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Amazing Wedding Cakes airs on We and explores the art and craft of wedding cake design and the creativity involved in creating an eatable masterpiece. The reality television show features several different bakeries that include Cake Girls, Merci Beaucoup Cakes, Cake Alchemy, The Cake Artist, and Christopher Garren's Cakes that all work to fulfill each couple's dreams for the perfect wedding cake. Many different themes, designs, and inspirations are used to create many different high-class cakes to fulfill the customers' wishes for their big day.

With many different wedding cake designs comes plenty of challenges and hurdles that the bakers must overcome. Plenty of props and fondant are used to enhance each design to create a realistic and beautiful wedding cake. Each episode highlights three different cakes from beginning to end from the time the cake is initially ordered until it's finally presented at the wedding. No two cakes are alike, and bakers must always think of new ideas and ways to make the couples' dreams a reality.

Amazing Wedding Cakes focuses on the story behind each couple's idea and taste for their designed and original wedding cake, along with the baker's ideas and conceptualization to create something original, and eatable! Plenty of drama and stress fill the kitchen as tears are shed and new techniques are created to stay on top of the wedding cake world and present each couple with something that takes their breath away. The most popular themed-cakes that are created on the show include Versailles, baseball, Edward Scissorhands, Lakers, wheel of cheese, rock climbing, and Bollywood.

On Amazing Wedding Cakes, no idea or design is too out of the box or difficult for the professional wedding cake bakers.

Amazing Wedding Cakes is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2008.

Where do I stream Amazing Wedding Cakes online? Amazing Wedding Cakes is available for streaming on WE tv, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Amazing Wedding Cakes on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on WE tv
4 Seasons, 43 Episodes
September 7, 2008
Cast: Morris Anderson, Christian Omari, Jesse Jesus Salazar
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Amazing Wedding Cakes Full Episode Guide

  • White Flower in Ohio creates an art deco wedding cake, Christopher Garren makes an opulent Versailles-inspired wedding cake and Robin at Gateaux Inc. mixes things up with a baseball-and-lingerie bridal shower cake.

  • Christopher creates a towering cake of burgundy and gold with hundreds of flowers. In Ohio a Moroccan cake features 24-karat gold and a plump pillow holding a diamond. Robin at Gateaux designs a lovable possum groom's cake.

  • For a New Year's wedding, Robin at Gateaux Inc. creates a clock cake that will actually sound at midnight. Christopher designs a custom high-top sneaker and an elegant pump. Ohio uses enough "bling" to light up the reception.

  • Robin at Gateaux creates a globe cake. Then Ohio cake must create edible jewels! A cake for this California couple proves that opposites attract.

  • Two sisters, both engaged, convince Marianne and Lauren in Ohio to create competing cakes for their double engagement party. A Minnesota couple celebrates the groom's safe return from Afghanistan.

  • Robin creates a bridal shower cake that tells how many times she's been a bridesmaid, and now happily a bride. Christopher designs a wedding cake that's a twist on a classic BBQ picnic. White Flower in Ohio dreams up dangling snowflakes and rock sugar sparkle.

  • A "Tale of 3 Cities" cake depicts the skylines of NY, LA and Minneapolis. One cake is inspired by a holiday theme and neatly wrapped gifts in Ohio. And a groom's cake from Orange County for a rock climber depicts a 3D human hand emerging from a boulder.

  • Two sisters, both engaged, convince Marianne and Lauren in Ohio to make competing cakes for their double engagement party. A Minnesota couple celebrates the groom's safe return from Afghanistan.

  • In New Jersey, a topsy-turvy, black & white wedding cake goes on a little detour. In Minnesota, a stunning gold cake with purple orchids gets caught in a blizzard. And in Orange County, two cute Koalas set the stage for "I Do."

  • Cleveland's White Flower Cake Shoppe creates an Italian-themed engagement cake featuring the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Plus, Chris Garren's bakery creates a classy "aerospace"cake for a couple who work for NASA. And, Vinny from Staten Island - the youngest baker on the show - does an elegant quilted cake with ribbons of crystals... to accommodate 250 guests!

  • Christopher Garren's Cakes creates a romantic cake that feels vintage and old-world; Lauri deconstructs the traditional cake and displays the tiers side by side; and the LA bakery wows with an over-the-top Bollywood-inspired cake.

  • Christopher Garren's team makes an elaborately detailed cake with the Lotus Blossom as inspiration; the LA bakery folds fondant to evoke fabric and trims it with gold tassels; and NY goes into assembly-line mode to crank out EIGHTY mini-swan cakes.

  • Reva in LA designs a fantastic, topsy-turvy cake inspired by Alice In Wonderland; the CakeGirls tackle a tall cake with clean lines and elegant stencil work; and the NY bakery creates a cake for a Halloween wedding with giant skeleton toppers.

  • Marc in LA creates a "Day of the Dead" masterpiece; the CakeGirls make a cake that's a champagne bottle in a bucket, filled with real champagne; Lauri throws a surprise engagement party for her employee Stephanie (who unknowingly makes her own cake.)

  • Modern Beach, Masquerade & Ottoman

  • Bobble Head, Roses and Stripes & Scroll Motif

  • The Chicago bakery tackles a "Vintage Mustang" cake, while the NY ladies create a tall, bejeweled wedding cake with a huge (and heavy) sugar sapphire popping out of the top! Christopher Garren's team crafts an elegant, understated, yet "girly" cake.

  • The Chicago girls whip up a picnic cake with a roasted-pig topper; the LA bakery makes a cheesecake that looks like (what else) a wheel of cheese; and Christopher Garren's Cakes creates an elegant cake with inverted tiers and yellow calla lilies.

  • The LA team makes a sea-worthy Pirate Ship cake, while Christopher Garren's bakery draws inspiration from a diner for a bridal shower cake. And Ben at the Chicago bakery creates a Magnolia-inspired wedding cake.

  • Chris pushes for perfection with the Tiffany-inspired cake; the Cakegirls take on a modern cake; the NY bakery adds stenciling to the white cake with orchids.

  • The Chicago team makes a gravity-defying cake portraying the ingredients to a great marriage, Christopher Garren makes a cake based on the movie "Edward Scissorhands," and the NYC bakery creates a chandelier-inspired cake, complete with lighting system.

  • A Chicago bakery creates a gravity defying cake for a tea party; a Victorian age sci-fi cake is produced; an LA bakery designs a cake with live koi fish.