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Australia's Most Dangerous Full Episode Guide

  • Australia's Most Dangerous is shaping into an incredibly intimidating list. But a run-in with an unlikely threat this episode can have devastating consequences as this animal buzzes into the top ten!

  • Tearing talons, razor-sharp teeth, piercing fangs and toxic tentacles. this mixed-bag of dangerous animals have immense pain well and truly covered.

  • Australia's Most Dangerous 'State of Play' is holding tight. Will the playful sea lion, toxic stonefish or furry fruit bat get much of a look in?

  • The jaws of an ancient beast, the fangs of a rare reptile and the poisonous spines at the end of a fishing line. which dangerous animal will bite their way to the top of the class?

  • The countdown is on. with more beasts to come all vying for the chance to make the grade a family of venomous reptiles look sure to slither their way to the top.

  • Burrowing creepy crawlies, tusked feral boars and the gnashing jaws of the greatest underwater threat. Fear and loathing in Australia.

  • From the tiniest to the slimiest, these animals all pack a potent punch. Getting up close and personal is a dangerous game to play.

  • Danger lurks all around as animals draw blood by biting, stinging and tearing.

  • From urban swooping to ocean swimming to the outback bounding and even the extinct, one must expect the unexpected from this dangerous bunch.

  • The miniscule itchy grub, the unique platypus and the mammoth water buffalo each bring pain.

  • Is it the fear of the Irukandji Jellyfish, the small size of the Blue Ringed Octopus, or the elusiveness of the world’s most toxic snake, the Inland Taipan? What lurks beneath the water’s surface will have you fighting for your life.

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