Adam 12 (1990-1992)

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  • 1990
  • 1 Season

Adam 12 is an American police procedural drama series that aired in syndication from 1990-1992. The show was a revival of the classic 1960s police series of the same name, featuring two police officers on patrol in the Los Angeles Police Department's West Division.

The show followed the daily duties and challenges faced by officers Pete Malloy (Ethan Wayne) and Jim Reed (Peter Parros) as they patrolled the streets of Los Angeles. Each episode typically featured a series of calls that the officers had to respond to, from minor disturbances to more serious, life-threatening situations. While on patrol, the officers dealt with a range of issues, from petty crime to more violent crime, and the show explored the stresses and dangers of their job.

The structure of the show was similar to that of the original series, with each episode broken down into several segments focused on different calls. The show also focused on the relationship between Malloy and Reed, who were partners and close friends. They often discussed their personal lives while on patrol, adding a more human element to the show.

Adam 12 was known for its realistic portrayal of police work and for the attention it paid to detail. The show was created with the help of retired police officers and advisors, who helped ensure that the show was accurate and informative. Many of the episodes were based on real-life incidents, adding a sense of authenticity to the show.

Despite its realism, Adam 12 was also known for its action and excitement. The show's fast-paced style and intense action sequences made it a favorite for fans of police dramas. The show's use of real police vehicles, uniforms, and equipment added to its realism, making it one of the most authentic police dramas of its time.

One of the key elements of Adam 12 was the relationship between its two main characters, Malloy and Reed. The two officers had different personalities and backgrounds, but they worked well together as a team. Malloy was a veteran officer, having served on the force for over 20 years. He was gruff and no-nonsense, but he had a deep respect for the law and for the community he served.

Reed, on the other hand, was a newer officer, having recently graduated from the police academy. He was more idealistic and had a fresh perspective on police work. While he sometimes clashed with Malloy, the two officers ultimately had a strong bond based on their shared commitment to their job and to each other.

Throughout the series, viewers got to know the officers and the community they served. From dealing with drug dealers and gang members to helping people in need, Malloy and Reed faced a wide range of challenges while on patrol. Along the way, they developed relationships with the people they served, showing a more compassionate side of law enforcement.

Adam 12 was praised for its realistic portrayal of police work, and it remains a favorite of police officers and fans of police dramas to this day. While it only ran for two seasons, it left a lasting impression on viewers and helped define the police procedural genre. The show continues to be syndicated and is available on DVD for fans to enjoy.

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26. Immunity
March 18, 1991
A visiting East German security officer (guest star James Nixon) attempts to defect. Ethan Wayne and Peter...
Eye of the Beholder
25. Eye of the Beholder
March 11, 1991
A girl (guest star Elizabeth Keifer) is terrorized by a mentally disturbed young man (guest star Lance...
Operation Estafadores
24. Operation Estafadores
March 4, 1991
A young man believes he is a werewolf, and illegal aliens are being terrorized by a group of citizens.
23. D.A.R.E.
February 25, 1991
A suspected drunken driver (guest star Bridget Hanley) expects preferential treatment because she's important....
R.T.D. 211
22. R.T.D. 211
February 18, 1991
A robber targets RTD buses and their passengers. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
Crack House
21. Crack House
February 11, 1991
Angry citizens are violent in their attempt to get rid of a crack house. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
211 Pizza
20. 211 Pizza
February 4, 1991
Pizza delivery people are robbed and killed. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
Lover Mugger
19. Lover Mugger
January 28, 1991
A neighborhood is terrorized by a dirt bike riding rapist. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
Going Home
18. Going Home
January 21, 1991
Life on the outside is too tough for an ex-con (guest star Jason H. Adams), who wants to go back to prison....
Panic in Alverez Park
17. Panic in Alverez Park
January 14, 1991
A refugee sanctuary provides protection for thieves posing as Salvadorans. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
Keep On Truckin'
16. Keep On Truckin'
January 7, 1991
A thief steals rigs from independent truckers; a cabbie rips off his customers. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros...
Gang of Two
15. Gang of Two
December 31, 1990
Two people's (Victoria Gallegos, Timothy Williams) lives are endangered when rival gangs mark them for death....
The Landlord
14. The Landlord
December 24, 1990
Angry tenants kidnap their landlord. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
The Blue Avenger
13. The Blue Avenger
December 17, 1990
Mom and Pop stores are being robbed by a violent criminal. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
12. Escapees
December 10, 1990
Violent escaped convicts attempt to fight their way to freedom. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
11. Framed
December 3, 1990
A drug bust goes sour when Grant (Peter Parros) is accused of planting drugs on the dealer. With Ethan Wayne.
211 Cabs
10. 211 Cabs
November 26, 1990
A series of brutal taxi robberies terrorizes cab drivers. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
Teach The Children
9. Teach The Children
November 19, 1990
A pedophile terrorizes a community. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
Real Estate Scam
8. Real Estate Scam
November 12, 1990
A forger devises a scheme to sell houses that he doesn't own. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
Follow Home
7. Follow Home
November 5, 1990
Gus and Matt (Peter Parros, Ethan Wayne) uncover a scam targeted at wealthy female shoppers.
6. Vigilante
October 29, 1990
A vigilante group attempts to capture a rapist. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
5. Witchcraft
October 22, 1990
The police suspect a cult is responsible for a series of dog thefts. Ethan Wayne and Peter Parros star.
Gay Bashing
4. Gay Bashing
October 15, 1990
Homosexuals are being beaten and harassed; trouble is uncovered at a nudist colony; old cars are being...
3. Neighbors
October 8, 1990
A feud between neighbors results in violence; an automated teller machine scam is busted.
Kid Kop
2. Kid Kop
October 1, 1990
A young boy seeks help in an unusual fashion in order to get his brother to quit a gang.
The Sniper
1. The Sniper
September 24, 1990
Police officers Matt Doyle and Gus Grant (Ethan Wayne, Peter Parros) are shot at by a sniper targeting cops.
  • Premiere Date
    September 24, 1990