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  • 1991
  • 1 Season
  • 8.6  (799)

G.B.H. is a thrilling and intense British television drama that first aired in 1991. The show features an incredible ensemble cast, including well-known actors Robert Lindsay, Michael Palin, Lindsay Duncan, and Julie Walters. Set in Manchester during the late 1980s, G.B.H. tells the story of a hard-working Labour Party politician named Michael Murray (played by Robert Lindsay) as he faces off against a right-wing council leader named Jim Nelson (played by Michael Palin).

The series is unique in the way it confronts the political and social issues of the time. Murray, previously an idealistic socialist, is thrust into the brutal world of modern politics as he runs for city council leader against a candidate who will stop at nothing to win. The campaign turns ugly, with Nelson using violence and intimidation to keep Murray from winning, and Murray struggling to keep his ideals intact in the face of such hostility.

Meanwhile, Murray's home life is far from perfect. He's going through a separation from his wife, Barbara (played by Lindsay Duncan), who is struggling with her own demons. Julie Walters also stars as Murray's devoted, but somewhat naive, campaign manager, who becomes increasingly disillusioned as the campaign takes its toll.

Despite the grim subject matter, the show has moments of dark humor and satire that add levity to the overall drama. Michael Palin's performance as Nelson is a highlight of the series, with the former Monty Python member proving that he is equally adept at playing dramatic roles.

G.B.H. is not just a political drama, it's a social commentary on Britain during the late 1980s. The series touches on issues such as race, class, and corruption, which were prevalent at the time. It also explores the idea of leadership, and what it means to be a true leader in a society that is often divided along political and social lines.

The series was directed by Robert Young and written by Alan Bleasdale, who was known for his socially conscious dramas. Bleasdale's writing is sharp and incisive, and he manages to bring out the humanity in his characters, even in the most difficult of situations. The series' unique style and tone have made it a cult classic, and it is still regarded as a landmark television drama today.

In conclusion, G.B.H. is a gripping and thought-provoking drama that offers a searing look at British politics and society in the late 1980s. The show's incredible cast, sharp writing, and unique style make it a must-watch for anyone interested in political dramas, and it's easy to see why it has stood the test of time. If you're a fan of intense, character-driven dramas, then G.B.H. is definitely worth checking out.

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Over and Out
7. Over and Out
July 19, 1991
As the city erupts into flames, Jim confronts Michael, Michael faces those who plotted his downfall, and Barbara sees the light. When an old conspiracy is revealed, everything Michael ever believed is turned upside down, and the Nelsons look to the future.
Message Understood
6. Message Understood
July 12, 1991
When the plotters raid the Nelsons' holiday home and steal Michael's school records, both men start to realize that they are pawns in someone else's game. Even scheming Barbara begins to sympathize with Michael and wonders who her real friends are.
Message Received
5. Message Received
July 5, 1991
Feeling like a new man after his night with Barbara, Michael attempts to regain control of his city and put a stop to the incipient racial violence. Believing they have eluded their tormenters, Jim and his family arrive in North Wales. And Lou and Peter reveal their mission to a reporter.
Message Sent
4. Message Sent
June 28, 1991
Thanks to Mr. Weller, Jim finally has something he can use against Michael: his enemy's old school records. But Barbara would like to get her hands on them as well. Tormented by messages purportedly from Eileen Critchley, Michael is a nervous wreck. Barbara offers to calm him down--in her hotel room.
Send a Message to Michael
3. Send a Message to Michael
June 21, 1991
Jim plans a summer holiday that avoids bridges. Meanwhile, the beautiful Barbara Douglas seems more interested in Michael's past than in his advances, even visiting his mother. To make matters worse, Jim and Michael have a violent confrontation.
Only Here on a Message
2. Only Here on a Message
June 14, 1991
When Jim becomes a local hero in a tragic accident, Michael has his thugs back off. He's appalled when his political "friends," Lou and Peter, next suggest provoking racial violence in the city, but two words--Eileen Critchley--bring him around. Michael also falls for a mysterious stranger, while Jim develops a fear of bridges.
It Couldn't Happen Here
1. It Couldn't Happen Here
June 7, 1991
One of Michael Murray's first acts as newly elected council leader is to terrorize his former teacher, Mr. Weller. Then he stages a "Day of Action" against the Conservative government but clashes with Jim Nelson, the headmaster of a school for children with special needs.
  • Premiere Date
    June 7, 1991
  • IMDB Rating
    8.6  (799)