switches, he quickly discovers that life at the new agency is no better after all.
Lights, Camera, Action
8. Lights, Camera, Action
December 2, 1999
After suffering a heart attack on the first day of shooting Beverly Hills Gun Club, Peter uses the ambulance ride to recount just how it happened. Arriving on the set to discover actress Reagan Busch secretly eating the donuts that led to her having a weight problem, Peter immediately faced a delay caused by a bird on the soundstage. However, his problems were only just beginning. For after director Titus Scroad took matters into his own hands and shot the bird, Peter was fined for killing an animal by the Screen Actor?s Guild. Meanwhile, Wendy?s new assistant, Jenny, uses every opportunity to look good at Stuart?s expense. After dealing with Holden?s complaint about a codpiece that is smaller than the one worn by his co-star, everyone is ready to begin the first shot. However, when Reagan comes down with stage fright, Peter chases her all the way back to her trailer and begs her to return to the set. But before she?ll come back, Reagan insists that everyone on the crew turn their backs so they cannot watch With Reagan calmed down, Peter returns to find Holden?s concerns over his lines have Adam doing a last minute rewrite of the script. Continuing her efforts to undermine Stuart?s credibility, Jenny makes sure that the gift basket sent to Holden?s trailer contains enough alcohol to get him drunk. And even though they manage to get the star sober in time to complete the first shot, Peter?s heart attack brings the day to a disastrous close. Finally, as Lonnie fends off the a...
Strong Sexual Content
7. Strong Sexual Content
December 2, 1999
When Stuart suggests that actress Reagan Lauren Busch star in their new picture, Peter agrees and asks for an audition. However, wanting to be a player in his own right, Stuart insists that she is given the part and that he be allowed to make the deal. Meanwhile, though continuing to provide Peter with all the sex he can handle, Wendy decides to stop charging him each and every time. After Holden Van Dorn assures Peter that he's got his drug use under control, Reagan arrives for the first script reading fifty pounds overweight. Told that Stuart never actually saw her before signing the contract, Peter insists that he either fire the actress or make sure she's in shape by the time they start shooting. But once the reading gets underway, Peter discovers that Holden's drug problem is far from being conquered. Meanwhile, as Wendy starts treating Peter more like a boyfriend and less like a customer, Adam is pepper sprayed by a vigila in an effort to see that Holden passes his insurance physical. And to make sure Reagan gets her weight down, Peter calls on a shady doctor. While wrestling with his conscience over what he'll do to see that his movie gets made, Peter accuses Wendy of being too demanding. As Wendy takes a weekend in Palm Springs to service an elderly client, Peter realizes just how much he's being paid to make the picture. As a result, he sends Lonnie for the phony lab samples while arranging for Reagan to have all her fat sucked out. Finally, upon Wendy's return, sh...
Twelfth Step to Hell
6. Twelfth Step to Hell
October 28, 1999
As he welcomes his daughter Georgia to the office on "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," Peter looks for someone to direct Beverly Hills Gun Club. After being turned down by a pair of twenty-two year-old twins whose hot new film is the talk of Hollywood, Peter sends Stuart and Wendy in search of elusive Oscar winner Titus Scroad. In the meantime, he continues to interview candidates including a Chinese action film director with no understanding of English and an aging director whose agent tries passing off as a much younger man. As Peter assigns Adam to help Georgia with her homework, Wendy tracks down Titus for a meeting with their star, Holden Van Dorn. While Peter finds he has to be careful around the macho director, he is encouraged after seeing just how well Titus understands Holden's substance abuse problem. Once he finishes with Georgia's assignment, Adam is sent to Alaska where Titus has gone to hunt bear. While Peter is attending to Georgia, Momo Shabong arrives in a panic. Told that Momo's father is about to cut off all funds for the film, Peter agrees to help change his mind. And at the risk of having his daughter become a royal gift, he manages to get the $50 million restored. Finally, after a day with her dad, it's clear that Georgia is very much Peter Dragon's daughter.
Mr. Dragon Goes To Washington
5. Mr. Dragon Goes To Washington
October 21, 1999
During a meeting at the studio, Stuart recommends Neil Patrick Harris for the lead in Beverly Hills Gun Club, while Bobby has his mind set on James Van Der Beek. When Van der Beek?s unavailability leads Wendy to recommend Holden Van Dorn, Peter suggests either Leonardo DiCaprio or Scott Wolf. But after the diminutive Wolf is dismissed as being too short and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk turns down the role for his friend DiCaprio, Peter is left to pursue Van Dorn. Meanwhile, as Peter is offered a million dollars to use the new film to sell tobacco to minors, a suspicious mole raises his concerns about cancer. With Van Dorn in an Arizona rehab clinic, Peter checks himself in to meet with the troubled young movie star. After promising to keep him away from drugs and alcohol if he?ll take the part, Peter asks Adam to keep an eye on Van Dorn. Although Adam is in the middle of caring for his dying grandfather, Peter won't take no for an answer. During a visit to the hospital, Van Dorn persuades Adam to run out for some candy so he can help himself to the dying man?s morphine. As the specter of his own death from cancer plagues Peter, he turns to the Rifkin family?s rabbi for advice, only to have him pitch a new script. Finally, Peter's reservations about taking tobacco money for the new film quickly evaporate when he learns he isn't dying after all.
