The Clangers

The Clangers are strange, long-nosed, pink, woolly creatures that live inside a small blue planet, which lies far, far away in space. Under the dustbin-lidded craters that cover the planet's surface is the cave system where the these strange yet cuddly extraterrestrials live. They share their world with the bizarre Soup Dragon, who lives in a soup well and provides them with their staple diet of green soup and blue string pudding; the Glow Buzzers, which supply light and tasty glow honey; and the tiny orange Froglets, magical creatures that live inside a travelling top-hat. Other beings encountered by the Clangers are the Iron Chicken, originally found in pieces and who, once reconstructed by the little planet's inhabitants, now lives in a nest in the sky; the large, odd, blue-skinned Skymoos; and the water-providing Cloud.

Daily at 5:30PM et/pt on CBeebies
1 Season, 52 Episodes
June 15, 2015
Animation, Children
Cast: Oliver Postgate

The Clangers Full Episode Guide

  • Three pale things - a shell, a spiral and a cone - drift towards the planet seeking music, heat and light to revive them. Tiny and Small have seen them before and know just what to do. Will they be able to revive the new pale star-shaped thing?

  • The new table Major has made collapses, spilling soup everywhere. Tiny and Small are sent off to fetch some more soup, but the soup trolley crashes into a new bump in the path on the way to the soup wells. Major finds a new use for his collapsed table.

  • The Froglets produce a purple blob out of the Top Hat, and Tiny loves it! The blob is noisy and bouncy, and when Tiny and Small discover it can split in two, and the two can split into four, and four into eight and so on, soon all the caves are alive with bouncing blobs!

  • Small is unhappy with his drawing, so he finds a place to practise in peace. Major Clanger discovers some wonderful wall pictures in an underground cave and invites everyone to see them, but it turns out that Small has seen the pictures before.

  • Mother Wol asks the Iron Chicken if she will look after her three little Wols while she goes to get some things for her new nest. The Iron Chicken is happy to do so, but she hasn't counted on them being so boisterous.

  • Major Clanger is making too much noise in his workshop and Mother is fed up with it. She suggests they should swap jobs. But Granny's attempt to make the soup proves tricky, and the less said about the Soup Dragon's knitting the better.

  • Tiny and Small discover the froglets sitting abnormally silent and calm in their cave, in front of three stones which glow blue and emit an unearthly sound. Major Clanger thinks these must be 'hush stones' - however, the effect is anything but calming.

  • Small and Major Clanger discover a bowl of glow honey that the glowbuzzers have left out in a crater. They take it inside to eat but find some very agitated glowbuzzers, who need them to put it back where they found it for a special visitor.

  • Small, wearing a rainbow-striped scarf, catches seven coloured stones floating in space. The Iron Chicken has also found a strange metal disc in space. Do the stones and the disc somehow fit? The answer lies in the colours of the scarf.

  • Small, Tiny and Baby Soup Dragon have a race around the planet. Baby Soup Dragon wins, but the Clangers don't know that he cheated! An orange Froglet sees it all and comes up with a clever way to teach Baby Soup Dragon a lesson.

  • Small gives Tiny a lovely sparkly bag which he has caught when fishing in space. It is perfect for Tiny's panpipes. But when she goes to get her panpipes out of the bag, she is amazed to find it speaks, in sounds and shapes.

  • On their way to tea with the Iron Chicken, Major, Mother, Tiny and Small spot a fascinating new planet. Major insists on exploring it and they all become lost inside. Luckily, a passing Sky Moo spots their empty music boat and brings Granny to the rescue!

  • Tiny makes up a lovely new tune to dance to. The Iron Chicken tries to join in but it is just too difficult for her to manage, so Tiny and Small come up with a much simpler rhythm that the Iron Chicken can dance to - The Chicken Waltz!

  • A robot like a camera on wheels lands on the planet, flashing, bleeping and taking photos. At first the Clangers are scared of it but as they begin to accept it, they find it has a lot to show them about the universe and everywhere it has been.

  • Small finds some 'space treasure' but doesn't know what it is for. Then Tiny too finds her own space treasure - a strange box. Only when they both realise that the two pieces might fit together, do they get to see the unexpectedly beautiful results.

  • A radio falls out of the sky. Tiny, Small and Baby Soup Dragon don't know what it is, and are fascinated by the sounds that come from it. But it would have been better if Baby Soup Dragon hadn't decided to play with it in the middle of the night.

  • Granny's comfy puffball chair gets punctured by a knitting needle. Major Clanger comes up with a better idea - he will make a chair for Granny. From the results of his handiwork he realises the sense of Granny's original request.

  • A special star passes over the planet and as it does, the star roses bloom. The star appears, but where are the roses? Could their absence have anything to do with the Skymoos that Tiny and Small hear on the other side of the planet?

  • It is very hot in Mother's garden and all her flowers are wilting. Major has invented an auto-waterer to help but it doesn't work. Tiny comes up with a brilliant idea for watering the garden based on a marble-chute toy she has invented.

  • Small is bored, Tiny, Major and Mother are all too busy. Mother suggests he asks Granny to play with him. He is doubtful, but he couldn't have been more mistaken as she takes him on an adventure to a place he has never seen before.

  • A meteor shower of gemstones falls on the planet. Baby Soup Dragon beats Tiny and Small in a game to win them. The others continue the game without him and his stones, he realises that there is more fun to be had in playing than just winning.

