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  • TV-Y
  • 2015
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.7  (183)

Go Jetters is an action-packed, pre-school age show that first aired on CBeebies in 2015. The show follows a team of adventurers, the Go Jetters, as they travel to different locations around the world and beyond, learning about geography and landmarks while encountering thrilling missions and challenges.

The Go Jetters team consists of four main characters: Xuli, Kyan, Lars, and Foz. Xuli, voiced by Syrus Lowe, is the team’s computer expert and pilot. She’s also the team leader, and her calm demeanor and quick thinking skills keep the team together during difficult situations. Kyan, played by Tommie Earl Jenkins, is the strong, athletic member of the team. He provides physical support and is often relied upon to help solve physical challenges. Lars is voiced by Akie Kotabe and serves as the team’s engineer. He’s responsible for fixing and maintaining the team’s vehicles and technology, keeping things running smoothly. Lastly, Foz, also voiced by Tommie Earl Jenkins, is the youngest member of the team and serves as the team’s “creative brain”. He’s always coming up with ideas and is responsible for designing and building the team’s gadgets and solutions.

Each episode of Go Jetters takes the team to a new location, where they observe and learn from different landmarks, while also encountering challenges that require unique solutions. From the Eiffel Tower to the Great Barrier Reef, to the Northern Lights, and even outer space, the team travels to new and exciting destinations every episode.

The Go Jetters use a variety of futuristic gadgets to enable their journeys and missions. From the Go Jetters’ Grimbler, their versatile flying vehicle that can transform into a submarine, to their signature Safesuit that keeps them safe in any environment, the team is equipped with everything they need to face the challenges they encounter.

A significant part of the show is teaching young audiences about geography and global landmarks. The Go Jetters use the information they learn about the landmarks and their locations to complete their missions. Viewers learn about the history and significance of each landmark, as well as its geographic location. The show’s educational content is also supported by the show’s catchy theme song, which mentions the Go Jetters’ mantra, which is to “Go, go, go, go, go, Jetters!”

Aside from the educational aspects, Go Jetters is a thrilling show with high-energy action, clever solutions, and teamwork that teaches positive values to preschoolers. The team faces challenges and obstacles that require them to think critically, work together, and utilize their unique skills and strengths to overcome seemingly impossible situations.

The show’s graphics are also a standout aspect of the show. The show uses CGI animation that is visually stunning, with bright colors, and detailed designs. The characters themselves are colorful and fun, and their unique gadgets and outfits add to the show’s futuristic theme.

In conclusion, Go Jetters is a fantastic show for young audiences. It’s educational, entertaining, and action-packed. The colorful characters, futuristic gadgets, and exciting landmarks all make for an enjoyable viewing experience. Its focus on teamwork, problem-solving, and exploration are positive values that kids can take away from the show, making it an excellent choice for parents looking for quality children’s programming.

Go Jetters is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on November 10, 2015.

Go Jetters
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Honey Bee Hijack
1. Honey Bee Hijack
August 26, 2019
The Go Jet Academy holds a honey contest, and while Xuli and Kyan collect honey from around the globe, Tala hopes to win despite only having a single jar.
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Go Jetters is available for streaming on the CBeebies website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Go Jetters on demand at Netflix, Hulu and FuboTV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 10, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (183)