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  • 2008
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.9  (101)

Big & Small was a British-Canadian children's television program aired on CBeebies from 2008 to 2011. The show's major cast members included Jamie Shannon, Todd Doldersum, and Jason Hopley, who brought life to the characters of Big and Small. Big & Small follows the lives of two best friends, Big and Small, who have entirely different personalities from each other. Big is a large and jolly creature with big feet, enormous hands, and a love for adventure, while Small is an adorable small creature with a big interest in neatness and cleanliness.

The show's setting is in a colorful and imaginative world with hills, forests, castles, and various other adventures. It frequently features catchy musical numbers and dance sequences. It is centered on the theme of friendship and tackles common childhood problems like sharing, teamwork, and learning to appreciate the differences in other people.

The show's format consisted of a mix of live-action sequences and animated adventures. The characters were portrayed using puppetry and stop-motion animation. They interacted with each other, went on adventures, and learned valuable lessons through play-based activities.

Throughout the series, Big and Small engage in exciting activities like building a castle, going swimming, running a restaurant, and going camping. They always encounter obstacles along the way, which they have to overcome by working together as a team.

There are also other characters like Ruby, Twiba, and Snuffleup, who give different perspectives on various situations that the best friends face, and the audience can learn from. Ruby is a little girl who helps Big and Small with their adventures, while Twiba is an eco-friendly koala who encourages the best friends to protect the environment. Snuffleup is a wise old elephant who shares his wisdom with the duo.

Big & Small has been praised for its engaging narrative, colorful visuals, likable characters, and valuable life lessons. It is an excellent show for preschoolers to learn about critical attributes like friendship, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Furthermore, the show's musical numbers put a smile on a child's face and are also educational in nature. The catchy tunes stay with the young audience and ensure that they have a positive, fun experience.

In concluding, Big & Small was an excellent children's television program that left a long-lasting impression on its viewers, who grew to love the characters, their adventures, and the valuable life lessons that they learned. It remains an excellent show to watch for parents who want to expose their preschoolers to world-class children's television programming that is both educational and entertaining.

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The Not So Happy Camper / Big and Small Day
13. The Not So Happy Camper / Big and Small Day
January 1, 2008
Big beats Small at a board game called 'The Happy Camper'. Small reacts by announcing that he is better at real camping than Big and off they go on a camping trip in the garden. However, the more Small tries to prove that he is the best-ever camper guy the more his plans go awry. He gets twanged across the garden by the tent cables; a can of beans spurts over his face; he can't sing a campfire song... Meanwhile, Big turns out to be a brilliant camper. He can put up a perfect tent; collect a perfect pile of firewood; sing a perfect song. Later that night, Small tries to tell Big a spooky story but just keeps switching on a flashlight that keeps Big awake! Big decides he can't sleep in the tent and, in a bad mood, walks out. But then a cricket makes a noise outside the tent. Small tries to bat the cricket away but accidentally causes the tent to collapse instead. Big looks back to see the rumpled canvas and realises that Small needs assistance - so he turns back and helps out his friend to hustle the mosquito outside. And Small accepts that Big is the best real camper, too - well, for the moment anyway! / Small wants to give Big a fantastic surprise present to celebrate the great time he has had when living in the house. He drives off to find a suitable, brilliant gift. But when Twiba tells Big that she saw Small drive away, Big thinks that Small has left for good. Big is really worried and sad - until Small reappears with the present- a yummy pickle sandwich! - and announces that he is has no intention of leaving: he is staying for good. And, together, they celebrate Big and Small Day.
The Missing Biscuit (Cookie) / Thar She Buzzes
12. The Missing Biscuit (Cookie) / Thar She Buzzes
January 1, 2008
Big and Small each have four of their favourite cookies. Small is shocked when Big eats all of his one big bite: Small prefers to eat each one very, very slowly. Through the rest of the day Small munches his second and then his third cookie with extended enjoyment - not realising that he is making Big feel very hungry. That night, Big goes into the kitchen to find a snack. The fridge is empty but sitting on a plate is Small's last cookie. Big smells it and holds it and then, before he really knows what he's doing, eats the cookie. Immediately, he is shocked and guilty: he ate Small's last cookie! Small appears and Big tells him what happened. Small, too, is shocked at what Big has done - but then reveals that he had planned to give his last cookie to Big because he was feeling sorry for Big because he hasn't had a cookie all day long. / Big hears a disturbance in the house and rushes in to find Small trying to chase a bee. Big attempts to tell Small that you should leave bees alone and he lets the bee escape out a window. Small still believes that bees are out to get you, however, and chases the after bee to tell it to stay away. Small follows the bee across the garden and down to the pond. He makes Big row across the pond in a boat after the bee - even though it would be quicker to walk around! When on the water, Small tries to whack the bee with a tennis racket and causes the boat to capsize - although they are only a few feet from shore and so totally safe. Big points out that bees make honey and are needed to make fruit and flowers grow. Small realises that Big does, indeed, have a point and appreciates that bees are good - even if it's better to keep your distance.
