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  • 2014
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.9  (14)

Ali G Rezurection is a television show that originally aired on HBO in 2003. It stars Sacha Baron Cohen as his iconic and hilarious character Ali G, a British rapper and TV personality who interviews unsuspecting people from various walks of life. The show ran for two seasons and received critical acclaim for its satire and humor.

In 2014, Ali G Rezurection was re-aired on FXX with new never-before-seen footage and interviews. This new version of the show contains all 18 episodes from the original series as well as brand new interviews with celebrities and politicians. The show is essentially a retrospective of Ali G, highlighting some of his most iconic moments and providing insight into the creation of the character.

The show is divided into episodes, each featuring a new interview or series of interviews with Ali G. These interviews are conducted in a mock talk-show format, with Ali G asking his guests a series of absurd and often inappropriate questions. The show is full of crude humor and political satire, taking aim at everything from pop culture to racism and terrorism.

One of the standout features of Ali G Rezurection is its ability to make its viewers laugh while also making them think. The show is not afraid to tackle tough issues and often uses humor to shed light on important societal problems. For example, one episode features Ali G interviewing a group of white supremacists, exposing their ridiculous beliefs and challenging them with his trademark wit.

Another highlight of Ali G Rezurection is the new content that has been added to the show. These never-before-seen interviews provide fresh material for fans of the show and offer insight into the creative process behind Ali G. Additionally, the inclusion of interviews with modern-day politicians and celebrities adds a new level of relevance to the show and proves the enduring popularity of the character.

Overall, Ali G Rezurection is a must-watch for fans of Sacha Baron Cohen and anyone who appreciates sharp wit and political satire. The show manages to balance crude humor with intelligent commentary and serves as a time capsule for the early 2000s. With its re-airing on FXX, a new generation of viewers can experience the sheer hilarity of Ali G and appreciate the cultural impact that he has had.

Ali G Rezurection
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9. History
October 29, 2014
Ali G interviews Gore Vidal. Borat encounters a realtor. Bruno attends a barn dance.
8. Family
October 22, 2014
Ali G discovers the art of art. Bruno interviews fashion guru Leon Hall.
7. Guns
October 15, 2014
Ali G discusses guns and visits the NRA's headquarters. Borat tours Cambridge.
6. Media
October 8, 2014
Ali G examines the media.
5. Health
October 1, 2014
Ali G talks about the human body and health with C. Everett Koop. Bruno hits up Melrose Avenue.
4. Class
September 24, 2014
Ali G and Professor Sue Lees discuss feminism. Borat spends time at a British bowling club.
3. Energy
September 17, 2014
Ali G talks immigration with James Ziglar. Borat is educated about self defense and new-age dance.
2. Acting
September 10, 2014
Ali G interviews James Lipton to discuss acting. Borat visits a southern plantation.
1. FBI
September 3, 2014
Ali G learns about the efforts of the FBI to maintain America's safety. Borat visits the English Countryside to try hunting.
  • Premiere Date
    March 1, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (14)