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  • TV-PG
  • 2009
  • 5 Seasons
  • 3.2  (723)

Destroy Build Destroy was a fast-paced, action-packed reality show that aired on Cartoon Network from 2009 to 2011. The show was hosted by Nathalie Neurath, with Andrew W.K. serving as the show's resident rockstar and Martin Woods as its explosive expert. The show comprised of two teams, each with three members, which were tasked with destroying a large object, like a car, and then using the debris to build something new.

The format of the show was simple yet effective. The two teams were given an item to destroy and then immediately set about dismantling it using explosives, sledgehammers, and other tools. The winning team then had the advantage of picking first from the debris to use in the build round. The build round was done under time pressure, and the teams had to construct their creation within a limited time. Once the time was up, the judges would evaluate the finished product, awarding points based on creativity, design, and functionality. The team with the most points would emerge victorious and go on to the grand finale.

The challenges varied from episode to episode, ranging from building a bridge to cross a pit of water, constructing a giant slingshot, or even building a racecar. The creative freedom given to the teams was impressive, and the diverse materials available to them allowed them to come up with some truly unique designs. The show's explosive expert, Martin Woods, was always on hand to offer tips on how to get the most out of the explosives, whether it be timing or placement.

The show wasn't just about destruction and building, however. It had an educational component as well, with segments on physics, chemistry, and engineering. Each episode explored real-world concepts related to the challenge at hand, providing viewers with a glimpse into the scientific principles behind the show's projects. This made the show not only entertaining but educational as well, encouraging young viewers to explore their interests in science and technology.

One of the show's most memorable aspects was its host, Nathalie Neurath. Her enthusiasm and energy were infectious, and she had a natural rapport with the contestants. Her engaging personality made the show fun to watch, and she was always on hand to offer advice and encouragement to the teams.

Another standout feature of the show was the involvement of Andrew W.K. As the show's resident rockstar, he brought a level of excitement and energy to the proceedings that was hard to match. He was always on hand to cheer on the teams, pump up the audience, and even lend a hand during the build round. His infectious spirit was a perfect match for the show's high-energy vibe.

Overall, Destroy Build Destroy was an entertaining and educational show that combined elements of science, engineering, and fun. Its captivating format, engaging personalities, and explosive challenges made it a hit with viewers of all ages. And while the show may no longer be on the air, its legacy lives on, inspiring young minds to explore the fascinating world of science and engineering.

Destroy Build Destroy
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  • Premiere Date
    June 20, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    3.2  (723)