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Eleven-year old genius and kid-scientist Anne has invented and built her own amazing androids. Nick discovers Anne's secret junkyard laboratory and enlists the help of Shania to befriend Anne and her mechanical companions. Together they help solve Anne's scientific problems through real-life solutions.

Amazon Studios
4 Seasons, 50 Episodes
July 25, 2014
Kids & Family, Science Fiction
Cast: Addison Holley, Jadiel Dowlin, Adrianna Di Liello, Millie Davis

Annedroids Full Episode Guide

  • It's time for the Weld Zone Father/Son Mini-Vehicle Challenge again and, like last year, Nick is planning to participate with Anne's Dad so they can defend their trophy. The arrival of an unexpected visitor leaves victory - and Nick's partnership - uncertain.

  • Anne, Nick and Shania discover that Ada has deleted Magnus 22 but they figure out there's a backup of its programming at her house. They go undercover at her son Dylan's party to save Magnus 22 and bring it back to the junkyard.

  • In this two-part episode, Shania's having a hard time adapting to her new living situation. When Mr. Cooper plans a week-long survival trek, Grandma suggests Shania go with him so that they can bond. Anne and Nick join the adventure, but things go awry when the kids get separated from Mr. Cooper and have to survive the wild on their own.

  • Shania and her family are moving in with Mr. Cooper, but Shania isn't happy about it. When Shania's brother Garth goes missing, the kids use Mr. Cooper's tracking techniques to track Garth back to a familiar place.

  • When Eyes's curiosity causes him to fall into Anne's water reservoir, Nick and Shania are shocked to find that Eyes has short circuited... and that Anne can't swim. They attempt to teach Anne while encouraging her to waterproof the androids so they can experiencing swimming, too.

  • Anne, Nick and Shania have to go to Magnus Tech in order to fix Pal. Luckily, Art can still get them access and they find a surprising ally in Magnus 22.

  • When the kids realize it's their one year anniversary of being friends, they decide to throw a party to celebrate. But, Ada shows up with a surprise gift for Anne that has one mission: to get Pal to Magnus Tech.

  • Grandma's knee is bothering her and, thanks to Shania and her brothers, the house becomes a disaster zone. With a visit from a social worker on the horizon, Anne and Nick decide to build Grandma a bionic knee brace.

  • Determined to find out who sent the robo-bug to the junkyard, Anne analyzes the bug's computer code. The results lead Anne, Nick and Shania to three separate destinations, ultimately sending them in the most surprising direction of all.

  • When Anne, Nick and Shania find a robobug spying on the junkyard, it's a race against time to capture the bug so the androids' memories aren't lost forever.

  • To make amends with Nick's Mom, Anne and Nick work on fixing her car while she runs errands with Anne's Dad while Shania trains Fangs.

  • Anne needs to upgrade the security systems at the junkyard. She, Zack and Shania work on making a junkyard dog for android protection. Meanwhile, Nick goes to work with his mom and learns how real animals protect themselves.

  • When Anne and her Dad go away for the evening, leaving Shania in charge of the junkyard and the androids. When the power goes out and three teenagers sneak in, Charlie, Shania and Nick try to frighten the teens away.

  • Anne is invited to speak to Nick's science class about sources of fuel while Shania discovers an unexpected new talent to act with her in an original play.

  • Anne has plans to camouflage parts of the junkyard, but Shania wants to make art with the androids. Nick works on his science project at home, but gets a surprise visitor when Charlie shows up... with a lot of questions about Pal.

  • When Ada invites Anne to Magnus Tech a malfunctioning robot catches Anne's eye. Shania is in charge of watching the androids only to have Eyes and Pidgely escape.

  • When Charlie wants to go to the Mall and Nick doesn't, she finds someone else to go with her... Pal. The kids have to save Pal from being found out as an android.

  • The kids try to convince Nick's Mom that the junkyard (and the androids) are safe, but things don't quite work out the way they were hoping.

  • Everything is the worst. Nick's grounded, Shania got second place in gymnastics, and no one's seen Anne for weeks because the junkyard is locked up tight. Shania decides to find what's going on with Anne and learns that things are even worse than she and Nick feared.

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