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Some nannies are hired for a family that travels frequently; others are hired to watch the children of a famous politician; then, there are the "Beverly Hills Nannies." This new TV show offers viewers a glimpse of life in the fast lane and living in this famous city.

"Beverly Hills Nannies" is a reality show. It details the life of a nanny. You might find them, taking the children they are in charge of, to Rodeo Drive to enjoy a shopping spree. The nannies will also be seen reading fairy-tales to the youngsters. In some cases the nannies will prepare some delicious food for the family dinner. Then, when the nannies are all together, there are warm relationships that develop. However, there are also nanny feuds.

The show stars Kristin Lancione. She formerly managed a fitness studio where she would often ended up babysitting for the children of her clients. Justin Allen Sylvester is one of the male nannies. He has previously been a babysitter which gave him the desire to become a full-time nanny. Lucy Anne Treadway is another nanny on the show. During one point she was the top choice to be the weekend nanny for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller.

Amanda Averill has also been a nanny. She had a negative experience when she once walked in on the master of the house and his mistress. Scott Cartmill gained some nanny experience in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia where he was born and raised. Amber Valdez, another female nanny on the show, once worked as the nanny for Nick Casavettes.

Shaun Sturz refers to himself as a "manny." He worked as a nanny for six years for Kenny G's family. Maggie Thorne is one of the few cast members who has not been a nanny. She hopes to learn enough so she can enter the profession. Last, but not least, Shayla Quinn had hopes of being a singer; however, she covered babysitting responsibilities for a friend one night, enjoyed the experience, and realized she would like to be a nanny.

"Beverly Hills Nannies" is an introduction into what this lifestyle is all about. The reality cast build on their previous experiences as well as learn new ideas that they choose to use in their 'nanny home.' This reality series is definitely unique.

Beverly Hills Nannies is a Reality series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on July 11, 2012. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 3.7.

Beverly Hills Nannies is available for streaming on the FreeForm website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beverly Hills Nannies on demand at iTunes online.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on FreeForm
1 Season, 10 Episodes
July 11, 2012
Cast: Kristin Lancione, Lucy Treadway, Cindy Margolis, Amber Valdez
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Beverly Hills Nannies Full Episode Guide

  • The nannies and their employers sit down together to discuss the season with host Ross Matthews.

  • The other nannies decide decide to stay out of Kristin and Amber's feud. Kristin fears that the bad blood will hurt her nanny referral business. Meanwhile, Maggie's drinking gets her in trouble with her new bosses.

  • Kristin's war with Amber is dividing the group. Meanwhile, Maggie assumes her second assignment as a nanny; Cindy asks Scott to have the "talk" with her son; and Justin meets Lindsay's estranged spouse.

  • The contention between Amber and Kristin intensifies.

  • Finding a job can be challenging, but finding love can be even harder.

  • Amanda is educated about all the weird new rules of her job with Marika, Kristin checks into starting a nanny agency, and Ari has startling news for Amber.

  • Cindy becomes an instant fan of Scott's. Shayla has the opportunity to replace Lucy as Tricia's nanny, but is too involved in meeting Tricia's sister. Amanda needs a job, but is leery of Marika.

  • The issues Nannies deal with daily from their employers.

  • Amber quickly learns that working for Ari is much more demanding than just being a nanny, especially when she gets the chance to interview Nicki Minaj on the same day as Ari's wedding.

  • In the series premiere, nannies working in Beverly Hills deal with their employers' outrageous demands, including working with personal chefs and ironing designer baby clothes.