Bank of Hollywood

When people are in need of serious money they go to a bank and take out a loan. This reality show features a panel of celebrities that act as a bank. Contestants must appeal to the celebs in the hopes that they will award them the money that they want or need.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on E!
1 Season, 8 Episodes
December 14, 2009
Game Show
Cast: Bryan Callen, Sean Patterson, Vanessa Rousso, Candy Spelling
Bank of Hollywood

Bank of Hollywood Full Episode Guide

  • A Harley man asks the panel for money, a soap actress is impressed with a soap actor, and a grandma lifts weights.

  • On this episode of Bank of Hollywood the panel is approached with a Paris Hilton impersonator and gay couple that wants kids.

  • A woman looks to have her tattoos removed; an all-female football team; and a man who lives in a treehouse in his parents' backyard.

  • The celebrity panel is asked to give money to an aspiring beauty queen, singing sisters who cook soul food and a yogi.

  • On this episode of Band of Hollywood, hopefuls include a group of extreme dancers, a woman who wants a car without even passing her driving test, and a determined mom of 50 kids.

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