The Book of Big / A Quiet Day
11. The Book of Big / A Quiet Day
January 1, 2008
Big is enthralled by the 'The Book of Biggests, Bests and Firsts' and is excited when Small suggests he do something impossible or amazing to appear in the book himself. Big decides that he is a great swinger on swings and if he can swing for two days and two nights without stopping he can beat the current record and be listed in the book. Big swings once, twice, three times, four, five... he reaches two thousand and sixty two and is obviously tiring. Small appears to cheer him on - but is shocked when Big falls asleep and stops swinging. Small is worried that Big will be really upset when he wakes up and finds that he hasn't broken the record for swinging.... But Small has an idea and rushes off... When Big wakes up he is sad about falling asleep and thinks that he will never be good enough to be in a book. However, Small reveals that Big is already in a book: The Big Book of Big. Small has made a book listing all of Big's achievements: biggest toe, best piano player... Big adds the record that Small is 'The Best Friend Ever' and the book is complete. / When Big and Small accidentally damage Ruby's painting she challenges them to be quiet and accident-free for just one day. Small thinks this will be easy but it proves harder than expected when he realises it's not easy to stop talking. And Big causes a major accident when he trips up over Small's car and brings the fridge crashing to the floor. In a final effort to have a quiet day, Small puts an apple in his mouth so he can't talk (although he keeps taking it out to tell people that he can't talk!) and Big decides to spend the day under the bed. Meanwhile, Ruby is happily painting outside in the peaceful garden. She finishes her painting and wants to show the others - but she finds Small sitting with the apple in his mouth and Big under the bed, both refusing to leave the house to look at her work until the day is over. Ruby realises that it's better for Big and Small to be their usual selves an
Spring Fling / Never Say Never
10. Spring Fling / Never Say Never
January 1, 2008
It's the First Day of Spring. Big is excited because that means it's time to Spring Clean the house. Small thinks there are about, oh, a million more interesting things to do but agrees to help out. Big is determined, this year, not to be distracted otherwise it turns into Summer Clean, or Fall Clean... They find a jack-in-a-box that's been lost under the bookcase that they just have to play with. Big realises they have been distracted and brings in a bucket of soapy water to wash the walls - but when they stir the water they created a beautiful bubble and they just have to make more... Big realises he's been distracted again and brings in a vacuum cleaner. Small switches on the machine - but it's powerful and he is dragged out of the house and across the grass. Big runs after, worried about his friend - but Small says that riding the cleaner is fun. Big has a go and agrees: this is fun! The rest of the day is spent riding around on the grass. It's only at sunset that Big realises he hasn't cleaned the house... Small says, no worries, you can clean the house any day but you can only enjoy the First Day of Spring on the First Day of Spring. And Big can only agree. / Small reads about a babysitter who never says no to their charges and he likes the sound of that! Small insists that he needs a babysitter one night when Big goes out to look at the stars. It can't be Ruby because Ruby is always saying no to Small, so Big asks Twiba and Twiba agrees: mainly because she fancies a night in the house. Small wants Twiba to do a bunch of fun things but Twiba insists, first, on having a long, hot bath. After that she still refuses to play games but asks Small to dry her hair. When Small turns on the hairdryer the force of the blast of air sends Twiba flying across the room! Twiba is too distraught to play any games now. Instead, Small has to put her to bed and read her story: and she promptly falls asleep. When Big comes home Small rushes to greet him. Tw
The Case of the Missing Kohirabi / Promises, Promises
9. The Case of the Missing Kohirabi / Promises, Promises
January 1, 2008
Big is shocked one morning to discover that some of his vegetables are missing from the garden. Where have they gone? He concludes that they must have been taken by someone: but who would steal the vegetables? Small is convinced it's the Gwelf, even though Big tries to tell him that Gwelfs aren't real. They decide to hide out in the garden and keep watch on the vegetable patch to discover the truth... During the watch, Small notices a vegetable being tugged back down into the ground. He rushes over and grabs the plant to save it. Big appears at this moment - but it looks to him as if it's Small who is trying to take stuff from the garden! Just then, however, he sees a mole peeking out of the ground and eating the plants. Small is relieved to be proven innocent. Big feels sorry for the hungry mole and says that in future he will plant more vegetables so that everyone can have a share. Including Gwelfs, adds Small. / Small finds out that Big is making Ruby a trampoline. Big tells Small not to say anything to Ruby because that would spoil the surprise. Small promises not to tell. In return Big promises that he will make a trampoline for Small. Small finds it really hard, however, to keep quiet and he gives Ruby hints about the surprise. She guesses what Big is doing and thanks him - thereby spoiling the surprise and revealing that Small broke his promise to Big. Big is very hurt. But then he realises that he hasn't made Small a trampoline so he broke his promise as well. Both friends are pretty miserable - until Ruby pulls them both onto the trampoline and the three of them bounce away their worries. You have to smile when you're jumping on a trampoline!
