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Andy Pandy is a vintage British television show meant for children. The live-action program is one of a series of programs by the same name that have been shown over several decades. Andy Pandy is also a cartoon strip in the kid Andy Pandy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2002.

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1 Season, 26 Episodes
March 25, 2002
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Tom Conti
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Andy Pandy Full Episode Guide

  • Teddy is finding it difficult to do a painting of his house. So Andy Pandy suggests a novel way of getting his house onto paper - with some paper and wax crayons.

  • Andy Pandy finds a shiny bell in his cupboard and Teddy rushes about, ringing it as loudly as he can. Everyone agrees that the noise is a bit of nuisance but when Andy Pandy wants to call everybody over to look at his Book of Pictures, the bell is very helpful indeed!

  • Teddy makes a plastic model of a mouse. On his way to show Looby, he is ambushed by Tiffo and the model is destroyed. Andy Pandy shows him how to make modeling clay out of flour, water, salt and a few other things.

  • Andy Pandy is woken by the sound of chiming coming from a box in his cupboard. After taking the box out to show his friends, Bilbo identifies the box as a clock and explains how the clock tells the time.

  • Andy Pandy and his friends discover a bird's nest with 3 eggs inside. They decide to try and keep them warm with Teddy's help. After sitting on the eggs for a while, they find 3 blobs of brown goo. The eggs were chocolate and Teddy has just melted them all!

  • Looby Loo has organized a picnic. Teddy just can't wait to get started, so Andy Pandy shows Teddy how to make cress shapes - and while he is doing so, also teaches his friend a lesson in patience.

  • Andy Pandy and his friends decide to have a picnic one sunny day. Andy Pandy finds some sunglasses to wear and Teddy is so impressed, he decides to make some of his own out of black cardboard. After staggering around unable to see through them, the sun has gone down!

  • Missy Hissy is bemoaning the fact that her drainpipes could do with brightening up. Andy Pandy has an idea, though. He has some potatoes and some paint. Potato prints will smarten up the pipes like anything!

  • Andy Pandy and Looby Loo discover that all sorts of food can make different sounds. Looby Loo suggests they should all get together and have a noisy supper. Teddy eats far too much and the last odd noise everyone hears is Teddy's stomach groaning!

  • Teddy is helping Looby Loo hang out her washing. In his enthusiasm, a sheet gets away from him in the wind. This gives Andy Pandy the idea of making a kite with Teddy. By the time Teddy remembers about the sheet, it's more like a dirty dishcloth!

  • Andy Pandy manages to blow a big bubble which follows him everywhere he goes. He tries to leave it with each of his friends with no luck until the bubble settles on a chair. Teddy sits down to wait for Andy Pandy and bursts the bubble, much to Andy Pandy's relief.

  • Andy Pandy and Teddy are helping Looby Loo with her spring cleaning. Teddy manages to break a portrait of Looby Loo. But with Andy Pandy's help and some odds and ends, they make a beautiful collage for Looby Loo.

  • Andy Pandy finds a music box. Inside is a ballerina and when you turn the handle, music plays. Bilbo suggests they have a ball and for Looby Loo to give dance lessons so they can all dance to the music. The lessons don't go well, except with Andy Pandy.

  • Andy Pandy thinks it's Looby Loo's birthday and asks for help from his friends to throw a surprise party for her. Andy Pandy tries to make a cake but it turns out to be a gooey mess. So when Looby Loo comes out of her house with a beautiful cake, Andy Pandy is astonished! It was his birthday all along!

  • When Andy Pandy makes a glove puppet out of an old sock and some buttons, Teddy sees this as an opportunity to pull Missy Hissy's (non-existent) leg. He convinces her that she has a new friend.

  • When Andy Pandy sees a brightly colored feather lying on the Green, Andy Pandy thinks this would be a perfect present for Looby Loo. But the feather is blown out of Andy Pandy's reach until Looby Loo comes out and has the feather in her hair. It blew in through her window!

  • Teddy tramples on Looby Loo's favorite blue flowers. But Andy Pandy is helping Bilbo to paint his boat - with blue paint. Teddy makes some new flowers for Looby Loo but will this deception fool her?

  • Andy Pandy and his friends are spring-cleaning. But Teddy would rather play with Tiffo the dog and throws a stick for him to fetch. When Looby Loo's feather duster gets mixed up with Tiffo's play stick, Andy Pandy has to explain the mistake to Looby Loo.

  • Teddy finds Looby Loo dancing outside her house. He thinks she ought to have some music to accompany her. But how? Andy Pandy makes several musical instruments from various every day odds and ends so she can now dance the night away!

  • While Andy Pandy and Looby Loo are looking through an old telescope Teddy gets stuck inside a large carton he found. While Teddy staggers around trying to get out, Andy Pandy and his friends think the moving box is a visitor from the moon, but when Teddy trips over Missy Hissy, all is revealed!

  • Great excitement in the garden when Looby Loo plans a picnic. While helping,Teddy manages to break her plates. But Andy Pandy has a solution. He shows Teddy how to make paper mache plates which are (almost) as good as the ones he broke.

  • On a windy rainy day, Andy Pandy and Looby Loo make a boat to sail on a puddle of rain-water. But after a little while, the wind has dried the puddle up! Bilbo thinks the boat would make a very good airplane so Andy Pandy hurls it into the wind and it's blown over the rooftops.

  • Andy Pandy and Teddy are having fun with a balloon one day when it blows away. It makes a circuit of the garden and everyone it visits imagines it to be a newcomer to the garden. Tiffo bursts it, playing with his new 'friend' and wonders where it has gone but Andy Pandy is on hand to explain.

  • Andy Pandy and his friends are playing Hide and Seek. Teddy forgets it's his turn to seek and nods off to sleep. His friends search high and low but can't find him...