Best Hawaiian Surfing

The television series Best Hawaiian Surfing takes a look at some of the best beaches for surfing in Hawaii. The viewer will get to see the beach and the waves. They will also get to see a professional surfer take on the waves.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
June 11, 2005
Best Hawaiian Surfing

Best Hawaiian Surfing Full Episode Guide

  • The Monster Energy Pipeline Pro is a WQS event attracting many surfers.

  • The first contest of the 2007 winter season is The Xcel Pro.

  • See surfing memorabilia in the Quiksilver Vintage Surf Auction.

  • The 2007 Monster Energy Pipeline Pro attracted an all-star lineup of surfers.

  • 2006 Xcel Pro kicks off the big wave season from Sunset Beach on the North Shore in Hawaii.

  • Billabong Pro Maui.

  • The seventh stop on the women's world championship tour and the second stop of the vans triple crown of surfing is hosted at Sunset Beach Hawaii.

  • An all-star lineup of surfers from around the world show for the 2006 Monster Energy Pipeline Pro.

  • The 2005 XCEL Pro presented by No Fear promises to be one of the most exciting events.

  • The "Eddie" competition.

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