Best of Pranks

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Best of Pranks follows two particularly cheeky jokers as they shock and awe unknowing bystanders. Beyond the normal whoopee cushion and fake reptiles, these jokers get creative. Their unique outlook on humor and creativity keep the audience the audience entertained, while making sure that their victims always walk away with a smile and a little laughter.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
April 8, 2014
Best of Pranks

Best of Pranks Full Episode Guide

  • Greg takes a "homeless man" downtown to hand out money to random businessmen, hits unsuspecting people in the face with a microphone during an interview, and dances behind strangers on a cruise ship without them knowing it.

  • Greg Benson toys with random people on Chat Roulette, crashes strangers' cell phone conversations, and casually chats with strangers while throwing in the word "˜penis.'

  • Greg Benson hits the streets talking on an invisible phone, complimenting strangers for no reason, asking people if they have a problem, and offering to give strangers "deluxe hugs" for $2 right next to the "Free Hugs" guy.

  • Prankster Greg Benson along with his friends take turns approaching store employees and reading ridiculous shopping lists they've written for each other consisting of outrageous, nonsensical items. Can they hold it together without laughing?