BBQ Crawl

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The BBQ Crawl follows a former world champion competitor, Diva Q, as she goes up against chefs all over the country. Her real name is Danielle Dimovski. During the show, Diva Q lives, writes about, interviews, and eats BBQ. Featured on the Travel Channel, she broadcasts from locations famous for their barbecue such as; Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, The Carolinas, and Kansas City.

Tuesday 9:30 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
3 Seasons, 31 Episodes
July 3, 2013
Cast: Danielle Bennett
BBQ Crawl

BBQ Crawl Full Episode Guide

  • Danielle and her buddy Chad Ward, pitmaster of Whiskey Bend BBQ in Florida, are in search of a good time, and they find it in Greenville, South Carolina. To start off the day, they visit the Blue Ridge Brewery for BBQ and a beer pairing.

  • Danielle stops in Raleigh, North Carolina, to visit her friend and RV builder George Campeau. Before they crawl their way through town, George installs a couple of new bells and whistles on her trailer to help her out at the next competition.

  • While on the road from Baltimore to Washington DC, Danielle explores four completely different styles of 'cue. First up is Chaps Pit Beef, a Baltimore staple.

  • Danielle and her friend Sean head to New Jersey so see what the Garden State has to offer. First stop, Legal Beans BBQ in Jersey City- known for their Filipino "Cebu" style BBQ, a whole pig roasted on a spit over hot coals.

  • Danielle heads north to Salt Lake City, Utah, to explore the emerging BBQ scene firsthand. First stop, Smokin' Bones BBQ, a family-owned restaurant that serves up brisket pizza cooked in a giant bull's head-shaped oven.

  • Danielle hits Route 66 for juicy tri-tip covered in swiss cheese, then hangs out with a captain on the Colorado River. It's competition time! She competes in The Smoke on the Water BBQ Contest for prizes worth $100,000.

  • Danielle hits the BBQ pit in Oceanside, CA, for smoky tri-tip, then tries a crusty brisket that's life-altering. Games anyone? She then visits the state fair to try a 3-pound bacon-wrapped turkey leg and bites into a $70 porterhouse.

  • Danielle is up against 150 of the world's grand BBQ champions at the American Royal BBQ competition. With a storm coming and 13 BBQ categories to turn in, Danielle turns up the heat for the judges.

  • Danielle arrives at the American Royal Invitational contest in Kansas City Missouri. She kicks off her time there at The Golden Ox, the oldest steakhouse in Kansas City. Next, Danielle heads to Woodyard BBQ where she grabs a beer and a seat on their patio while chowing down on Pecan Smoked Salmon and some burnt end chili. Team Diva Q arrives and they head to Plowboys BBQ. They serve 'competition style' BBQ meaning that they inject the meats with flavour and use similar cuts of meat. Danielle and the team load up on everything. It's fuel for the upcoming competition!

  • Danielle hits up JB's Smokehouse, the only BBQ joint on Johns Island, SC. She chows down on their smoked ribs AND their 32 side dishes! Next, Danielle visits Sweatman's Bar-B-Que, a place that cooks the whole hog.

  • Danielle crosses Georgia to the Oink Joint. They have a rep for their HUGE sandwich creations and Danielle tries one called The Fat Boy.... It lives up to its name. Then, it's off to sunny Saint Simons Island for some fishing!

  • Danielle visits Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse, a backwoods BBQ joint. They serve up hand cut steaks, and something different...smoked tofu. They also pair their BBQ with wine! Danielle does all of the above AND dessert.

  • In New Orleans, Danielle tries Boudin balls, pork belly and blackened shrimp and grits.

  • Danielle participates in the Oklahoma Sauce, Smokers and Cherokee Strip Cookoff.

  • A visit to Kansas and Oklahoma includes a stop at an unusual drive-through in Wichita.

  • Danielle visits Kansas, where she samples bison burgers in downtown Wichita.

  • A visit to Lockhart, Texas, includes stops at Smitty's Market and Kreuz Market.

  • Danielle's visit to Tennessee includes stops at Helen's BBQ, the Pie Folks, Central BBQ and the Bar-B-Q Shop.

  • Danielle heads to Nashville in the Season 2 premiere. Included: Jack's BBQ; Pegleg Porker; and the Music City BBQ Festival.