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  • TV-Y7
  • 2020
  • 4 Seasons
  • 1.0  (2,732)

Attaway General is a popular YouTube show that premiered in 2020. It is a teen medical drama that follows a group of friends who volunteer at a hospital. The show consists of ten episodes, each running for approximately twenty minutes. The show is set in Attaway General Hospital, which is located in a small town. The main character, Olive (played by Madi Monroe), is a high school student who volunteers at the hospital. Olive is passionate about helping people and dreams of becoming a doctor. She is joined by her friends, who also volunteer at the hospital.

One of the main themes of Attaway General is friendship. Olive and her friends are all very close and support each other through difficult times. They also have to work together to solve medical mysteries and help patients. The show emphasizes the importance of working together and the value of friendship.

Another theme of Attaway General is the importance of following your passion. Olive is passionate about medicine and wants to become a doctor. She is determined to pursue her dreams and is willing to work hard to achieve them. The show encourages viewers to follow their passions and to work hard to achieve their goals.

The show features a diverse cast of characters. In addition to Olive, there is also a character named Amelia (played by Sharayu Mahale), who is also passionate about medicine. She is the daughter of a doctor and wants to follow in her father's footsteps. Amelia is confident and determined, and she acts as a mentor to Olive.

The show also features a character named Kit (played by Dean Testerman). Kit is Olive's best friend and is always by her side. He is a loyal friend and is always looking out for his friends. Kit is also interested in medicine, but his main focus is on music. He is a talented musician and is hoping to pursue a career in music.

Attaway General is a show that is suitable for teenagers and young adults. It deals with serious issues such as illness and death but does so in a way that is appropriate for its target audience. The show is both entertaining and informative, and it encourages viewers to think about their own goals and passions.

Overall, Attaway General is an excellent show that is well worth watching. It is well-written, well-acted, and features a diverse cast of characters who are easy to relate to. The show is both entertaining and educational, and it deals with important issues in a way that is appropriate for teenagers and young adults. If you are looking for a new show to watch, then I highly recommend Attaway General.

Attaway General is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on May 20, 2020.

Attaway General
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Ep 20
20. Ep 20
February 10, 2023
Summary is not available.
19. Homecoming
February 3, 2023
At the big dance, Michael's revelation forces Sophie's hand. Lydia and Juan make a major decision about their future. A medical emergency brings Ruth to the hospital, where an unforeseen visitor is waiting for her.
Teen Volunteers Steal Cancer Meds
18. Teen Volunteers Steal Cancer Meds
January 27, 2023
With the truth weighing on him, Cody debates telling Bianca what really happened to Xander. When Michael interviews Lydia about her cancer battle, he makes a discovery that could change everything.
Can't Have Nice Things
17. Can't Have Nice Things
January 20, 2023
Sophie makes a decision about her future with Michael as Bianca warns Hazel about Allie. A surprise encounter with an old friend leaves Cody rattled. Lydia gets some bad news.
Stolen Moments
16. Stolen Moments
January 13, 2023
Sophie and Juan share a moment that leaves both of them reeling. Allie makes a new friend just as Bianca returns to the program.
Deep Breaths
15. Deep Breaths
January 6, 2023
Bianca second guesses her decision as Allie deals with the aftermath of her assault. Juan grows more and more nervous about getting caught. Sophie and Michael's relationship is in peril after his latest article.
14. Repercussions
December 30, 2022
In the fall out of the party, Bianca contemplates her future while Sophie worries about her missing brother. Lydia's health begins to improve as Cody learns about Xander's diagnosis.
Second Chances
13. Second Chances
December 23, 2022
Desperate to save Lydia, Juan and Sophie attempt to pull off an impossible task. Bianca finally addresses her feelings for Cody as Allie tries to move on with someone else.
Ep 12
12. Ep 12
December 16, 2022
Summary is not available.
Best Laid Plans
11. Best Laid Plans
December 9, 2022
With Lydia's health continuing to decline, Juan takes matters into his own hands. Allie's negativity finally pushes Bianca over the edge. Cody gets some sage advice from a familiar face.
Secrets & Confessions
10. Secrets & Confessions
December 2, 2022
Sophie confronts Michael about their kiss. Allie tells Bianca that she's forgiven her for their fight. Lydia's fears over her condition leave Juan desperate for solutions.
Desperate Measures
9. Desperate Measures
November 25, 2022
Desperate for a way to help Lydia, Juan and Sophie go to Dr. Anderson about a potential life-saving treatment. Bianca's efforts to keep Allie happy push her further away from Cody.
8. Fallout
November 18, 2022
Lydia's condition continues to worsen, scaring Juan. Bianca and Sophie team up to honor Garrett's memory, but Allie's disinterest in her friend's sadness pushes Bianca to her limit.
7. Perspective
November 11, 2022
Sophie and Bianca are paired together to take care of a patient as they continue to deal with personal dilemmas. Lydia continues to hide the truth about her health from Juan. Cody has his hearing for his vandalism case.
Wrong Person, Wrong Time
6. Wrong Person, Wrong Time
November 4, 2022
Juan scrambles to find a date for the upcoming hospital fundraiser, and Lydia comes to his rescue. Cody gets Bianca a thoughtful gift.
Mom Jr.
5. Mom Jr.
October 28, 2022
Sophie takes on her first day as teen volunteer at Attaway General. She vows to keep Lydia's illness a secret. Juan attempts to make amends with Cody. Dr. Anderson confronts Bianca about going to Ruth's dorm.
4. Confidante
October 21, 2022
Sophie accompanies Lydia to Attaway General for treatment. When Bianca finds pregnant patient Ruth has left the hospital, she goes looking for answers. Allie and Cody go on a date.
Fresh Start
3. Fresh Start
October 14, 2022
Sophie and Juan make amends after he apologizes for his behavior. Michael asks Sophie for an interview. Allie continues her pursuit of Cody. Bianca makes attempts to connect with Ruth.
Friend in Need
2. Friend in Need
October 7, 2022
Sophie pays Lydia a visit at the hospital and has an unpleasant run-in with Juan. Dr. Anderson assigns Bianca to a patient named Ruth. Allie hides an irrational fear from Cody.
1. Hero
September 30, 2022
Sophie Anderson becomes an unlikely hero on her first day at Attaway High.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 20, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    1.0  (2,732)