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About Encore

Encore is a well-known American television network that features particularly classic modern films and television series. The network is offered, through cable, satellite and telecom companies. Furthermore, the Encore network offers a variety of channels and packages for consumers to choose. The network has been in business for more than 20 years and has delivered entertainment to millions of households in the United States.

Recently partnering with Walt Disney, Encore now features more varieties of kid shows. Featuring a host of films and television series such as romances, action, suspense mysteries, dramas and many more. Owned by Starz, the Encore network, displays ongoing movies and series that consumers can access from home, DVD and digital media. In addition, Encore offers consumers network packages and benefits such as Encore Play and Encore on demand.

The network broadcasted in the beginning with only four cable companies mainly emphasizing on movies and gradually over time, the channel began to have a more modern style and the network announced to viewers for upcoming new shows in cue to air. Depending on the type of cable, telecom or satellite company the consumer has, Encore delivers more than 17 multiplex channels that can be accessed through standard definition, high definition or video on demand.

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