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Once a year Nat Geo Wild turns its focus to the exciting lives of the big cats of the world. Watch all your favorite big cats, lions, tigers and cheetahs to name a few, as they respond to the pressures of their environments. Delve into the complex world surrounding them, dealing with issues of human encroachment into their habitats, being the target of hunters and facing extinction.

Watch these powerful predators take down their prey. Get an unprecedented peek into the world of the big cats.

National Geographic
5 Seasons, 40 Episodes
December 6, 2010
Cast: Simon King, Jonathan Scott, Saba Douglas-Hamilton
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  • This is the moving story of two mountain lion mothers raising their cubs, each trying to survive the harsh conditions of a bitter winter season outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  • There are 41 species of cat-the embodiment of feline grace and power, spectacular top predators commanding our respect. Cats have elegance, agility, strength, heightened senses, silent feet and the killer instinct. But who is the ultimate predator?

  • Big cat specialist Boone Smith hosts a feline showdown among awesome predators lion, tiger and cheetah in a battle for the title of top cat.

  • This is the story of lion prides on the shores of Lake Kariba in the Matusadona National Park of Zimbabwe. These lions have developed a skill of trapping impala antelope on the shoreline as well as stalking up to basking crocodiles.

  • Competing prides of lions stalk their prey, the deadly Cape buffalo whose is more than a match for even the toughest of lions.

  • Award-winning filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert follow the lives of young male lions in the African bush.

  • In the heart of India, a tiger family battles for dominance in the ruins of a lost empire.

  • Two sisters live in Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India, where a magnificent ancient fort once ruled by the maharajahs is the backdrop to their rivalry. The result is secret alliances, battle wounds, and a mysterious disappearance.

  • We've seen big cats past and their present, but until now we could never even imagine their future! With cutting edge visual effects, Future Cats explores far-off future challenges that may await the big cats.

  • Watch this 2 year journey unfold as a mother leopard does whatever it takes to protect and teach her young cubs what it takes to survive.

  • For wildlife filmmakers, the only way to safely explore the startling powers of the African lion has been at the end of a mighty long lens-until now.

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Kings of the Kill Clip (44:11) Ultimate Rivals: Cat vs. Dog Clip (44:11)