Barney: Imagination Island

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Everyone's favorite purple dinosaur teaches children about imagination and sharing in a full length feature. Barney and his friends Tosha, Min, Baby Bop, and B.J sail to Imagination Island but find themselves stranded after a storm shipwrecks them. The friends search the island for help and find a toymaker named Professor Tinkerputt who is living alone on the island because he doesn't like to share his wonderful creations. Now Barney and his friends must teach him the power of sharing so they can return home.

1 Season, 1 Episode
April 24, 1994
Kids & Family
Barney: Imagination Island

Barney: Imagination Island Full Episode Guide

  • Barney and his friends Derek, Shawn, Min and Tasha sail off to Imagination Island. But when they arrive, they crash-land on top of a clump of palm trees. Luckily, they meet Professor Tinkerputt, who helps them figure out how to get the ship out of the trees. Meanwhile, the kids teach the professor that sharing his toys makes life better.