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Aimed at preschoolers, Big & Small is a children's comedy that also aims to provide an important learning opportunity for the children watching. The show revolves around the lives of a group of puppets living together in a house, during each episode a conflict occurs between the puppets, which must be resolved by working together and providing forgiveness.

2 Seasons, 35 Episodes
January 1, 2008
Kids & Family
Cast: Jamie Shannon, Todd Doldersum, Jason Hopley, Lenny Henry
Big & Small

Big & Small Full Episode Guide

  • Big beats Small at a board game called 'The Happy Camper'. Small reacts by announcing that he is better at real camping than Big and off they go on a camping trip in the garden. However, the more Small tries to prove that he is the best-ever camper guy the more his plans go awry. He gets twanged across the garden by the tent cables; a can of beans spurts over his face; he can't sing a campfire song... Meanwhile, Big turns out to be a brilliant camper. He can put up a perfect tent; collect a perfect pile of firewood; sing a perfect song. Later that night, Small tries to tell Big a spooky story but just keeps switching on a flashlight that keeps Big awake! Big decides he can't sleep in the tent and, in a bad mood, walks out. But then a cricket makes a noise outside the tent. Small tries to bat the cricket away but accidentally causes the tent to collapse instead. Big looks back to see the rumpled canvas and realises that Small needs assistance - so he turns back and helps out his friend to hustle the mosquito outside. And Small accepts that Big is the best real camper, too - well, for the moment anyway! / Small wants to give Big a fantastic surprise present to celebrate the great time he has had when living in the house. He drives off to find a suitable, brilliant gift. But when Twiba tells Big that she saw Small drive away, Big thinks that Small has left for good. Big is really worried and sad - until Small reappears with the present- a yummy pickle sandwich! - and announces that he is has no intention of leaving: he is staying for good. And, together, they celebrate Big and Small Day.

  • Ruby shows Big and Small a magic trick that looks as if she has pulled a rainbow out of a hat. [In reality it's a very beautiful coloured scarf.] Big and Small are both really impressed, believing it to be a real mini-rainbow and want to make their own rainbows. Big tries to work out the science behind creating a rainbow. He carefully measures out coloured ingredients in precise proportions - although the resulting mixtures tend to cause explosions... Small thinks that it's done by magic and hurls a made-up magic potion into a hat: all he creates is a mess. When the house is in chaos Ruby reveals that it wasn't a rainbow, it was a scarf... But they accidentally manage to create a rainbow cake from all their activities - so everything turns out happily. / Big has invented a Cross-O-Meter that can sense when people are being grumpy with each other. To his and Small's surprise they have detected a row between the two Frogs down at the pond. Big tries to calm them down - without success. Small thinks he has quietened them for a while - but the Frogs come up to the house and start croaking at each other more loudly than ever. Big decides he must think like a frog to understand what is causing their argument. Small, however, just moves all their furniture down to the pond, which is now the quietest place! When thinking like a Frog doesn't seem to help the situation Small suggests that Big should look like a Frog and wear a hat like the Frogs... On hearing the word 'hat' Big suddenly realises what has been the problem. Somehow the Frogs have ended up wearing each other's hats! A simple swap and peace is restored. Although Big and Small are left with their bed on the banks of the pond...

  • Big and Small build a see-saw to touch the sky. The problem is they are so different in size that when Big sits at one end he sends Small flying up into Twiba's tree, while staying stuck on the ground himself. They need to find a way to achieve a balance... But just at the moment when they are perfectly balanced Small plucks an apple from the tree, tips the scale in his favour - and sends Big flying up to the tree instead! / Small is zooming around the house in his car, swerving around the furniture and generally causing mayhem. He skids through Ruby's house once too often, however, and she is so annoyed with him that she challenges him to a race. Big helps prepare Ruby's super-speedy-vehicle (a cleverly adapted old skate) and adds some go-faster stripes and new wheels to Small's car. And soon they're off! Big cheers on Small and Ruby as they spin across the garden, loop around the vegetable patch and career around the pond. It's a very close race and they're neck and neck - but in the final moments the cars bump into each other and into Twiba's tree. Twiba's apple is knocked to the ground and she ends up first past the finishing line. Small and Ruby congratulate Twiba on a surprise win!

  • Small insists that he is taller than Twiba, but she just knows she is taller than Small. Small is determined to prove her wrong and tell her so eye-to-eye - which means he needs to be tall enough to reach her branch. To help Small do this, Big makes him a Tallerator. This is a stilt-like contraption that makes Small taller - although when Small is practicing he has a tendency to fall over, using Big's feet as a crash pad. Finally (and when Big's feet are rather sore) Small is tall enough to be face to face Twiba. He struggles over to her tree - only by now Twiba has forgotten what they were talking about. And Small can barely move with the stilts and arm extensions and stiff padded helmet - he wonders, really, what he's doing. He thinks that sometimes it's better to be Small. And as Big points out, Small is a very good small. / One evening, Big and Small are catching fireflies in jars. They release them all, of course - but one flutters back into their bedroom later on. This firefly wakes up Big and Small because his blinking light is flickering on and off furiously, as if he is agitated and wants to tell them something. Luckily, Twiba can understand the firefly's blinks and explains that when Big and Small were catching the insects they managed to separate two good friends who now can't find each other. Big and Small, feeling responsible, realise they need to attract the missing fly. They do this by swinging a searchlight out of the bedroom window and blinking out a message to the skies. The lost firefly reads the message and flies down to join her missing friend. Friendship, Big and Small agree, is very important even to the smallest creature.

  • Small thinks that Twiba will turn into a butterfly -but will Big find out before Twiba tries to fly off her branch? / It's a busy time in the house when Big and Small are trapped inside by a snowfall.

  • The Gwelf In The Garden, I Spy A Firefly

  • Big and Small help Twiba dig for a pirate's buried treasure. / Big and Ruby are shocked when Small discovers clogs -loud shoes!

  • I See, You Saw, The Sleep Toy Thingie

  • What will happen when Small decides to help Big pick his beautiful prize tomato? / Big and Small hold a competition to see who can paint the best picture of Ruby.

  • Surprise, Surprise, Smashing Tomatoes

  • Small is determined to find out the fun surprise that Big is planning for him. / Small is jealous of Big's T-Rex and goes looking for his own sleep-toy-thingie.

  • Stormy Weather, My Friend Fang

  • Big has a very bad cold -and is worried when Small decides to become a nurse! / Big and Small venture into Mysterious Woods for the very first time...

  • Tall Small, Playing the Rules

  • Big wants to show Small how beautiful and exciting stars can be. / Big has invented a machine that Small thinks is causing him a lot of bad luck!

  • Starry, Starry Night, Bad Luck Machine

  • The flowers need watering -but will Big and Small's Rain Dance bring on the clouds? / Big is worried when Small tells him that his new pet, Fang, is on the loose!

  • Rain Dance, Five Minute Sled

  • When Big leaves to collect the mail, he leaves Small a long list of house rules.

  • Small wants the fish in Big's pond for a pet -but the fish has other ideas! / Small drives through a hole in the wall and discovers a mysterious room.

  • Big's favourite toy goes missing - and all the clues identify Small as the thief. However, the diminutive creature soon reveals his reason for hiding the item.