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Grandpa In My Pocket is a United Kingdom television series that falls into the following genres of family, comedy, and drama. This television series has an approximate running time of about 12 minutes long, and it is mainly aired on the CBeebies and BBCS channel. These channels are mainly focused on preschool and nursery aged children. Grandpa In My Pocket was directed by Richard Bradley and Martin Franks, and has been produced by Mellie Buse, Sarah Colclough, Angus Fletcher, and Jan Page. Also, this television series star's many well-known actors and actresses such as Phil Gallagher, Lorna Laidlaw, Alan McMahon, Luke Perry, James Nolan, Jay Ruckley, Josie Cable, Zara Ramm, Sam Ellis, and Susan Jameson.

This show is mainly focused on a man only known as Grandpa. Grandpa has a special and very magical shrinking cap that allows Grandpa to be able to shrink himself down to a tiny 4 or 5 inches tall. This allows him to go on wild and amazing adventures that he could not do as a tall person. All throughout each of his adventures, the story is told by a narrator. However, this special and magical cap does a lot more than just shrink Grandpa down to mini size.

This magical cap also allows Grandpa to have the ability to jump much farther than he ever could before, and it also helps him to run extremely fast. Plus, it helps turn other toys into working objects as well. For example, Grandpa has a cool toy glider that looks like a Seagull, Grandpa calls this glider Gordon. When Grandpa shrinks, he has the ability to ride and make Gordon fly like a true Seagull. Also, when Grandpa shrinks down to such a small size he can make the toy cars, planes, and trains all run and drive as if they were real. They even make all of the engine sounds like real life vehicles.

Grandpa in My Pocket is a Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2009. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.2.

Grandpa in My Pocket is available for streaming on the Cbeebies website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Grandpa in My Pocket on demand at The Roku Channel Free online.

3 Seasons, 61 Episodes
January 1, 2009
Kids & Family
Cast: James Bolam
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Grandpa in My Pocket Full Episode Guide

  • Great Aunt Loretta has invited a celebrity chef to the house to try some of her ghastly recipes. As things start to go wrong, Grandpa cooks up some magic to save the day.

  • Jason has chicken pox and has to miss Mr Mentor's Inventing Club. Grandpa goes to help Jemima, only to find that Floyd wants to do some inventing too.

  • Cousin Alvin is looking after the toyshop for Mr Whoops and claims he doesn't need any help. But Grandpa knows better!

  • Mum's latest hobby is making games for the whole family to play. When Great Aunt Loretta starts cheating, little Max doesn't like it. So Grandpa plays a few tricks of his own.

  • Lenora the Explorer comes to Sunnysands in search of the Blue Big Beaked Bonglebird and she won't leave until she finds it. Grandpa realises he'll have to help out.

  • The family is taking part in a singing concert at Miss Smiley's Cafe. Opera singer Madame Vibrato tries to help everyone make the music come alive. And sure enough, it does!

  • Bubbles the Babysitter has to handle some surprise visitors who want to buy the Mason's house! Grandpa decides they must be stopped.

  • Dad sorts out the attic and finds Grandpa's old piggy bank. He gives it to Mr Mentor the Inventor who discovers to his delight that this is no ordinary pig!

  • Great Aunt Loretta is planning an invention with Mr Mentor and Grandpa decides to help.

  • When a big cruise ship breaks down in Sunnysands, Mum invites the Captain to stay. He insists that they all perform various exhausting tasks every hour. But Grandpa has a brilliant plan to get rid of the bossy Captain.

  • Mr Whoops wants a dog and Mum suggests that he tries looking after Wulfy for a day. Grandpa shrinks and goes to help out. But Wulfy ends up looking after Mr Whoops, instead of the other way round.

  • Great Aunt Loretta has decided to make a clock for Mr Mentor's clock competition. Grandpa is keen that she should win because the prize is a holdiay! But her clock is a big disaster - until, that is, Grandpa steps in.