  • The Clangers help Granny make her knitting space more special. Major makes her a fan and Mother gives her a purple plant from her garden called Planty. But when Granny wakes up from her nap, Planty has moved. Tiny and Small try to solve the mystery.

  • Tiny and Small find a strange silver ball. When it bounces it glows and rings. It bounces into Mother's Garden and they are amazed to learn from her, that the ball is a living thing, like them. And Granny is convinced it must have friends nearby.

  • When Tiny Clanger receives a message from the Iron Chicken that 'it's coming', she is mystified as to what the 'it' might be - and even more puzzled that no one will tell her. Everyone seems to be in on the secret, but in the end, Tiny gets a brilliant surprise!

  • It's a very cold day on the Clangers' planet. So cold, that the Iron Chicken has to come down to the living cave to get warm! But when a Sky Moo wants to do the same, she finds the doors are frozen shut and she can't get in. Granny comes to the rescue with a clever plan to keep her and the other Sky Moos warm.

  • Major Clanger has made special eclipse glasses for everyone to wear so they can watch a solar eclipse safely. But as the moon moves towards the sun, the Iron Chicken's nest blocks the view. Can the Clangers come up with a solution in time to see the wonderful solar eclipse?

  • A little Hoot lands on the Clanger's planet and causes mayhem with his incessant mischievous hooting. The Clangers decide it has to go home. But with the Hoot Planet so far away, how can they attract its attention? Luckily, Major has just invented a make-it-louder machine that does the job perfectly.

  • Small decides that there should be a Dragon Day to thank the Soup Dragon for being so kind as to provide them with soup every day. The Soup Dragon is quite overcome, especially when everyone gives her presents. The Iron Chicken arrives late and exhausted, but it turns out that her present is the best of all.

  • Major Clanger has invented a machine for cleaning up the planet. But when he gets called away by Granny, Small and Tiny can't resist trying it for themselves. Unfortunately, it proves harder to control than they thought, and they accidentally suck up a swarm of Glow Buzzers. It takes all their ingenuity to rescue them!

  • The Iron Chicken tidies her nest and dumps a huge bundle of unwanted junk metal on to the Clangers' planet. At first Major wants to keep it but Mother thinks he has quite enough junk already. It is Small who comes up with an idea that will see the metal return into space transformed.

  • Tiny and her flower friends are playing a lovely tune with the music trees when suddenly they hear a strange voice joining in; it seems to be coming from high in the sky. On investigation, Tiny discovers a lone flower singing as she travels alone through space on a rocky asteroid. Tiny discovers that the flower is lonely and comes up with a clever plan to help her.

  • Tiny Clanger has made up a lovely new tune to play with her singing flower friends. Mother Clanger thinks Tiny is very talented, but when Tiny suggests Mother should have a go, she gets very flustered and rushes off to her garden. But Major Clanger has a plan - and soon there is the sound of lovely music coming from the garden.

  • Small Clanger finds a strange ball while out fishing in space. No one knows what it is so Major decides to put it on a shelf in his workshop. But a little while later he finds it in two hollow pieces on the ground - and the Soup Dragon discovers that something has been eating the copper trees.

  • Tiny and Small accidentally spill green soup all over Granny's best shawl, and when they ask Cloud and the froglets to help them clean up the mess, things only end up getting worse.

  • Tiny, Small, the Froglets and Baby Dragon have great fun playing games with the Cloud, but when Major calls them in for bed, the Cloud is left alone and sad.

  • Tiny and Small discover a strange tunnel that appears to suck things upwards. Revival of the classic animation about the adventures of a clan of friendly aliens living on a small blue planet.

  • As the air grows cold, a crystal shaped seed lands on the Clangers' planet. Granny helps Tiny to plant it and it quickly grows into a wonderful Crystal Tree. Other seeds fall and soon there is a small forest of them. Mother Clanger has heard that these amazing trees can sparkle and glow, but none of the Clangers know how this is done, until, completely by accident Tiny discovers that music is the answer.

  • Tiny and Small plant a little plant in Mother's garden. They get impatient for it to grow, but have little idea what they're letting themselves in for.

  • It is Granny's birthday and all the Clangers are planning their presents for her. Small asks Major Clanger if he can help him invent something for her but Major says his work is too difficult for such a young Clanger. Small decides to invent something himself, something which involves puffballs, airfruit and three extremely acrobatic - or should we say aerobatic - froglets.

  • Major Clanger invents a knitting machine, thinking this will save Granny ever having to make the effort to knit again. But Granny likes knitting and when she sees the hideous garments the machine produces, she challenges it to a great knit-off to determine who is the best knitter.

  • When Major Clanger decides that the Soup Dragon must be fed-up with dishing up soup for them all every day, he invents a machine to collect the soup instead. But when he takes some soup without even asking the Soup Dragon, he overfills the machine and it gets stuck in the doorway. Only with the help of the Soup Dragon can it be freed, and as it is freed, it explodes everywhere. Perhaps sometimes it is best to leave things as they always were.

  • A Sky Moo gives Small Clanger a strangely shaped little thing that it has found in space. None of the Clangers has a clue what it is. Small decides to give it to the Iron Chicken for her nest, but as she is flying back down in the Music Boat she sees a big thing with a strange piece missing in its side. Reuniting the little thing and the big thing has a very surprising result!

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