Small's Branch / Play Date
8. Small's Branch / Play Date
January 1, 2008
Big builds a ladder for Small so he can climb up and play in the tree. Twiba, however, wants her privacy among the leaves and sends Small off to another branch. Small shifts over. Small is quickly bored on his own. He takes a blanket up to the branch to use in a game. Ruby is annoyed that Small took her blanket without asking. Small wants her to play with him but she refuses. Small is soon bored again and wants Big to come and play - but Big says he is busy. Small now builds himself a tree house and bans Twiba and Ruby and Big from ever visiting. The others watch Small move his chair and the fridge up into the tree and realise that he is lonely... After a while Small hears rustling below - Big, Ruby and Twiba start to sing a song to Small saying he's their friend and that they want him to come back home. Small realises he shouldn't have been so impatient with his friends and asks them up into the treehouse. The combined weight, however, causes the treehouse to crash to the ground. But they are all safe and continue sitting under the tree having a picnic. / Big has written his first play and the cast - Small, Ruby and Twiba - are waiting backstage to perform it. (T-Rex and the Frogs are a patient audience.) Small, however, is unhappy with the role that Big has given him because it doesn't sound much fun - so he swaps with Ruby. However, as the play progresses Small realises that he made a mistake and that Ruby now has a much better part. So they swap back again in time for the second act. During the second act, however, Small realises he made another mistake and that in Act Two his own character is asleep the whole time! At the end of the play Small is very unhappy - until Big points out that there is still the final song to sing: does Small want to do this? Of course he does! Small leads the cast in the finale to the loud croaks of appreciation from the Frogs.
The Broken Scooter / Blame It on the Drain
7. The Broken Scooter / Blame It on the Drain
January 1, 2008
Ruby's new scooter is the most beautiful vehicle that Big and Small have ever seen. Ruby, however, refuses to let them have a ride because she thinks they will break it. A while later Small discovers the scooter left unattended. He doesn't think just one little ride will do any harm, particularly as Ruby will never know... Big says that just because Ruby doesn't know doesn't mean it's OK: she told them not to ride on her scooter. But Small puts on one foot and pushes away... It's a brilliant ride... He spins the scooter in a circle. He then does a stunt jump over one pumpkin. Big is caught up in Small's excitement and without thinking he has a ride himself - jumping over two pumpkins! Small cheers on Big as he manages to fly over the pumpkins - but then Big loses control of the scooter and careers down to the pond where he crashes. Big and Small decide not to tell Ruby. They will make the scooter better by adding a new bell, a lunch tray, a xylophone, a cushion... When they have finished their work they think Ruby will be delighted. Wrong! Ruby is furious with Big and Small for breaking her scooter - and they realise that telling the truth would have been the better course of action. However, once Ruby has calmed down she does have to admit that the new additions to the scooter are actually quite fun... / Big and Small are drawing using their beautiful box of multi-coloured crayons. Well, Big is using all the colours but Small is using only one colour: Glowing Green. He just loves Glowing Green; it's the best colour in the history of colours! In his excitement he swings his arms into the air - and accidentally lets go of the crayon, which spins across the room and down the drain. Small is shocked. He will never get over losing Glowing Green, never, ever ever. Big, not wanting to see Small so upset, tries to retrieve the missing crayon. He unscrews the drainpipes. He takes the sink off the wall. He goes outside and lifts up the house - and und
Abracadabra / Frog Fight
6. Abracadabra / Frog Fight
January 1, 2008
