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Higgly Town Heroes is an animated children's series about a group of children exploring the world around them. Through their adventures the children meet various heroes such as the Pizza Guy, police officers, doctors, teachers, and more. These are the people who make life run smoothly and fulfill needs for others. The show originally aired on Disney as part of the Playhouse Disney series, but later became part of the Disney Junior Channel which is geared toward younger children. Children ages 0-7 will likely enjoy the colorful atmosphere, the silly characters, and the catchy music.

Toward the beginning of each show the children are faced with a problem and sing a song about how to address the issue and look for a Higgly Town Hero to help them. Once they discover who that helper is another song explains the role that helper plays in the community. Both of these songs are set to the same melody but the lyrics change slightly from show to show to reflect what the characters have learned.

The characters in Higgly Town resemble nesting dolls and each has a unique personality. The main characters are Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, and Kip. The show includes a mixture of various races and represents both genders. In each episode the children brainstorm possible scenarios and Twinkle almost always creates something outlandish. But luckily, the children have a squirrel named Fran who is very intelligent and can usually redirect the children to successfully solve the problem. Pizza Guy is another popular character who frequently makes an appearance most likely for his comical antics.

Throughout the show children will learn about a specific person's role in the community. Children will learn why people have specialized jobs and what they do for others. The show places an emphasis on how each role is unique, but very needed in order for life to run smoothly enabling children to see how almost everyone can be a hero.

Higglytown Heroes is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 2004.

Higglytown Heroes is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Higglytown Heroes on demand atHulu, FuboTV, DisneyNOW, Sling, iTunes, Disney Junior online.

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes
September 12, 2004
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Frankie Ryan Manriquez, Liliana Mumy, Rory Thost, Edie McClurg
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Higglytown Heroes Full Episode Guide

  • Wayne's Toasty Invention: Wayne invents a new lunch recipe. Spell it Safe: Kip and his class go to see his big sisters, Wiki and Tini, in a spelling bee at the big kids school.

  • 'Tis the Season to Be Snowy: Pizza Guy invites all of his Higgly pals to spend Christmas at his log cabin but he doesn't have a chimney. How will Santa deliver their presents? Bingo Bongos: Fran is asked to play bongos with a famous rock band.

  • Little Big Fish: Mellie and Zooter take the kids to the Higgissippi River for a day of fishing. Good Sports: Fran brings something new for the kids to play with: colored chalk!

  • Happy Flappy Birthday: Eubie is visiting Grandpop Crink's farm when he realizes that he's missing his bird's birthday. The Cuckoo County Caw-Caw Contest: Grandpop Crink needs to teach Mrs. Cluck songs so they can enter the county contest!

  • When a big storm threatens Wayne's birthday party, things go from bad to worse when Pizza guy's new "pizza pellets" are spilled and the tiny pellets swell into large blobs of dough.

  • Canyon Capers: The gang goes on a trip to the great Higgly Canyon to see the salt and pepper Higgly bats. High-Country Hiccups: On a ski trip with Kip's family, Wayne gets a bad case of the hiccups which causes a giant snowball to block the ski trail.

  • Fripp's Flip-Flap Flop: Kip invites his friends over for a yummy breakfast! Say Cheese: While helping Twinkle clean out old newpapers from Fluffy's cage, Kip sees a picture of the coolest robot cowboy ever made!

  • Choo Choo Zucchini: Only Freight Train Conductor can help the Higgly kids move their enormous squash to the county fair. Something Ducky Going On: Kip's grandparent's polka-dotted house is scaring the ducks!

  • Wing-A-Ding Whirly Box: Wayne gets a Lunchcopter 3000 - a remote control whirlybird that doubles as a lunchbox! Windy Watchers: At Higgly Harbor high winds whip the waves into a frenzy and blow Pizza Guy and his boat out to sea!

  • X Marks the Spot: After finding a map in Kip's attic, the kids are on the hot trail of a hidden treasure somewhere in Higglytown. Eubie's View: A big pile of dirt in the distance blocks the view of the sunset from Eubie's yard.

  • Wayne's Cycle Recycle: The Higgly kids volunteer to take a box of newspapers to the recycling center. Wayne's Wet Pet: Wayne has trouble getting water for his pet turtle.

  • Buki-Buki Boo-Boo: All of Eubie's pet birds escape after a visiting Buki-Buki bird crashes through the roof. Signs of Spring: Twinkle is gathering inspiration from the Higglytown citizens in order to write a poem for the town poetry share.

  • Easy to Get Sneezy: Twinkle's adorable new bunny, Fluffy, makes her sneeze. Unlock the Magic: The kids convince Pizza Guy to put on a magic show for the whole neighborhood.

