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  • TV-MA
  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 6.2  (321)

Barbershop: The Series is shown on ShowTime. It stars Omar Gooding, Anna Brown, Wes Chatham, and many other well-known actors. The movie continues on the story found from the movie Barbershop 1 and 2. The show follows the life of Calvin and the fun South Side Chicago Barbershop. Learn about how Calvin lives through his life impressing the babes, as he goes through a daily work dose with his oddball employees and exciting customers who make their way down to his barbershop.

Calvin deals with a scary and oftentimes demanding family. They force him into being a man, and he sometimes struggles in trying to keep his sanity. His fellow friends at the barbershop and the crew tend to be opinionated towards him, causing him to lose confidence in himself at times on accident. He feels nervous, scared, and oftentimes lost in the world.

He deals with a lot of stress on a daily basis because of his annoying family that demand something out of him as much as possible. His crew and funny customers can make him get worried because of a lack of not knowing how to care for his customers the way others can. He loses most of his calmness when most of his crew don't stop teasing and being rude to him. The entire day is usually just full of tiredness and a bored lifestyle. He knows that he must begin looking at life differently before he can ever live a good life. Barbershop: The Series brings you in deeply into the life of Calvin; his daily routine, his family, his crew, and all the different things that happen are all shown.

You will find that this show has a couple of differences from the movie, so it isn't exactly the same thing with the same people. There are plenty of people in the story that come in to add an extra laugh into the scene. The storyline and the original plot from the film, however, are still brought together.

Watch as Calvin deals with stress on a daily basis to please each person around him from his parents. The world is not exactly good to him all day long, but he does try to live a normal life.

Barbershop: The Series
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Crimes of the Heart
10. Crimes of the Heart
October 16, 2005
Isaac and Terri finally consummate their relationship; Calvin is concerned he will lose the shop once Romadal jumps bail; Yinka learns that Vivian is a not-so-innocent victim; Jimmy seeks Eddie's endorsement.
The Politics of Money
9. The Politics of Money
October 9, 2005
Issac is fired from the barbershop when his ego gets too big. Meanwhile Jimmy tries to raise funds for his campaign and Calvin tries to get Romadal out of jail.
Debates and Dead People
8. Debates and Dead People
October 2, 2005
Calvin decides to get away from the barbershop with a sneaky excuse to say to the others that he has family emergencies with his other family that his father was also around and raised with. Calvin suspects that his father's second wife might be making him feel uncomfortable with the way she reminisces about him and thinking that Calvin is his father. Yink falls in love with a Nigerian female who is actually married to a Nigerian man whom is treating her very unfair. Eddie tries to spend time with Clair and actually their relationship is at a rush. Ramoul and Terri decide to help make the barbershop get their supplies back by getting two debate rappers named Jermajsty and Toyota, Ramoul assaults them but is later arrested. Issac decides to move out of the barbershop to do his own barbershop for a popular celebrity. And Jimmy runs over another guy who later accidentally passes away but his wife won't take him off the debate.
Family Business
7. Family Business
September 25, 2005
Jen and Dana encounter problems developing their urban bed-and-breakfast on Chicago's South Side; Calvin spends time with his other family while neglecting the barbershop; Malcolm drops the lawsuit when Romadal attacks him.
A Black Man Invented the Stop Light
6. A Black Man Invented the Stop Light
September 18, 2005
Calvin forces Terri and Yinka to go to drug rehab; Calvin confronts his mother and brother about keeping his father's second family a secret; Jimmy meets his new running opponent.
What's Good for the Cos
5. What's Good for the Cos
September 11, 2005
After putting up surveillance cameras in the barbershop, Calvin discovers his employees' drug habits; Jen feels marginalized because Calvin makes more money than she does.
Whose P**sy Is That?
4. Whose P**sy Is That?
September 4, 2005
Jen competes with her sister, Jan, in finding the perfect gift for Calvin's birthday; Yinka tries new dirty talk on Jen's gynecologist; Jimmy decides to run for office; Claire reveals a stunning secret to Eddie.
Madonna Is a Ho
3. Madonna Is a Ho
August 28, 2005
To make things become even worser, Calvin and Jen have decided to actually work with a couple who express their real feelings but not as a pleasing manner as known; Michael adn Terri's relationship isn't really a good on the roll moment and so the two breakup for good. And Eddie get's his hots with woman from the bar named Claire (Sherly Lee Ralph)
N**ger Lovers
2. N**ger Lovers
August 21, 2005
"Niggaz," an urban fashion chain store owned by African Americas but managed by Asians, moves into the neighborhood, much to the consternation of many people.
Get Your Hand Out of My Womb
1. Get Your Hand Out of My Womb
August 14, 2005
To get things started on the very first episode of the hilarious series, calvin hires a cousin of him wife for him to get into a job life, Yinka get's help from Calvin on dirty talking and sexual love affairs. Terri is getting issues from other people that her temper is the main problem why people don't want to be with her or that she acts all weird.
  • Premiere Date
    August 14, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (321)