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Tripp Campbell is a fifteen year old teen living in the L.A. area. Tripp dreams of becoming part of his favored retro band: known as Iron Weasel. Tripp wins a radio contest to have dinner with his favored band. His dreams finally come into focus. Tripp impresses the band with his guitar-playing skill. He is hired as the role of the band

I'm In The Band is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on May 21, 2010.

I'm In The Band is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch I'm In The Band on demand atiTunes online.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Disney XD
2 Seasons, 41 Episodes
May 21, 2010
Cast: Steve Valentine, Logan Miller, Stephen Full, Greg Baker, Reginald VelJohnson
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I'm In The Band Full Episode Guide

  • Tripp's archaeologist dad visits and must rescue Ash from a thief who is holding him hostage for a priceless artifact.

  • The guys prove they are still edgy rockers when a magazine article claims they have gone soft. As part of their plan, they create an Iron Weasel cover band called Mini Weasel.

  • When he discovers the Weasels having a toxic waste fight at school, Principal Jenkins claims they are terrible influences on Tripp. Horrified that Beth left the rockers to look after her son, Jenkins sends a social services rep to investigate.

  • Derek, Burger and Ash head to high school to get their diplomas.

  • Metalwolf, still seeking revenge for Iron Weasel stealing the Super Bowl halftime show, announces that they are playing the upcoming school dance instead of Iron Weasel. The only way to settle this is to have a Pain Olympics.

  • It's annual prank week so the guys pull their best pranks on each other.

  • Izzy runs for student body president and schemes to get his competition disqualified.

  • Derek leaves the band so that he can try out acting but the guys won't let him go that easy.

  • Tripp attempts to teach the boys a valuable lesson about spending their advance. The lesson backfires when their producer's son, Charles, gets involved and takes the balance of their advance.

  • Beth completes her renovations on the house and leaves for a much needed vacation. While away, the band transforms her place into a rock star's playground and is featured on the show "Yo, Check My House."

  • The band is staying with Simon Craig but find themselves babysitting his son Chucky, who goes missing.

  • Beth kicks the band out of the house after they burn it down during a house party. However, learning the boys didn't start the fire, she apologizes and begs them to move back in.

  • Iron Weasel must write a new song for their record producer, Simon Craig, while watching his son, Charles, who claims to be their number one fan. The guys become suspicious of Charles' self-proclaimed good behavior.

  • The band holds a Rocky Fantasy Camp for kids to make their dreams of becoming rock stars a reality. The guys make a deal with superstar Eddie Nova to transform his son, Junior, a quiet, classic cellist, into a rock star, in exchange for being the opening act in Eddie's next tour.

  • Tripp and the band try to persuade Simon Craig to take them on as clients.

  • Tripp, Derek, Ash, and Burger create an Iron Weasel video game.

  • Tripp leaves Iron Weasel in order to join their arch-rival band "Metal-Wolf". So Derek, Ash, and Burger try to lure him back into their band with help from Jerry Rice.

  • The guys get their own reality series and the ratings are extremely low so they come up with a plan to get the ratings up. However the plan backfires.

  • The guys go on a popular Japanese Music show but things might fall through when Tripp gets sent to detention the same day as their appearance.

  • Unlike Tripp, Beth and Izzy are excited for the upcoming Career Day.

  • Izzy's dreams come true when one of the band members looses their voice and she fills in.

  • Cole and Dylan Sprouse from "The Suite Life On Deck" guest star on an episode of "I'm In The Band". Iron Weasel get to preform on the S.S. Tipton.

  • Annoyed that everyone is going on tour, Tripp books tour dates for Iron Weasel.

  • Tripp wants his girlfriend Lana to be less materialistic, but the other band members want her to remain materialistic when they learn of a chance to make money playing at her sweet sixteen party.

  • After the band humiliates Tripp at school with a prank, he vows he'll get even.

  • Iron Weasel needs to get to a huge concert but everything goes wrong.

  • When Tripp wrecks Derek's motorcycle, Derek's outburst jeopardizes Iron Weasel's chance of getting their old manager back.

  • Tripp gets the band some more exposure, but it turns out to be a role in a horror movie.

  • When a charitable publicity stunt goes wrong, Iron Weasel ends up doing community service.

  • It's Tripp's birthday, but things get crazy when his mom and Iron Weasel both throw him a party on the same day.

  • Iron Weasel enters a televised rock off in order to "out rock" the reigning champions.

  • Iron Weasel and Tripp decide to film a music video. However, things get out of hand when they choose Tripp's school as the place to film it at.

  • When Tripp finds out that Arelene, an annoying classmate, has a record producer for a father, he takes her out on a date in order to help out the band. However, a new Iron Weasel demo called "Annoying Arlene" accidentally falls into her hands. It's now up to the guys to get the CD back before anyone hears it.

  • A problem arises for Iron Weasel when their new move is uploaded on video by Tripp which compromises Iron Weasel's reputation.

  • Tripp gets dumped by Lana so he writes "I Wanna Punch Stuff." Meanwhile, Tripp surprises his band mates with a visit from professional mixed martial arts fighter and former roadie, Ernesto the Besto, who unbeknownst to Tripp, has a bone to pick with Iron Weasel.

  • When Tripp Campbell wins a radio contest to meet his favorite band, Iron Weasel, he lands a spot as their new guitar player. Unfortunately, things take an unexpected turn when the band moves into Tripp's house.