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  • 2007
  • 1 Season

Best Women's Surfing Ever is a television show produced by Fuel TV that showcases some of the best female surfers in the world as they conquer some of the most challenging waves. The show features a wide range of surfers, from young up-and-comers to seasoned veterans, and highlights their skills, techniques, and individual styles in the water.

The show is divided into several episodes, each of which focuses on a different location or competition. From massive waves in Hawaii to the beach breaks of Southern California, Best Women's Surfing Ever takes viewers on a journey around the world to witness some of the most impressive surfing performances ever captured on film.

One of the unique aspects of Best Women's Surfing Ever is the diversity of surfing styles on display. Some surfers rely on speed and power to execute big turns and airs, while others showcase a more fluid and graceful approach, carving their way across the face of the wave with elegance and finesse. Whether you're a seasoned surfer yourself or just a fan of the sport, there's something for everyone in this show.

In addition to showcasing the surfing performances themselves, Best Women's Surfing Ever also delves into the backstories of some of the featured surfers. Viewers get a glimpse into their training regimens, the sacrifices they make to pursue their passion, and the personal struggles that have shaped their journey as athletes. This adds an emotional depth to the show that is often missing from other sports documentaries.

Perhaps one of the most captivating moments in Best Women's Surfing Ever is watching the surfers take on some of the world's most notorious waves. From the bone-crushing swells of Teahupo'o in Tahiti to the razor-sharp rocks of Mavericks in California, these women fearlessly charge into some of the most treacherous conditions imaginable. Even for non-surfers, it's impossible not to be awe-struck by the sheer power and beauty of the ocean as these athletes navigate its fury.

Of course, not all of the surfing in Best Women's Surfing Ever is done in extreme conditions. There are plenty of moments of playfulness and joy as well, as the surfers catch smaller waves and experiment with new maneuvers. There's a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among the surfers that is infectious, and it's clear that they all share a deep love for the sport.

Overall, Best Women's Surfing Ever is a captivating and inspiring show that celebrates the incredible talent and dedication of some of the world's most gifted female athletes. Whether you're a lifelong surfer or just someone who appreciates a good story, this show is well worth watching. From the stunning cinematography to the heartfelt interviews, it's a true testament to the power of the human spirit and the beauty of the natural world.

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Billabong Pro Maui
12. Billabong Pro Maui
January 22, 2009
The final stop of the 2008 ASP Women's World Tour will determine who takes home the title. Can Stephanie Gilmore win her 2nd straight championship in two years, or will 2004 Champion Sophia Mulanovich realize her dream of a second World Title?
Roxy Pro Sunset
11. Roxy Pro Sunset
January 8, 2009
Returning to the birth place of surfing, the top 17 women surfers battle for this prestigious title. Stop 7 of 8 in the Women's ASP World Tour and stop 2 of 3 for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.
Mancora Peru Classic
10. Mancora Peru Classic
December 4, 2008
"Sofia Mulanovich returns home looking to extend her world championship points lead. At Stop 6 of 8, Sofia is in the lead, but current World Champion Stephanie Gilmore chases from a close second. "
Havaiana's Beachley Classic
9. Havaiana's Beachley Classic
November 13, 2008
2006 will be the inaugural year for the Havaiana's Beachley Classic and 6th stop on this year's tour. Although the northern beaches of Sydney are no stranger to competitive surfing, the WCT girls will get their first crack at them this year. Six-time world champion Layne Beachley is the host for the contest in Manly, Australia.
Beachley Classic
8. Beachley Classic
November 13, 2008
Beachley Classic is the product of Beachley's hard-fought battle to bring an ASP Women's World Tour event back to Sydney and up the ante on prize money awarded to professional female surfers. This event is becoming a classic in the industry, enjoy it's third installment with some of best female surfers.
Billabong Girls Pro Rio
7. Billabong Girls Pro Rio
October 30, 2008
The fourth stop of the ASP Women's world tour brings the top 17 to Rio De Janeiro Brazil for the Billabong Pro Rio. After occuring for two consecutive years in Itacar??, South coastline of Bahia State, this year's Billabong Girls Pro lands in the "Marvelous City", bringing all its charm to Barra da Tijuca beach. Half way though the season Rio will play a perfect back drop for the top 17 to battle it out for the ASP Women's World Tour Title.
Rip Curl Pro Mademoiselle
6. Rip Curl Pro Mademoiselle
October 2, 2008
Stop 3 of 8 for the ASP Women's World Tour takes Southern France by storm. World Champion Stephanie Gilmore finds herself sitting 2nd after two events, behind '07 runner-up, Sofia Mulanovich at the prestigious Hossegor break.
Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, Australia
5. Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, Australia
May 8, 2008
2007 Rookie of the Year and World Champion Stephanie Gilmore looks to defend her title at one of the longest running stops on tour, the world famous Bells Beach, Australia. Also Featuring: Sofia Mulanovich, Layne Beachely, Jessi Miley-Dyer, and more.
Roxy Pro, Gold Coast 2008
4. Roxy Pro, Gold Coast 2008
April 24, 2008
The first stop of the 2008 ASP Women's World tour brings the world's best surfers to the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia to compete at the Roxy Pro. 2007 Tour champion Stephanie Gilmore will strive to protect her crown, as a host of veterans and up-and-comers grapples for vital points early in the tour.
Billabong Pro Brazil
3. Billabong Pro Brazil
January 15, 2007
The world's top female surfers compete in the inaugural Billabong Pro Brazil, part of the women's WCT tour. Layne Beachley, Sofia Mulanovich, and more compete for the top podium spot at this picturesque beachbreak.
Billabong Pro Maui
2. Billabong Pro Maui
March 12, 2007
World Champs Layne Beachley and Chelsea Georgeson battle a hungry Melanie Redman-Carr for the 2006 World Title as Hawaiian sensation Melanie Bartels fights for the coveted Triple Crown of surfing.
Roxy Pro Hawaii
1. Roxy Pro Hawaii
March 5, 2007
"Sunset Beach Hawaii hosts the seventh stop on the women's world champion ship tour and the second stop of the vans triple crown of surfing. Being the second to last stop on tour a fierce title race between six time world champion Layne Beachley, the reigning world champion Chelsea Georgeson, and West Australian Power house Melanie Redman-Carr the girls will be battling it out at the legendary wave to try and secure victory. Standing in the title race competitors' way are the wildcards of the event: Australian phenomenon Stephanie Gilmore and Hawaii's own Melanie Bartels. These two competitor's give us standout performances that shows us the future of women's championship surfing. 2006 marks the first year that the Roxy Pro will be set at the infamous Sunset beach since 2000."
  • Premiere Date
    March 5, 2007