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  • 1979
  • 4 Seasons
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Archie Bunker's Place is a popular American sitcom that aired from 1979 to 1983. It is a spin-off of the show All in the Family and picks up where All in the Family left off. The show follows the life of Archie Bunker, a loud and opinionated man who owns a bar in Queens, New York.

The show stars Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker, reprises his role from All in the Family. Jean Stapleton also reprises her role as Edith Bunker, Archie's wife, in the early seasons. Martin Balsam joins the cast in the later seasons as Archie's business partner, Murray Klein. Danielle Brisebois plays Stephanie Mills, the teenage daughter of Edith's deceased cousin, who is taken in by Archie and moves into the upstairs apartment with her mother, Danielle (Denise Miller). Allan Melvin plays Archie's best friend, Barney Hefner. Jason Wingreen (who also voiced Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back) plays Harry Snowden, the bartender at Archie's Place. Other recurring characters include Anne Meara and Bill Quinn as Veronica Rooney Stivic, Michael's mother, and Beauregard "Bill" Davis, the town's oldest resident, respectively.

Archie Bunker's Place is a slower-paced show than All in the Family, with less focus on social issues and more focus on family dynamics and the people who frequent the bar. Archie's Place is not just a bar, but also a hub for the community, where people come to hang out, socialize, and seek advice from Archie. The show explores the relationships between the characters, the struggles they face, and how they navigate through life.

Archie Bunker is still the same cantankerous, bigoted, and stubborn man that he was in All in the Family. He often clashes with his family, friends, and customers, but deep down, he has a heart of gold. Despite his flaws, Archie is always there for those in need and will do anything for the people he cares about.

The addition of Stephanie and her mother adds a different dynamic to the show. Stephanie is a smart and sassy teenager who frequently challenges Archie's beliefs and pushes him to be a better person. Danielle, on the other hand, is an alcoholic who struggles to overcome her addiction and get her life back on track. Her storylines provide a dose of drama to the show and highlight the serious issues of alcoholism and addiction.

The show also explores the changing times of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Murray is an older Jewish man who often clashes with Archie's conservative views. The show touches on issues such as inflation, unemployment, and the changing political and social landscape of America.

Archie Bunker's Place was a critical and commercial success, and it remains a beloved sitcom to this day. The show was praised for its witty writing, strong performances, and well-developed characters. It was a fitting end to the legacy of All in the Family and cemented Carroll O'Connor's place as one of the greatest sitcom actors of all time.

Overall, Archie Bunker's Place is a heartwarming and hilarious show that explores the ups and downs of life with all its joys and sorrows. The show has something for everyone, whether you're a fan of sitcoms, social commentary, or just good old-fashioned storytelling.

Archie Bunker's Place is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (96 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 1979.

