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The television series Advanced Yoga will show viewers challenging yoga moves and positions. These moves are for those that have done yoga before. The viewer will follow along with the instructor and will practice the positions with them. They will also work on breathing and relaxation.

Gaiam Media, Inc
1 Season, 4 Episodes
March 14, 2006
Health & Fitness
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Advanced Yoga Full Episode Guide

  • Today we move into our vinyasa part 3. Breathe deeply, focus your intention, and stay in the sensations.

  • Explore renowned yoga teacher Rodney Yee's personal pranayama practice. Learn how to let go of the tension and misalignment that blocks the flow of breath while improving your lung capacity and circulation of rejuvenating oxygen-rich blood. Engaging and observing your breath will help steady your mind, open your heart, and deepen your connection within, like no other practice.

  • Practice with renowned yoga teacher Rodney Yee as he guides you through an advanced hip opening sequence, designed to increase flexibility and fluidity. Because we sit in chairs all day, many of us have limited range of motion in the hips, which can lead to low back, knee, joint and even digestive problems. You'll open up your hips through essential poses while releasing related physical, energetic and emotional restrictions.

  • Join renowned yoga teacher Rodney Yee as he leads you through his personal arm-balancing practice, showing you how to sequence and build up to these intense poses. You'll engage and strengthen your triceps, entire upper body, core and legs while developing mindfulness, steadiness and ease in the midst of challenge.

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