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  • 2012
  • 6 Seasons

Andy’s Wild Adventures is a popular children’s television series that aired on CBeebies from 2012. The show stars CBeebies presenter Andy Day, who takes young viewers on a thrilling journey to explore the animal kingdom. Andy’s Wild Adventures is an informative and engaging series that educates children about wildlife and their habitats.

Each episode of Andy’s Wild Adventures takes viewers on a new and exciting journey to explore the various animals that live in different parts of the world. Andy travels to various locations, including oceans, jungles, and forests, to learn about different species of animals, their diet, behavior, and environment. The show is aimed at children between the ages of three and six, and it seeks to provide an educational and informative experience that is as entertaining as it is engaging.

Andy, the presenter, is an experienced naturalist and wildlife expert who has worked in a variety of animal-related programs. He brings his expertise and enthusiasm for the animal kingdom into every episode of Andy’s Wild Adventures. In this show, he is an engaging and relatable guide for children as they explore the amazing world of animals.

The show’s animation is colorful and engaging, and the attention to detail makes it easy for young viewers to understand the different types of animals and their respective habitats. The show uses a combination of live-action footage and animation, which makes for an immersive and engaging viewing experience. The show’s creators have gone the extra mile to ensure that the information presented is accurate, and the footage is of high quality.

One of the show’s defining features is its focus on a particular animal in each episode. For instance, in one episode, viewers follow Andy as he explores the world of the chimpanzees. He gets up close and personal with the primates and observes their behavior, diet, and social relationships. In another episode, Andy explores the ocean’s depths to get a better understanding of enormous sea creatures like whales, sharks, and dolphins. He shares fascinating facts about each animal, such as what they eat and how they communicate.

One of the most impressive aspects of the show is how it uses storytelling to educate children about wildlife. The show combines storytelling with educational content, making it an engaging and informative experience for children. The show presents stories that capture children’s imaginations, for example, by encouraging viewers to imagine they are going on an adventure with Andy to meet a specific animal. This keeps the show entertaining while also teaching children about the animal kingdom.

Andy’s Wild Adventures is not only a show that teaches children about the animal kingdom but also teaches valuable life skills such as problem-solving and creative thinking. In every episode, Andy encounters different challenges along the way, such as how to navigate dense jungles or avoid predators, and he must overcome these obstacles creatively. He uses his imagination and problem-solving skills to find unique solutions to the challenges he faces, which can be an excellent example for young viewers to follow.

In conclusion, Andy’s Wild Adventures is an excellent educational show for children that blends entertaining storytelling with informative content. The show promotes curiosity and encourages children to explore the amazing world of animals. With stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and accurate information, this award-winning series is a must-see for any young animal enthusiast.

Andy's Wild Adventures is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on February 13, 2012.

Andy's Wild Adventures
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7. Bowerbirds
January 1, 2012
Andy and Kip go on a wild adventure to the second largest island in the world, New Guinea, home to the Bowerbird, a bird which decorates its nest with bright flowers and colourful objects to attract a mate. Along the way, Andy meets a bird of paradise that's a dab hand at dancing. Naturally, Andy tries his hand at dancing like a bird, but fails to impress Kip.
Okavango Safari
6. Okavango Safari
January 1, 2012
Andy and Kip embark on another wild adventure, this time to the Okavango Delta in Africa in search of the huge variety of animals that come to the delta to drink. The rain water that gathers here is enough to fill 12,000 Olympic sized swimming pools so it's not surprising that Andy takes a dip himself alongside some baboons, hippos and even a herd of elephants going for a swim.
5. Gannets
January 1, 2012
Andy and Kip head to South Africa for a wild adventure in search of Gannets. These birds can dive into water from a great height at incredible speeds in search of a fish supper. Naturally, Andy tries his hand at diving into a school of fish just like a gannet. Whilst underwater he has a whale of a time...quite literally, he swims alongside an enormous whale.
4. Lemurs
January 1, 2012
Andy and Kip embark on a wild adventure to the island of Madagascar in search of lemurs. Lemurs can jump huge distances from tree to tree and along the ground and so with the help of Kip's invention, the brilliant bouncy helpful hopper, Andy gets to hop along with them.
Polar Bears
3. Polar Bears
January 1, 2012
Andy and Kip embark on a wild adventure to the frozen arctic in search of polar bears. Andy finds a family of polar bears emerging from their snowy den and watches as they make their way down a slippery snowy slope for the first time to go in search of a meal. Andy hasn't got the big paws for walking on snow like the polar bears and begins to slide down and down the hill. Luckily Kip's on hand to rescue him as always.
2. Chameleons
January 1, 2012
Andy and Kip visit Tanzania in Africa in search of the Jackson's chameleon. Chameleons are experts in camouflage and in order to find them, Andy has to put on a special camouflage costume of his own that Kip has made for him. The costume helps him to get really close to a chameleon and Andy watches in amazement as it catches an insect with a super-long sticky tongue.
Chacma Baboons
1. Chacma Baboons
January 1, 2012
Andy and Kip travel to South Africa on a mission to track down some chacma baboons. These monkeys live by the sea and have learned to eat all sorts of shellfish found on the shore. They are particularly fond of mussels, just like Andy, and so with the help of Kip's perfectly portable pressure cooker Andy cooks up a seafood treat and enjoys a picnic beside the sea with some baboons.
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Andy's Wild Adventures is available for streaming on the CBEEBIES website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Andy's Wild Adventures on demand at and Pluto TV.
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    February 13, 2012