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  • 2014
  • 2 Seasons

The television show Doing America is a show that shows the journey taken by hosts Ben and John as they take a road trip that spans across the United States. It is a show that is designed to show viewers American is small portions at a time. The show is a documentary styled look at landmarks that define specific areas. It is a show that gives someone a look at these areas through the eyes of Ben and John. These hosts explain different areas that they visit and why particular landmarks are important. Some of the areas highlight familiar TV show landmarks.

Doing America
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Death Valley, Part 2
6. Death Valley, Part 2
April 13, 2015
Ben and John wake up in Death Valley after a night of camping, visit Ubehebe Crater, check out the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, experience 110+ degree temps, and reflect on what they learned from their road trip.
Death Valley, Part 1
5. Death Valley, Part 1
April 15, 2015
Ben and John head to Death Valley to go camping, stop in the ghost town of Goldfield, NV, learn about the International Car Forest of the Last Church, and start to feel the effects of being alone in the desert at night.
Ely, Nevada
4. Ely, Nevada
April 13, 2015
Ben Churchill and John Fazio visit Ely, NV where they meet up with an artist.
Reno, Nevada
3. Reno, Nevada
April 13, 2015
Ben Churchill and John Fazio visit Reno, Nevada where they check out the National Automobile Museum, stop by the National Bowling Stadium, learn about the homeless population, and stumble upon The Shoe Tree.
Sacramento, California
2. Sacramento, California
April 13, 2015
Ben Churchill and John Fazio head to the capitol of California, Sacramento, to visit historical Old Sac, check out a sculpture of Kevin Costner, stop by Folsom State Prison, and go to Folsom Lake to see how the drought has affected the area.
San Francisco, California
1. San Francisco, California
April 13, 2015
Ben Churchill and his friend John Fazio pick up where they left off on their last road trip when they head to San Francisco. To interview cat lovers in Dolores Park, visit Pier 39, go to the Fortune Cookie Company, and stop by The Wave Organ.
  • Premiere Date
    February 18, 2014