Ruby shows Big and Small a magic trick that looks as if she has pulled a rainbow out of a hat. [In reality it's a very beautiful coloured scarf.] Big and Small are both really impressed, believing it to be a real mini-rainbow and want to make their own rainbows. Big tries to work out the science behind creating a rainbow. He carefully measures out coloured ingredients in precise proportions - although the resulting mixtures tend to cause explosions... Small thinks that it's done by magic and hurls a made-up magic potion into a hat: all he creates is a mess. When the house is in chaos Ruby reveals that it wasn't a rainbow, it was a scarf... But they accidentally manage to create a rainbow cake from all their activities - so everything turns out happily. / Big has invented a Cross-O-Meter that can sense when people are being grumpy with each other. To his and Small's surprise they have detected a row between the two Frogs down at the pond. Big tries to calm them down - without success. Small thinks he has quietened them for a while - but the Frogs come up to the house and start croaking at each other more loudly than ever. Big decides he must think like a frog to understand what is causing their argument. Small, however, just moves all their furniture down to the pond, which is now the quietest place! When thinking like a Frog doesn't seem to help the situation Small suggests that Big should look like a Frog and wear a hat like the Frogs... On hearing the word 'hat' Big suddenly realises what has been the problem. Somehow the Frogs have ended up wearing each other's hats! A simple swap and peace is restored. Although Big and Small are left with their bed on the banks of the pond...
I See, You Saw / The Big Race
5. I See, You Saw / The Big Race
January 1, 2008
Big and Small build a see-saw to touch the sky. The problem is they are so different in size that when Big sits at one end he sends Small flying up into Twiba's tree, while staying stuck on the ground himself. They need to find a way to achieve a balance... But just at the moment when they are perfectly balanced Small plucks an apple from the tree, tips the scale in his favour - and sends Big flying up to the tree instead! / Small is zooming around the house in his car, swerving around the furniture and generally causing mayhem. He skids through Ruby's house once too often, however, and she is so annoyed with him that she challenges him to a race. Big helps prepare Ruby's super-speedy-vehicle (a cleverly adapted old skate) and adds some go-faster stripes and new wheels to Small's car. And soon they're off! Big cheers on Small and Ruby as they spin across the garden, loop around the vegetable patch and career around the pond. It's a very close race and they're neck and neck - but in the final moments the cars bump into each other and into Twiba's tree. Twiba's apple is knocked to the ground and she ends up first past the finishing line. Small and Ruby congratulate Twiba on a surprise win!
Party Time / Dream Time
4. Party Time / Dream Time
January 1, 2008
Small has ordered a party in a box: a box containing balloons and hats and games and a whistle! They ask all their friends over for the party: Ruby, Twiba and the Frogs. The games start with Big using the whistle to keep everyone under control - although he blows it so often and so loudly that the guests have to keep putting their hands over their ears! Small loses the first game - and is not happy at all. He fixes the rules so that he wins - which annoys Ruby, Twiba and the Frogs because it's no fun for them if Small wins all the time. And then Small insists on eating all the cake. Enough! The guests decide to leave, saying it's the worst party Ever with Small not letting anyone else have fun and Big always blowing his whistle... Big and Small realise they need to change their party-giving ways - and decide to start all over again! / One morning, Big wakes up with a start. He's had a bad dream. Small asks what the dream was about but Big refuses to say; he just needs to lock this dream away in his dream catcher so it doesn't come back the next night and keep him awake... This is a box into which Big puts his bad dreams. Small, however, opens the dream catcher and the dream escapes. To make sure the dream doesn't come back Small has to keep Big from falling asleep... Small bangs drums and clangs cymbals in an attempt to keep Big awake - although Big is so tired he keeps dozing off. Finally, Big tells Small about the dream. It was about a lollipop that shrinks when you suck it so there's no more lollipop left at all! No more lollipop! Small points out that all lollipops shrink when you suck them... Big realises the bad dream wasn't bad at all - and they can both, now, sleep soundly.