  • Pink Elephants In the Mist: The Higgly Kids are having a White Elephant sale at school to raise money for Janitor Jay's retirement present! Higglies on Horseback: The kids go to Grandpop Crink's farm for a horseback ride.

  • Saturday Night Higgly: Fripp is practicing for a dance contest when Kip scratches his CD, leaving him without music. Monster Sandwiches: The kids are off to Monster Museum to find out how to make a Super Colossal Monster sandwich.

  • 12-Pie Abe: Pizza guy and kids are on their way to help 12-pie Abe break his pizza juggling record. The Day the Diner Stood Still: The kids must lure customers back to Uncle Lemmo's diner after a rumor is started that the diner is crawling with aliens.

  • Shuffleboard Buddies: Zooter and Mellie teach the kids how to play shuffleboard in preparation for a cruise they're all taking. All Mapped Out: The kids want to know how Pizza Guy finds his way around to so many places when he's delivering pizza.

  • Hats All Folks: The Higgly Kids go to Higgly Biggly City to help Plunkie at her Hat shop! Hop-Hop Hooray: The Higgly kids play "Fetch the Frog" with a mechanical toy called Hopper until something goes wrong with Hopper.

  • Happy Campers: After having a fun-packed day at a Camp Higawatha, the kids want to keep the fun going by starting their own summer camp! All Washed Out: Plans for a Higgly school concert are dampened when the kids discover their music room is flooded.

  • A Hoppin' Poppin' Problem: The Higgly kids look for the perfect hoppin' poppin' pepper to make Pizza Guy's special pizza. / Hay Hay Hay: While loading and delivering hay bales to Farmer Lulu the kids learn about hay.

  • Wayne's Day to Shine: Miss Fern casts the kids in the school play. / Wayne Listens Up: Wayne has trouble hearing after he is hit by a wave at the beach.

  • Frozen Fish Follies: A team of sled dogs rescue the Higgly kids and the pizza guy. / Look Who's Squawking: Animal Control help get a group of penguins home.

  • Calling All Cars!: The kids build their own car. / Amazing Museum: A day of art appreciation at the Higglytown Museum of Art.

  • Shear Luck: Grandma helps the kids knit the longest scarf ever. / Big Night Out: The kids parents get to go to a musical with the tickets that the kids won.

  • Kip's Rocket Rescue: The kids try to find an old rocket that they launched. / Let's Get Moving: The kids go through Kip's GrandPa-Pa's old boxes while he's getting ready to move.

  • Corn to be Wild: A boulder blocks the way for them to get home after helping GrandPop Crink with the corn harvest. / Overnight Moose: The kids get to see the Magnificent Moose Monument with Uncle Lemmo.

  • The kids are invited by Uncle Zeke to Higgly Island for an fun vacation.

  • Eubie's Big Boat Float: Everyone makes their very own water craft to sail down the Higgissippi River. / A Slippery Situation: Kip slips and falls while the kids are playing games under a sprinkler.

  • The kids hear Fripp's story about the mysterious Higgsquatch.

  • Wayne's Big Big Discovery: Wayne finds a mysterious big white item in the ground. / Dirigible Day: Uncle Zeke can't land his little red plane with so many colorful balloons in the sky.

  • Don't Wayne on My Parade: Pizza Guy take the kids to a building so they can see the parade. / Twinkle's Terrific Twirl: The Ice Resurfacer fixes the ice so Twinkle can practice her "Terrific Twirler".

  • Me and My Shadow: Shadow the dog learns about manners. Out to Sea: Captain Steve and his crew bring the Higgly Kids on a seafaring adventure.

  • The Astronaut helps when Fran gets shot into space with an Earth capsule.

  • Ballon-a-Palooza: The Mountain Rescue Squad saves the day when they're stranded after their hot air balloon pops. / Wayne's Day Out: The Higgly Police help Wayne find his friends and save the day.

  • Cry Baby Pookie: The Pediatrician helps baby Pookie when she's teething and saves the day so she can enjoy her 1st birthday. / Wait for Me: The Waiter tells them about the food at the new restaurant.

  • A Valentine for Miss Fern: Fran gets the engagement ring out of the tree and saves the day. / The Totally Secret Valentine: The Higglytown Detective help the kids find out who gave them the special Valentines.

  • All Warm Inside: The Furnace Repairman saves the day and fixes the heater. The Environmentalist helps to clean the ducks at the lake and saves the day..

  • Kip Gets Swing Fever: The Tree Trimmer saves the day by triming heavy branches and attaching a cable so the kids can swing on the tree. / Wayne's Pieces of Gold: The Banker teaches Wayne how to save his money.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Fish: The Sub Captain helps the kids find Twinkle's bathing cap. / All the Wrong Moves: The Dance Instructor teaches Eubie how to dance.

