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  • 2015
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Andy's Prehistoric Adventures is a children's television show from CBeebies that premiered in 2016. Hosted by Andy Day, the show takes young viewers on a journey through time to different prehistoric eras. The program teaches children about different species of prehistoric animals and their habitats through interactive and engaging storytelling.

Andy is the main character of the show and is always accompanied by his trusty time-traveling grandfather clock named "Grandma." Together they explore different prehistoric periods, using their time machine to transport themselves into the past. Along the way, they meet various prehistoric creatures, learn interesting facts about each one, and uncover artifacts from the different time periods they visit.

One of the most exciting aspects of the show is the realistic animation and CGI effects used to bring the prehistoric creatures to life. Each episode features a different species, such as a T-Rex, Triceratops, or Woolly Mammoth, and the animation is so lifelike that it feels like the animals are right in front of you.

The show is incredibly educational, providing children with a wealth of information about prehistoric animals as well as other scientific concepts such as evolution and climate change. Through fun and interactive storytelling, the show manages to teach children in an engaging and memorable way.

Another aspect of the show that makes it so special is its diverse cast of characters. In addition to Andy and Grandma, the show features Elaine Claxton as Mrs. Pickles, the curator of the local museum. Mrs. Pickles is always on hand to help Andy on his adventures and provides valuable insights and advice throughout the show. The diverse cast of characters provides representation for children of all backgrounds and helps to make the show more inclusive and relatable.

Each episode of Andy's Prehistoric Adventures is approximately 25 minutes long and is packed with fun and educational content. The show is suitable for children of all ages, though it is targeted toward preschoolers and early elementary school students.

Overall, Andy's Prehistoric Adventures is an excellent children's show that combines education and entertainment in a fun and engaging way. With its realistic animation, diverse cast of characters, and exciting time-traveling adventures, the show is sure to captivate young audiences and teach them valuable lessons about science and history.

Andy's Prehistoric Adventures is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on February 2, 2015.

Andy's Prehistoric Adventures
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Gigantoraptor and Tumbleweed
9. Gigantoraptor and Tumbleweed
June 17, 2016
When the museum's prized prehistoric tumbleweed goes missing, Andy heads back 85 million years in time to try and find some more. During his search he helps a mother dinosaur protect her nest and manages to get himself covered in dino-snot.
Australopithecus and Tool
8. Australopithecus and Tool
June 16, 2016
Andy Travels back in time 3 Million years to the Great Rift Valley in Africa to meet one of our very own ancient ancestors, Australopithecus. During his adventure he has a narrow escape from an angry relative of the elephant and takes a trip in an inflatable dinghy over a waterfall.
Basilosaurus and Barnacles
7. Basilosaurus and Barnacles
June 15, 2016
Andy goes on another time-travelling adventure to collect barnacles from a prehistoric ocean for his new museum display. During His journey he meets a troop of noisy primates, explores the seabed with his scuba gear and tracks down a giant prehistoric whale.
Paraceratherium and Skin
6. Paraceratherium and Skin
June 14, 2016
Andy Meets the largest mammal ever to walk the Earth When he travels back to Mongolia Thirty million years in the distant past. On His travels he has a night-time run in with some hungry hyenadons and helps a baby paraceratherium out of a sticky situation.
Woolly Mammoth and Ice
5. Woolly Mammoth and Ice
June 13, 2016
Andy dons his winter coat and heads off on another prehistoric adventure, this time back 30,000 years, to the last ice age. On His travels he is stalked by a cave lion; joins some woolly mammoths on their annual migration and helps out one of the herd when they fall through a hole in the ice.
Andrewsarchus and Tooth
4. Andrewsarchus and Tooth
March 18, 2016
To finish Mrs Pickles' birthday surprise, Andy travels back in time 36 million years to find a tooth belonging to a giant carnivorous predator, but when his trusty backpack is stolen, he enlists the help of a herd of giant brontothere to get it back.
Magyarosaurus and Reeds
3. Magyarosaurus and Reeds
March 17, 2016
Andy travels back 70 million years to meet the miniature magyarosaurus, a relative of the giant sauropod dinosaurs, which grew no bigger than a pony. But when he arrives on their prehistoric island home, he has to shrink down as well to hide from a giant flying reptile as tall as a giraffe.
Chalicothere and Claw
2. Chalicothere and Claw
March 18, 2016
Andy breaks a valuable museum artefact and has to travel back in time 30 million years to replace it. Landing in an age when giant mammals roamed the Earth, Andy tracks down the peculiar chalicothere and gets chased by a swarm of angry prehistoric hornets.
Kimmerosaurus and Clamshell
1. Kimmerosaurus and Clamshell
March 5, 2016
A lost earring means Andy must go on another time-travelling adventure, as he returns 160 million years into the past to hunt for a prehistoric clamshell. Plunging into the waters of an ancient ocean, Andy meets some giant swimming reptiles and helps them to escape a colossal creature called Predator X.
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Andy's Prehistoric Adventures is available for streaming on the CBEEBIES website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Andy's Prehistoric Adventures on demand at and Pluto TV.
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