The Singing Gwelf / The Road Not Taken
3. The Singing Gwelf / The Road Not Taken
January 1, 2008
Big and Small want to prove if the Gwelf is real, as Small thinks, or the fictional character that Big believes. They set up a machine in the garden to record the Gwelf when or if he comes into their garden that night. Ruby, however, secretly uses the machine to record her latest song. Just as the song ends, Big and Small hear Ruby in the garden. She panics and accidentally causes the machine to malfunction. Her song is played backwards and sounds really weird. But Ruby denies touching the machine - which causes Big and Small to think that it was the Gwelf who had been in the garden. Big and Small prepare their Gwelf-detecting equipment and go marching off. Ruby is worried about her friends going into the Mysterious Woods at night and she tells them the truth. Small is shocked that Ruby would tell a lie about seeing a Gwelf. Ruby apologises but says if they will listen to her song properly they will be more understanding... Big mends the machine and Ruby's song is played: it's a jolly number about how much she likes living with Big and Small in the house and the fun they all have together. Small forgives Ruby for lying and they're all friends again. / One bright morning Big decides that today he will explore the road outside their house because you can find all sorts of excitement when ambling slowly down a road. He sings a song about the joys of such a walk. Small is excited at going on a trip and packs a bag. After taking a couple of steps Small has to go back and get some things that he had forgotten: the camera, the clock, a banana... When he gets back he finds that Big is sitting on the grass and singing a song about sitting on the grass. After a couple more steps Small realises he should have brought the wagon to put all their stuff in. When he returns with the wagon Big is sitting on the grass and singing another song... The journey progresses very slowly and soon it's almost dark - they look back to see the house and decide that it lo
Say Cheese / Celery Day
2. Say Cheese / Celery Day
January 1, 2008
Small has a space in his scrapbook that he wants to fill with a picture of himself and his best friend, Big. They try to take a photograph by themselves but it's tricky so they ask Ruby to help them out with her Polaroid-style instant camera. There is only one shot left in the camera. Ruby prepares to take a picture of Big on the Swing with Small bungee-jumping into the frame beside him. A practice run goes perfectly but when it comes to taking the real photo, Small crashes into Big, Big goes tumbling backwards, Small boings past Ruby, Ruby trips up - pressing the shutter as she stumbles. They wait for a tense second - until the photo emerges. Totally without planning or posing it turns out to be a great photo of both Big and Small and can be stuck proudly into the scrapbook. / Big announces that his celery is ready to be picked. Small thinks this is a cause for great celebration and announces that it's Celery Day! And Big should write a song in honour of the crispy vegetable. Big starts to write a song but unfortunately gets stuck after the first five notes. However hard he tries he just cannot reach note number six... Small decides to help his friend by dressing up as a figure of inspiration -a celery costume, to be exact! But this doesn't work, either, and it looks like there will be no song. So - Big and Small decide to eat the celery anyway. But as they crunch away happily the crunching inspires a tune and soon Big and Small are singing out the best ever Celery Day song!
Tall Small / I Spy a Firefly
1. Tall Small / I Spy a Firefly
January 1, 2008
Small insists that he is taller than Twiba, but she just knows she is taller than Small. Small is determined to prove her wrong and tell her so eye-to-eye - which means he needs to be tall enough to reach her branch. To help Small do this, Big makes him a Tallerator. This is a stilt-like contraption that makes Small taller - although when Small is practicing he has a tendency to fall over, using Big's feet as a crash pad. Finally (and when Big's feet are rather sore) Small is tall enough to be face to face Twiba. He struggles over to her tree - only by now Twiba has forgotten what they were talking about. And Small can barely move with the stilts and arm extensions and stiff padded helmet - he wonders, really, what he's doing. He thinks that sometimes it's better to be Small. And as Big points out, Small is a very good small. / One evening, Big and Small are catching fireflies in jars. They release them all, of course - but one flutters back into their bedroom later on. This firefly wakes up Big and Small because his blinking light is flickering on and off furiously, as if he is agitated and wants to tell them something. Luckily, Twiba can understand the firefly's blinks and explains that when Big and Small were catching the insects they managed to separate two good friends who now can't find each other. Big and Small, feeling responsible, realise they need to attract the missing fly. They do this by swinging a searchlight out of the bedroom window and blinking out a message to the skies. The lost firefly reads the message and flies down to join her missing friend. Friendship, Big and Small agree, is very important even to the smallest creature.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (101)