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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

Afripedia is a documentary series that explores the artistic and cultural landscape of contemporary Africa. The show is produced by Red Bull TV and features a diverse range of artists, musicians, filmmakers, and cultural activists from across the continent. Each episode of Afripedia focuses on a specific city or country, showcasing the unique perspectives and creative expressions of its inhabitants. From hip-hop in Senegal to fashion in Kenya, the series highlights the richness and diversity of African culture, while also addressing the social and political issues that impact people's lives.

One of the strengths of Afripedia is its ability to showcase the intersection of traditional and modern African culture. The show features musicians who fuse traditional instruments and rhythms with contemporary styles, such as electro or jazz. For example, in the episode on Dakar, viewers are introduced to the music collective FOKN Bois, whose work combines hip-hop beats with Senegalese sabar drumming and lyrics in local languages.

Beyond music, Afripedia also explores the visual arts, including photography, painting, and street art. In the episode on Johannesburg, viewers meet trailblazing photographer Zanele Muholi, who uses her art to challenge traditional gender and sexual norms in South Africa. Meanwhile, the episode on Kinshasa features street artists who use graffiti to highlight social and political issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Through its focus on African cultural producers and activists, Afripedia also explores the ways in which art intersects with social justice and political resistance. For example, the episode on Lagos features a collective of female filmmakers who use their art to challenge gender norms and promote women's empowerment. Meanwhile, in the episode on Accra, viewers are introduced to cultural activist Napoleon Habeenzu, who uses fashion to raise awareness about issues like climate change and social inequality.

Overall, Afripedia is a visually stunning and intellectually engaging series that provides an important platform for African cultural producers and activists. By showcasing the vibrant and diverse arts scenes that exist across the continent, the show challenges Western stereotypes of Africa as a monolithic and impoverished place. At the same time, Afripedia also highlights the social and political issues that continue to impact people's lives, while showcasing the resilience and creativity of those who are fighting for change.

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5. Angola
April 1, 2016
Angola is a land of startling contrasts, presenting in one nation the best and worst parts of Africa. Despite the chaotic conditions, Angola's musicians see the potential inherent in their country and strive to lead its people to a brighter future.
4. Senegal
April 1, 2016
Social media has given one Senegalese photographer the opportunity to launch his professional career. When his parents and family were unable to understand his passion for photography, a Facebook community urged him to pursue his dreams.
South Africa
3. South Africa
April 1, 2016
Johannesburg and Cape Town have built burgeoning creative scenes for the latest in graffiti art and music. Heavy metal, in particular, has also made a resurgence in South Africa, with many bands jamming at sessions known as Rock Therapy.
2. Kenya
April 1, 2016
African art is taking new form in Kenya, as an active community of African creatives are pushing innovation. One 3D artist in particular turns heads by animating a Transformers-style battle royal representing political turmoil in Kenya.
1. Ghana
April 1, 2016
Whether facing environmental issues head-on or inspiring people to reach for the power within themselves, art and music in Ghana are used as catalysts to move people to action and to show the world what it means to be African.
  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 2016