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Bill Moyers: The Language of Life is a multi-part television series. The focus of this series is on poetry. Contemporary poetry is at the heart of this series. Billy Moyers interviews poets currently working in the field. They talk and discuss how their writings came to be. They are then invited to do an on-camera poetry reading.

The Language of Life showcases living writers who focus on poetry. These writers are given an opportunity to discuss their work. The discussions are about their inspiration for the various poems they write. The poets then give a live performance of one of their works to the audience.

Acorn Media
1 Season, 8 Episodes
June 23, 1995
Learning & Education
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Bill Moyers: The Language of Life Full Episode Guide

  • Poems exploring the pain and courage required to stand out, fit in, and stand up, by Lucille Clifton and David Mura.

  • "Moving to the heart of things" with Adrienne Rich, celebrating muliculturalism with Victor Hern?ndez Cruz, and jazzing with Michael S. Harper.

  • Expressions of rage and forgiveness by Jimmy Santiago Baca, of identity and duality by Marilyn Chin, and of aging and wisdom by Robert Bly.

  • Everyday heroes and heroines in poems by former Sandinista revolutionary Daisy Zamora; "landscapes of the mind" by Gary Snyder.

  • Poems of family and politics by Carolyn Forch? and Claribel Alegr'a; "domestic felicities" and haiku by Robert Hass.

  • "Saying the unsayable" about violence and love, in poems by Linda McCarriston and Sandra McPherson.

  • Transcendent verse by the 13th-century Persian mystic Rumi, as translated and read by Coleman Barks.

  • Sekou Sundiata "oralizes" in polyrhythmic, jazz-influenced performances; Naomi Shihab Nye seeks universal truths in everyday objects and experiences.

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