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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 8.2  (109)

Arctic with Bruce Parry is an adventure-documentary series that takes viewers on a journey to the Arctic Circle to explore the lives and cultures of the people who make the region their home. This six-part BBC Two series, which was first aired in 2011, follows British explorer and documentary filmmaker Bruce Parry as he travels across the Arctic Circle on a 16,000-mile journey.

From Alaska to Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia, Parry treads through the region's icy landscapes and encounters its vast wilderness and challenging conditions. Through his travels, he takes audiences on a fascinating journey that not only reveals the beauty of these remote locations but also uncovers how climate change is affecting the fragile ecosystem and the people who rely on it.

Parry is joined by an eclectic cast of characters, including Inupiaq hunter and fisherman Robert Grandjambe and Inuit activist Kami Cabana. His interactions with these residents of the Arctic Circle offer unique insights into the struggles and resilience of Arctic communities.

The show covers a wide range of themes, from the traditional hunting and gathering practices of the indigenous people to the effects of oil drilling and global warming on the region. Parry reveals the harsh realities of life in this extreme environment, where residents must adapt to the rapidly changing conditions.

In one episode, Parry explores the impact of mining on the Inuit community of Sisimiut, Greenland. He travels deep into a mine to see how it operates and how the workers live while also discovering how mining has influenced the local culture and traditions. Parry also meets an Inuit activist who is fighting to protect her community from the pollution and destruction caused by the mining industry.

Another episode focuses on the effects of climate change on the Arctic ecosystem. Parry shows how melting ice and rising temperatures are altering the region's fragile environment and causing widespread habitat loss. He also visits a Norwegian research station where scientists are studying the impacts of these changes on the Arctic's unique wildlife, including polar bears and reindeer.

Arctic with Bruce Parry is much more than a typical travelogue; it is an immersive and thought-provoking exploration of one of the planet's most unique environments. Parry's deep respect for the Arctic and its inhabitants is reflected in his interactions with the people he meets, and the show promotes a message of environmental stewardship and the importance of preserving this fragile ecosystem.

The series was filmed over a period of two years, and Parry's infectious enthusiasm and curiosity keep viewers engaged throughout. His willingness to immerse himself in local cultures and embrace new experiences makes for a compelling viewing experience.

Overall, Arctic with Bruce Parry is a beautifully produced and informative series that presents a complex and nuanced view of the Arctic region. Its mix of adventure, environmentalism, and cultural exploration makes it a must-watch for anyone interested in the world's most remote and fascinating places.

Arctic With Bruce Parry
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Northern Europe
5. Northern Europe
February 6, 2011
Bruce travels to north-west Russia where he spends a week a week in the village of Nyukhcha, one of the most remote and traditional settlements in the country. He then makes his way to northern Norway where he spends time with a family of Saami reindeer herders on their annual reindeer round-up.
4. Canada
January 30, 2011
Bruce pays a visit to the village of Old Crow which is located just inside the Arctic Circle and the Yukon's most northernmost community.
3. Alaska
January 23, 2011
Bruce travels to Alaska where he visits three very different communities, each of which have their own unique way of surviving in America's final frontier.
Greenland: Inuit Hunters
2. Greenland: Inuit Hunters
January 9, 2011
Bruce pays a visit to one of the last surviving outposts of Inuit culture in Greenland where he learns more about the skills which are needed to survive in the region. He also learns more about how much the modern world has encroached on Arctic communities.
Siberia: Horsemen Of The Mountains
1. Siberia: Horsemen Of The Mountains
January 2, 2011
Bruce begins his arctic adventure in Siberia. The wilderness of the Russian north stretches far into the Arctic and Bruce meets some of the most resilient people living in the world.
  • Premiere Date
    January 2, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (109)