Watch TV Shows on Gaiam Americas

Gaiam Americas is a channel is primarily devoted to health and personal development topics. They have various branches that cover different topics. Among these are Yoga, Health, Seeking Truth, Spiritual Growth, and they also have a list of original films.

For their Yoga offerings this network has a variety of programs. They have the "I am love" collection, and they have the "Yoga For Weight Loss" collection as well. They have other shows that explore the various techniques that one can use for maximum fulfillment using Yoga also.

In their Seeking Truth section they have a variety of different offerings, including shows that analyze the traits, beliefs, and customs of Ancient Egypt and several shows that touch on a different topic dealing with the subject of our sister planet Mars. Shows such as "What is really on Mars", "Colonizing Mars", and "The Mars Underground" are all choices that the potential Gaiam Americas viewer can consider.

In Gaiam America's Health and Longevity section they have some interesting selections, including even a historical analysis of John the Baptist entitled "John: Just a Man?". They also have selections that touch on tips for a healthy lifestyle, documentaries that discuss improving your immune system, and they have a whole section that discusses the different "superfoods" that an individual can use to promote better health.

If that weren't enough the Gaiam America network also has movies to consider as well. They have titles such as "What the Bleep Do We Know?", "Oldies but Goodies", and various other titles as well.