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  • 2003
  • 1 Season

Mari Winsor's Beginner's Pilates is a fitness show aimed at people who want to start with Pilates exercises. The program is hosted by Mari Winsor, a well-known Pilates instructor who has been teaching Pilates for more than 30 years. The program is produced by Gaiam Americas, Inc., a leading producer of fitness videos and equipment.

The show is designed for beginners, but it also has something to offer for people at all fitness levels. The program emphasizes proper form, alignment, and breathing, which are essential components of Pilates exercises. Mari Winsor explains the correct technique of each exercise in detail, making it easy for viewers to follow along.

The program consists of three levels, each with its own set of Pilates exercises. The first level covers the basic Pilates exercises like the Hundred, the Roll-up, and the Double Leg Stretch. Mari Winsor guides viewers through the exercises at a slow and steady pace, giving them enough time to learn the proper form and alignment.

The second level of the program builds upon the exercises in the first level and introduces new ones like the Swan, the Side Kicks, and the Teaser. The exercises in this level are more challenging, but Mari Winsor demonstrates how to modify them for people who are still building their strength and flexibility.

The third level of the program is the most challenging of all, and it is designed for people who have completed the first two levels and want to take their Pilates practice to the next level. The exercises in this level include the High Scissors, the Advanced Swan, and the Jackknife. Mari Winsor demonstrates the exercises with precision and grace, inspiring viewers to challenge themselves and reach new heights in their Pilates practice.

Throughout the program, Mari Winsor emphasizes the importance of breathing and its role in Pilates exercises. She encourages viewers to breathe deeply and to coordinate their breath with their movements, which helps to increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles and promote relaxation.

The production quality of the show is excellent, with high-quality camera work and clear audio. Viewers can easily see Mari Winsor as she demonstrates the exercises and listen to her instructions without any distractions.

In addition to the main program, the DVD also includes a bonus section with additional exercises and tips to help viewers get the most out of their Pilates practice. The bonus section includes exercises for the upper body, lower body, and core, as well as tips on breathing, stretching, and posture.

Overall, Mari Winsor's Beginner's Pilates is an excellent program for people who want to start with Pilates or for those who want to improve their Pilates practice. The program is well-produced, and Mari Winsor's instruction is clear and precise. The exercises are challenging but achievable, and viewers can modify them to fit their fitness level. With this program, viewers can build strength, flexibility, and balance while improving their posture and reducing stress.

Mari Winsor's Beginner's Pilates is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). The series first aired on April 28, 2003.

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Mari Winsor's Beginner's Pilates is available for streaming on the Gaiam AmericasInc website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mari Winsor's Beginner's Pilates on demand at Amazon Prime and Google Play.
  • Premiere Date
    April 28, 2003