Assignment Berlin

Assignment Berlin tells the thought-provoking tale of police officer, Tracy Garrett. Garrett is a hard-working police officer who loves her job, but when she faces tough adversity after an incident in which she is cornered by death, she decides that she needs to get away for a while. After spending some time with her father, she is faced with yet another fantastic revelation, the fact that her father is also an officer, more specifically working as a CIA operative. After her father is gunned down during a meal together, Garrett decides she must take matters into her own hands, find those responsible for the shooting of her father, and bring them to justice.

1 Season, 1 Episode
April 3, 1999
Drama, Horror & Suspense, TV Movie
Cast: Sammi Davis, Cliff Robertson, Dominic Raacke, Jan Niklas
Assignment Berlin

Assignment Berlin Full Episode Guide

  • Transferred to Berlin after creating a stir by shooting a gangland kingpin, a female detective falls into an international mystery when her father is killed and she discovers his CIA background.

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