  • Bubble the babysitter has come round to teach everyone how to Flamenco dance because Miss Smiley is holding a "dancing tea!" But Great Aunt Loretta arrives and tries to take over.

  • Mum leaves Great Aunt Loretta in charge of her friend's goat, Mr Scoffbucket with disastrous results. When all Grandpa's plans to help fail he has to fly off to get help from a friend.

  • Mr Whoops has bought a musical box for Miss Smiley and he's even made up a song to sing to her. But he keeps having little accidents with the musical box key. Good job Grandpa can shrink and get into tiny places!

  • Mum is making everyone fancy dress costumes, but Great Aunt Loretta decides she needs some help. Mrs Maridadi the Dressmaker turns up and immediately has designs on Grandpa's Shrinking Cap.

  • When Mr Whoops hurts his back picking up litter on the beach Grandpa decides that he needs a Litter Picker and who better to invent one than Mr Mentor. But a Litter Picker will need a bit of Grandpa's magic to work!

  • Jason and Jemima go to Mr Whoops' toyshop to choose his Toy of the Week. But Floyd turns up and starts teasing Jemima who has picked up a cute little puppet. Grandpa rushes to Jemima's aid!

  • The man in the beach hut opposite wants to be a real pirate. So when Horatio Heave Ho decides to dig up Sunnysands beach in search of treasure Grandpa comes to the rescue.

  • Cousin Alvin has gone all sporty. He makes the Masons play lots of games and is desperate to beat them at everything, especially Table Football. Grandpa sets out to turn Alvin into a good loser.

  • Jason and Jemima go to Miss Smiley's Fun Kitchen club to learn how to cook some of her recipes. Floyd is also in the class and is soon up to mischief. Little does he know that Grandpa is keeping an eye on him!

  • Jason's cousin Max comes to visit Grandpa. Together they make a model caveman. When Mr Cave Man meets with an accident Grandpa has no choice but to step in and save the day.

  • Mr Liker Biker is looking after the Bike Shop when a very important customer turns up. Speedy Edie's shopping style sends Mr Liker Biker into a spin but Grandpa is sure he can help out!

  • When Jason goes to the toyshop to choose a birthday present for his friend Dora, Grandpa can't resist shrinking and coming along too. But who should arrive in the shop? Dora's Aunt, the formidable Lady Prigsbottom!

  • Bubbles the babysitter has a new kitten which she brings round to show to the Mason family. Unfortunately Floyd turns up and tries to make Bubbles jump. Before long Floyd gets a taste of his own medicine!

  • New girl at school Tiffany Jayne Grottington Pump comes round to play with Jemima. But Tiffany wants everything her own way. Grandpa puts on his shrinking cap and decides to teach her a lesson.

  • Jason and Jemima are putting on a Captain Dumbletwit play. All is going well until Floyd turns up and takes over. Disaster strikes - but Grandpa is determined that the show must go on!

  • Jemima is looking forward to looking after a little boy called Shanay but when he arrives he's far too shy to play with anything. Will Grandpa and Jason together find a way to cure Shanay of his shyness?

  • When Floyd has a little accident in the garden, Grandpa suspects he is just pretending to be hurt. Grandpa wants to catch Floyd out - he just needs to find a way to make him run...

  • When Mum leaves Jason and Grandpa in charge of her newly grown 'odd' vegetables who should arrive but Great Aunt Loretta? She wants to invent a stew for Mr Mentor but Grandpa is sure the vegetables don't want to be cooked.

  • Mr Mentor the Inventor has invented some Brillioso Bicycle Bells. Mr Liker Biker rushes to Dad's Bike Shop and starts trying them all out. How can Grandpa get him to leave Dad in peace?

  • Grandpa's childhood friend Granddad Gilbert comes to visit with his granddaughter Martha. Unfortunately, Gilbert has forgotten how to have fun so Grandpa sets out to remind him.

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