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  • TV-MA
  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (6,800)

Blood Drive is a thrilling and gory science fiction series that premiered on Syfy in 2017. Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 1999, the show centers around a cross-country death race called the Blood Drive, where cars are fueled by human blood instead of gasoline.

The series stars Alan Ritchson as Arthur Bailey, a cop who is forced to partner with the sultry and cunning racer Grace D'Argento, played by Christina Ochoa, in order to take down a rogue faction of racers who are using the Blood Drive as a front for a sinister agenda.

Arthur and Grace have a love-hate relationship that is fun to watch, with Arthur being the straight-laced cop who initially detests Grace's reckless behavior and disregard for the rules. However, as the two are forced to work together and overcome a variety of obstacles and foes, their bond grows stronger and they become an unstoppable team.

The supporting cast of Blood Drive is also top-notch, featuring characters such as Julian Slink, the enigmatic and flamboyant Blood Drive announcer played by Colin Cunningham, and Christopher Carpenter's The Scholar, a nerdy tech genius who helps Arthur and Grace from behind the scenes.

One of the most appealing aspects of Blood Drive is its commitment to over-the-top, gratuitous violence and gore. The Blood Drive is not for the faint of heart, and viewers should expect to see plenty of severed limbs, bloody car crashes, and other gruesome sights throughout the series.

However, Blood Drive is not just mindless gore and violence. The show also tackles issues such as corporate greed, government corruption, and the consequences of unchecked capitalism. In this way, Blood Drive is more than just a fun action romp - it's a thought-provoking commentary on our society and what can happen when we let our basest instincts run wild.

Another aspect of the show that sets it apart from other Syfy series is its stunning production design. The Blood Drive cars are an absolute highlight, each one more outrageous and deadly than the last. From the sleek, bullet-shaped Blood Missile to the monstrous, saw-equipped Rib Crusher, the cars are a testament to the creativity and imagination of the show's designers.

All in all, Blood Drive is a thrilling, entertaining, and at times thought-provoking series that is a must-watch for fans of science fiction and horror. Its engaging characters, mind-bending world, and over-the-top action sequences make for a unique viewing experience that is not to be missed.

Blood Drive is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on June 14, 2017.

Blood Drive
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Finish Line
13. Finish Line
September 6, 2017
Arthur, Grace, and Julian enter the bowels of Heart Enterprises to destroy it, but meet unexpected resistance from Karma, Chris, and Aki.
Faces of Blood Drive
12. Faces of Blood Drive
August 30, 2017
Arthur rises to prominence as the new Primo but soon learns what has happened to the old Primos... and will happen to him. Meanwhile, a documentary crew captures Karma's rise to power, and Julian hosts the ultimate party.
Rise of the Primo
11. Rise of the Primo
August 23, 2017
The final day of the race comes, and all masks are off as Old Man Heart reveals his plan. Meanwhile, Julian presents his magnum opus, and Arthur believe that Grace is deaad.
Scar Tissue
10. Scar Tissue
August 16, 2017
Arthur stumbles into Cronenburgh, a town near the Scar that appears to be an idyllic haven. However, when Grace follows Arthur there, she discovers that Cronenburgh is anything but. Meanwhile, Julian is terminated at Heart and quickly escapes before it becomes literal. And Aki finds a car so that she and Chris can escape LA.
The Chopsocky Special
9. The Chopsocky Special
August 9, 2017
Grace ends up at the scar with a badly injured Arthur, and seeks help at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Meanwhile, Arthur finds himself on a vision quest trying to find a way out before he dies.
A Fistful of Blood
8. A Fistful of Blood
August 2, 2017
Sheriff Leon asks Arthur to go undercover and help him take out some electricity-using rebels that threaten his power in a powerless town. However, Arthur soon discovers that he's on the wrong side in the power struggle. Meanwhile, Grace and Julian sit down for a drink, and Aki copes with her new feelings for Chris.
The Gentleman's Agreement
7. The Gentleman's Agreement
July 26, 2017
Julian is demoted to janitor and the Gentleman is made the new MC of Blood Drive. To get back to his old position, Julian convinces Chris to help him. Meanwhile, Arthur and Grace discover that the Gentleman is even worse than Julian and try to steal the implant control box from him.
Booby Traps
6. Booby Traps
July 19, 2017
Amazons--former patients at Claireville--have formed their own utopia and capture Grace and Arthur. Meanwhile, Domi and Cliff have a martial spat, Chris discovers some of the modifications Aki has made to him, and Julian gets news of his personal cancellation from Heart.
The F...... Dead
5. The F...... Dead
July 12, 2017
Arthur and Grace must find a cure to a deadly sex plague that is unleashed on the Mayhem Party.
In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill
4. In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill
July 5, 2017
Arthur and Grace go to Kane Hill to rescue Karma, and discover that things aren't as they seem. Meanwhile, Aki performs fluid extraction on Chris.
Steel City Nightfall
3. Steel City Nightfall
June 28, 2017
Arthur and Grace are forced to take a detour through Steel City, and discover a band of scavengers... and the cannibalistic Glimmers. Meanwhile, Julian takes notes from the network execs, and Cliff and Domi consider their relationship.
Welcome to Pixie Swallow
2. Welcome to Pixie Swallow
June 21, 2017
Arthur and Grace pull into Pixie Swallow to see what's on the menu, and discover that they and the other racers are the meal du jour. Meanwhile, Chris explores Heart, and Justin takes a meeting with the Heart CEOs.
The F---ing Cop
1. The F---ing Cop
June 14, 2017
A cop is forced to partner with a homicidal bombshell in a bloodthirsty road race across America.
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Blood Drive is available for streaming on the Syfy website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Blood Drive on demand at Vudu and Google Play.
  • Premiere Date
    June 14, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (6,800)