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Join Pepi Nana, Moon Baby and all their comical Toy House friends as they go on a magical adventure in a land of story. Moon and Me is a Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Fantasy, Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on February 4, 2019. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.6.

Moon and Me is available for streaming on the CBeebies website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Moon and Me on demand at Hulu, FuboTV online.

2 Seasons, 48 Episodes
February 4, 2019
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Fantasy, Kids & Family
Cast: Jon Riddleberger, Nina Sosanya, Antony Antunes, Raymond Carr
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Moon and Me Full Episode Guide

  • Mr Onion tries to be as merry as Old King Cole, so the friends work together to help him.

  • Colly Wobble likes to do things differently, including driving her car backwards.

  • Pepi Nana makes a list of her favourite things before doing them all in Storyland.

  • Mr Onion discovers a picnic basket in the curiosity box. It is already packed with food and a tablecloth. In Storyland, everybody climbs to the top of the hill to share a picnic.

  • Inside the Little Toy House, everybody is surprised to discover the Roundabout has been left in the sitting room. In Storyland, Little Nana and Lambkin go flying in the aeroplane.

  • Inside the little toy house, Colly Wobble discovers a toy suitcase. In Storyland, Colly Wobble decides to take her suitcase on a journey far away.

  • In the Toy House, everybody is reading books when the little toy tub appears. Moon Baby catches it. In Storyland, the big tub appears and Moon Baby decides he will catch that, too.

  • Dibillo decides to wear his favourite bow tie for the day. Mr Onion is excited and takes Dibillo around the house to show everybody how smart he looks.

  • Colly Wobble wants to try some different shoes and chooses roller skates. In Storyland Moon Baby has found a magical shoe tree, with different shoes growing on it.

  • Pepi Nana, Moon Baby and their friends discover the toy roundabout in the Toy House. In Storyland, the vehicles are running out of juice but Dibillo has a juice station.

  • Inside the little Toy House, everybody is sharing a book with pictures of tidy things. When Pepi Nana suggests making everything in the Toy House tidy, they all set to work.

  • In the little Toy House, Pepi Nana shows everybody a book about the rain. In Storyland it's raining, so all of the friends share the umbrella.

  • In the Toy House Colly Wobble is looking in the mirror, trying out her funny walk. In Storyland Mr Onion joins Colly Wobble on her special walk across the bridge.

  • Mr Onion finds paper crowns left in the Toy House. Pepi Nana and Little Nana try them on.

  • Pepi Nana, Moon Baby and the toy friends find a roundabout left for them in the Toy House.

  • While everybody is busy reading books, Little Nana begins a hiding game.

  • Pepi Nana finds a plate of toy carrots on the table in the Toy House.

  • Pepi Nana finds the little toy tub hiding in her wardrobe.

  • Mr Onion is playing quietly with his toy bridge when he is interrupted by Little Nana and Lambkin, playing a noisy hopping game.

  • Moon Baby, Pepi Nana and all the friends find a toy roundabout has been left in the Toy House. Each chooses a vehicle to ride in and they have a race.

  • While all of the friends stay busy in the little Toy House, Colly Wobble decides it's time to play a silly song. Everyone loves the silly song and they all dance along.

  • Pepi Nana is big and Little Nana is small. When the two friends go for a walk together, they discover how they see things differently - and how much fun that can be.

  • A nursery rhyme book inspires Mr Onion to play at being Humpty Dumpty. When Humpty Onion refuses to fall off the wall, the Toy House friends come up with a new ending to the rhyme.

  • In the Toy House kitchen, Mr Onion and Pepi Nana find the little toy tub. Little Nana wishes that the little toy tub was a great big tub.

  • Moon Baby, Pepi Nana and their friends find a toy roundabout left in the Toy House. Moon Baby uses his magic, and the roundabout transports everybody to an adventure in Storyland.

  • After finding two paper crowns, Pepi Nana and Little Nana decide to be the Big Princess and the Little Princess. The Little Princess goes to visit the Big Princess's big castle.

  • Mr Onion shows Pepi Nana his toy bridge and Pepi Nana wishes she could step, step, step across the bridge with him.

  • When magical toy Pepi Nana wakes up during the night, she writes a letter to the moon. She meets a new friend, Moon Baby, and all the toys wake up, ready to begin their adventures.