4. Blowhard
September 30, 1999
As a result of all his hard work on Beverly Hills Gun Club, screenwriter Adam Rafkin has been hospitalized with pneumonia. To help cheer him up, Peter arrives with their film?s new leading man, action film legend Cole Ricardi. However, Adam?s recovery is set back when Cole reveals the changes he wants in the script. Meanwhile, Co-Executive Producer Dick Black complains about casting the aging Ricardi as the lead in their new film. After Peter persuades Dick that there?s no better person for the part, Cole makes a late night visit to announce that he?s gay. While Cole insists that the time has come for him to make his homosexuality public, Peter warns that it could damage the film?s prospects at the box office. To persuade Cole to reconsider, he claims to be a closet homosexual, too. And after Peter is forced to prove it, stress causes Adam to have a stroke. As Peter struggles to keep anyone from learning about his homosexual experience.
Blood Money
3. Blood Money
September 23, 1999
The need for another $50 million to begin work on Beverly Hills Gun Club has Peter is scouring Los Angeles for financing. But the poor box office performance of his last film has his usual funders reluctant to get involved. And because screenwriter Adam Rifkin has been struck with a case of writer?s block, Peter wants to fire him. However, to make sure they have a script to show potential investors, Wendy offers to help with the problem. Over lunch with his ex-wife, Peter learns that she?s pregnant and that he?s the father. While Jane?s husband, studio chief Bobby Gianopolis, is excited about the prospect of having a child regardless of who is responsible, Peter has no intention of giving up the son he?s always wanted. Meanwhile, when Wendy offers some kinky sex as an inducement, Adam completes the script on time. After Peter is turned down yet again, this time by a wealthy diamond broker, Wendy sets up a meeting with wealthy playboy Momo Shabong. And while Momo and his brothers agree to provide the entire $50 million, their suggestions for the script send Adam back to the drawing board. Finally, Bobby enlists Los Angeles Dodger veteran Steve Garvey for pointers on teaching his future son to play ball.
Re-enter the Dragon
2. Re-enter the Dragon
September 16, 1999
His new film's poor showing at the box office has reduced Peter to living on vodka and prescription medication. Seeing him sinking deeper and deeper into a morass, Wendy insists that Peter get on with another project. Taking her advice, he pays for her services and then takes her home so he can get back to work. However, failing to get a table at a favorite restaurant makes Peter realize that things are far worse than he suspected. After pledging to support Adam Rifkin's script for Beverly Hills Gun Club, Peter returns to see the one person he thinks he can trust -- Wendy. Even as she's providing sexual services to a client who Peter recognizes as a prominent studio executive, he asks Wendy to give up prostitution in order to work at DragonFire Films. And despite the fact that Stuart has already identified a top-flight candidate for the job, Peter insists on hiring Wendy instead. Fired up about Adam's script, Peter heads to see studio head Bob Gianopolis about its financing. However, he's stunned when Bob not only cuts the budget in half, but also leaves him needing to raise an additional $50 million to get the movie produced. While Peter is looking for a way to cut costs, he's approached by Dick Black, the owner of the escort service where Wendy works. But while Dick wants to be paid for letting Wendy go, Peter seduces him with a chance to be the new movie's co-executive producer -- for only $2 million!
Gross Player
1. Gross Player
September 16, 1999
Peter Dragon, a successful producer with a series of box office hits to his credit, is used to having things his way in the "dog eat dog" world of Hollywood. As a result, everyone from high-powered studio executives to actors and writers must bow before him as they fight for a piece of his projects. However, his latest film, Slow Torture, is headed for a disastrous opening and Peter knows it. To make matters worse, he soon discovers that his head of production, Stuart Glazer, has mistakenly paid $250,000 for screenwriter Adam Rifkin's latest script. As he nervously makes his way to the Slow Torture premiere with Lonnie, his absent-minded uncle who serves as both a bodyguard and chauffeur, Peter has an accident with a prostitute. Worried about being sued because of the mishap, he invites her to the premiere, where he discovers that she's Wendy Ward, a former childhood television star whose career was cut short by drugs. Meanwhile, in the wake of Slow Torture's disastrous opening, Peter's lucrative deal for its sequel is threatened. While preparing for a party at the home of Bob Gianopolis, the studio chief that controls the purse strings of the sequel, Peter turns to Wendy, the only person not blinded by his power. Asking Wendy to review some scripts in hopes of identifying another potential project, Peter then squares off with Bob. And though Peter has done his best to prepare his argument, Bob pulls the plug on Slow Torture's sequel. Finally, left without a blockbuster sum...
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