  • Soup With Stars: The Grocery Clerk shows the kids where to find the noodle stars that they need for the soup they're making. / The Happy Friendly Sparkly Toast Club: The Carpenter helps the kids build a really cool club house.

  • Higgly Frog Day: The Street Sweeper clears a path for the frogs and saves the day. / Eubie's Ele-Fantastic Adventure: The Zoo Keeper gets the pictures the kids drew for the elephant out of the orangutan enclosure and saves the day.

  • Kip's Dad Gets a Strike: The Truck Driver delivers balls to the shop so Bitty and the kids can buy a new X-57 bowling ball for Fripp. / A Really Hot Day: The Lifeguard keeps the kids safe while they play in the water.

  • Kip's Sweet Tooth: The Dentist helps Kip when is mouth is in pain and saves the day. / Wayne's Lollipop: The Barber saves the day by cutting the lollipop out of Wayne's hair.

  • Higglytown Hoedown: The Cowboy moves the cow that is blocking the road and saves the day. / Eubie's Turbo Sled: The Snowplow Driver clears the road so Fripp can go sell his hot dogs.

  • Twinkle's Favorite Author: The Crane Operator helps lift the huge pizza that fell on the library and saves the day. / Lemmo and Gloria are arguing about what color to paint the fence the Judge helps to settle the dispute and they decide to paint half the fence yellow and half the fence purple, which makes them both happy.

  • Kip Joins the Circus: The Firefighters save the day when they put out the fire at the funhouse where they're having a circus and then move the circus to the firehouse. / The Ambulance Driver helps Mrs. Barber when she's ready to have her baby.

  • Fran Takes a Hike: The Forest Ranger guides the kids after they don't know where to go in Higgly Forest. / The Detective helps the kids discover what the mysterious thumping noise is.

  • Bright Sights, Big City: The Taxi Cab Driver saves the day by bringing the the kids to see the Happy Hairy Higgly Monsters Live! On stage. / Kip's Shadow: Kip becomes friends with a stray dog named Shadow and gets to adopt him after he agrees to feed it, take care of it and walk the dog.

  • Patty Cake: The Baker saves the day when they realize they don't have any bread for lunch. / Havin' a Ball: The Sports Coach teaches the kids about teamwork so they can have fun while playing Higglyball.

  • Wayne's Good Guess: The Teacher teaches kids how to guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar. / Wayne's 100 Special Somethings: Wayne brings his Great Aunt Shirley who just turned 100 years old to Miss Fern's "100 Days" show and tell.

  • Say What?: The Translator helps Juanita and the Higgly kids talk to each other. / Higgly Harmonies: The Orchestra Conductor teaches the Higgly kids how to play musical instruments together.

  • Wayne's Ripping Adventure: The Tailor fixes Wayne's pants and saves the day. / Meet Eubie's Cousin: The Playground Monitor helps Jax down the slide and saves the day.

  • Twinkle's Masterpiece: The Seeing-Eye Dog helps to get Twinkles art back to her. / The Egg-cellent Adventure: Granpop Crink the Egg Farmer saves the day when he brings eggs to the Higglytown Diner.

  • An elf of Santa's named Pix grants Twinkles wish of being an elf so she could wrap presents.

  • Catch Up With Ketchup: The Bus Driver helps take the kids to Fripp's hot dog stand. / Star Struck: The Eye Doctor fixes Wayne's glasses so he can see a falling star while they're camping.

  • First Snow: Kip's grandma saves the day by knitting the Higgly kids warm clothes so they can play outside in the snow. / Snow Dazed: A Police Woman helps the kids when they get lost in the park.

  • All Tire'd Out: The tow truck driver fixes the car tire so they can go to the beach. / Great Un-expectations: The Librarian teaches the kids about caterpillars and how it will turn into a beautiful butterfly.

  • The Police Woman and her dog Jiffy help to find Fripp's hotdog cart. / The Tug Boat Captain helps save Mellie & Zooter's boat "The Rusty Gnome".

  • The Higgly kids are dressed in their Halloween costumes and learn why people carve pumpkins for Halloween.

  • The Weatherperson tells kids about the weather. / The painter teaches the kids that if you mix yellow and blue it turns green.

  • Enter the Operator helps Grandpa-pa when he gets locked in the bathroom. / The Sanitation Worker help clean up Higglytown.

  • A Vet saves the day telling Eubie why Flappy isn't happy. / The Electrician helps the Higgly kids when their power goes out.

  • The Plumber saves the day getting Twinkles tooth from the drain. / The Gardener helps plants live and grow and teaches the kids about plant maintenance.

  • Kip gets stuck in a tree saving Henrietta and the kittens, firefighters come to save Kip. / When Eubie wants to mail a letter to his Grandpop Crink they find out the letter carrier is the hero that delivers mail.