Archie Bunker's Place
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No One Said It Was Easy
24. No One Said It Was Easy
May 22, 1983
Gary turns to drinking when Billie grows tired of their relationship and wants to Break up with him.
I'm Torn Here
23. I'm Torn Here
April 3, 1983
Billie and Gary agree to be friends, but this is tested when Billie falls for Rick Baxter who unknowing to Billie is a old friend and childhood rival of Gary's. Billie and Rick start dating neither knowing about others relationship with Gary, nor Gary knowing that they are dating. All is let out in the open when Archie tries to clear up the situation.
Small Claims Court
22. Small Claims Court
March 27, 1983
Barney gets a job as a salesman at a shady electronics store named "TV Heaven". Barney convinces Archie to replace the malfunctioning TV at the bar with a new TV, but Archie Does not trust or want to pay for delivery men and demands Barney help him install the TV Instead . During this process Barney drops the TV. When Barney's boss store owner Marty Marquetti refuses to replace it. Archie decides to take Marty to court where Barney is set to testify against Archie with his job on the line if he tells the truth.
Bunker Madness
21. Bunker Madness
March 13, 1983
When Archie finds marijuana in the basement he believes it belongs to Billie and he kicks her out of the house. But the marijuana actually belongs to Stephanie who Billie is trying to protect, but Stephanie confesses the truth after Archie breaks up her party because Stephanie friends are using drugs.
Store Wars
20. Store Wars
February 27, 1983
Murray returns to find a buyer for his half of the bar because he needs the money to open another Bar & Grill in San Francisco, but when Archie scares away a prospective buyer. Murray then decides to exercises a clause in his contract which allows one partner to buyout the other that would enable Murray as sole owner to sell the bar and recoup his investment. This pleases Gary because he will not have to work for Archie anymore, but Gary's joy is short lived when his Brother Barry knowing how much Gary hates working for Archie suggest a way that Murray can get capital from his half of the bar without selling it.
I Can Manage
19. I Can Manage
February 20, 1983
Gary asks Archie to go to a restaurant convention but Archie refuses, but Archie changes his mind when he meets the group's attractive representative, but after they spend the night together she tells Archie she is married and has Children. After the revelation Archie decides to leave early.
The Boys' Night Out
18. The Boys' Night Out
February 13, 1983
Barney convinces Archie, and Harry spend a night out starting with a Knicks game in honor of their 20-year Friendship, but after the game they find them selves bar hoping in Bars where the feel out of place.
The Red Herring
17. The Red Herring
January 30, 1983
When an old friend pays Mr. Van Ranseleer at the bar a few days before his birthday. This inspires Billie to throw a birthday party at the bar for Mr. Van Ranseleer inviting all his old friends not realizing that many off them were once communist and that Mr. Van Ranseleer refused to testify in front of the house un-American activity comity sacrificing his job as a teacher. Archie's friendship with Mr. Van Ranseleer is than put to the test.
Relief Bartender
16. Relief Bartender
January 23, 1983
Archie reluctantly decides to hire a second bartender to ease Harry's workload. When Archie is given a list of candidates by the bartenders union he decides hire a bartender named Pat not knowing Pat is a women Archie then looks for a excuse to fire her. But she files a grievance with her union. Archie take Gary's advice and offers Pat her job back.
Three Women
15. Three Women
January 16, 1983
Stephanie hopes on a visit to her Grandmother's house she will learn more about her dead mother, but she finds her Grandmother trying to avoid the subject of her mother. Matters are complicated more because Harry's truck will not start and Archie must spend the night interacting with Stephanie's Grandmother's rich friends.
The Promotion
14. The Promotion
January 9, 1983
Gary's brother Barry who seem be to Uncle Abe's top choice to be promoted to partner, but Barry soon gets into an argument with Uncle Abe over Gary's advice to a client which leads to Abe having a hart attack only to have Gary help save him. After this Gary believes he will be promoted to partner instead of Barry and tells Archie he's quitting as vusiness manager. But Barry's position in the argument turns out of be valid and Barry still get the promotion leaving Gary to return to Archie's place.
Captain Video
13. Captain Video
January 2, 1983
Barney turns to a video dating service to find new women but lies about being rich. When Barney's date learns the truth she leaves him promoting Barney to go back and make another video this time telling the truth which leads to him finding a perfect match.
Teacher's Pet
12. Teacher's Pet
December 26, 1982
Billie is convinced that theories in her philosophy Professor's book is are an alternative to hostility, but her boyfriend Gary is not convinced. Billie feels honored when her Professor ask her to type his next but his real intention are made clear when he starts putting the Moves on her.
Barney Gets Laid Off
11. Barney Gets Laid Off
November 28, 1982
Reagen's Federal Budget cut's cause Barney to get laid off as a bridge inspector. After Barney fails as a shoe salesman Billie convinces Archie to give Barney a job at the bar, but Barney is clueless and Archie is forced to fire him.
Marriage on the Rocks
10. Marriage on the Rocks
December 12, 1982
Harry cheats on his wife with another women well house-sitting for Barney. When Harry's wife realizes something's going on she kicks him out, but when Harry is dumped by his new girlfriend and asks his wife for a reconciliation who tells him she is now dating another man.
Archie Gets a Head
9. Archie Gets a Head
November 21, 1982
When it becomes clear that one bathroom is not enough for Archie, Stephanie and Billie. Archie decides he needs have another bathroom built. when Archie finds Pulaski the Plumber's prices too high Archie enlist Jose and Raul to build the bathroom but when this ends in disaster Archie is forced to hire Pulaski to clean up the mess and rebuild the Bathroom
Break a Leg, Stephanie
7. Break a Leg, Stephanie
November 7, 1982
Stephanie must ask Archie if she can tryout for the High School of the performing arts eventually. Archie relents and lets her try out, Though the audition goes well. Stephanie is disappointed when her grades are not high enough to meet the school's high standards.
Stay Out of My Briefs
6. Stay Out of My Briefs
October 31, 1982
When Gary's brother Barry demands the help of Gary's assistant "Cousin Marsha" Billie volunteers to fill in as his temporary assistant, but Billie starts to get on Gary's nerves when she start to make what she thinks are improvements around the office leaving Gary regretting he hired her.
From the Waldorf to Astoria
5. From the Waldorf to Astoria
October 24, 1982
Jose's paintings of garbage become rage of the New York art scene with 10% of the profits going to Archie for use of the bar for Jose's art shows, but when art world demands more Jose finds himself unable to recapture his inspiration.
Double Date
4. Double Date
October 17, 1982
Archie won't let Stephanie go on a date with a popular boy from school named Danny. So Billie convinces Gary who was planning on going to a Knicks game with tickets he got from his Law Firm to go along with her making it a double date so Archie will allow Stephanie to go. Things seem to go good for Stephanie and Danny, but bad for Billie and Gary. To make thing worse for Gary Archie who he gave the Knicks tickets to got to see a great basketball game that went triple overtime.
The Eyewitnesses
3. The Eyewitnesses
October 10, 1982
Raul and Jose witness a mugging, but they are afraid to go to the police because they fear the Police will learn they are in the country Illegally leading to there possible deportation.
Gary's Ex
2. Gary's Ex
October 3, 1982
Gary's Super Model ex-fiancée convinces Gary to handle her divorce After he spends the night with her Billie feels spurned.
Archie's Night Out
1. Archie's Night Out
September 26, 1982
Barney convinces a reluctant Archie who is still recovering from his breakup with Katharine to go with him to a Singles Club. Mr. VanRanseleer decides to join the in fact he seems to be the only one having any luck.
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