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Inspired by a Microsoft XBOX 360 video game of the same name, "Blue Dragon" is Japanese animation combining elements of mysticism, adventure, and fantasy combat. The show follows a timeless struggle between the forces of light and darkness. After costly warfare between the powers of good and evil, light and darkness, seven warriors possessing the power of Shadow managed to seal away the powers of darkness. However, many centuries later, an evil warlord known as Nene, ruler of the Grand Kingdom, marshals his forces in search of warriors still gifted with the power of Shadow and of a means to unseal the conquered darkness, unleashing worldwide chaos and allowing him to implement his own dark rule upon the world. Every year, Nene's forces appear over targeted villages in the guise of swirling purple clouds. From a concealed flying fortress within the clouds, Nene's forces attack and plunder villages in their pursuit of conquest.

During one such encounter, the evil attackers encounter the character Shu, a rebellious young man determined to defend his home. During the struggle, Shu unleashes the power of Shadow, which allows the wielder to transform their shadow into powerful magical monsters. Shu's shadow monster takes the form of a blue dragon, one of the most powerful of all Shadow magic creatures. The blue dragon is too powerful for Shu to control, though, and he embarks on a quest to learn how to harness the power he's discovered in order to defeat the dark hordes of Nene.

Soon, Shu is joined on his journey by other warriors of Shadow, who recognize Shu's goodness and potential and endeavor to help him in his learning and battle for light. Jiro and Kluke, whose minotaur and phoenix shadow creatures join the blue dragon, embark with Shu on an epic search for truth and victory to restore peace and balance to the world.

Blue Dragon is a Anime series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (100 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2007. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.4.

Blue Dragon is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Blue Dragon on demand at Amazon, Vudu, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 100 Episodes
April 7, 2007
Cast: Jin Horikawa, Romi Paku, Masaya Takatsuka
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Blue Dragon Full Episode Guide

  • With his medallion destroyed, Shu is swallowed by the Darkness. Instantly, Zola sends Jiro and the others into the Darkness, as well, and, it seems, that all hope is lost. While in the Darkness, Blue Dragon realizes that the lower half of his body now exists and a voice from the dark abyss tells him that this is his true form.

  • Logi, Schneider, and Andropov stay behind and distract the Gatekeepers of Darkness, allowing Shu and his friends to flee as they make their way to meet Zola again. Shu insists that he stays behind with them.

  • The descendants of the Seven Soldiers of Light unite as one again, but each has their own purpose. As soon as their battleship enters the Darkness, they are attacked by the Shadows of Darkness. The captain of the battleship attempts to fend off the Shadow attackers with cannons, but the numbers are too overwhelming and some breach the ship.

  • Shu forms a hypothesis that the descendants of the Seven Soldiers of Light might be able to seal the Darkness once again, so he goes to Logi's base to ask for his help. Logi had come up with the same theory and informs Shu that he's found a way inside the Darkness.

  • Shu and his friends continue to provide assistance for those who have been affected by the rapture of the Darkness. The team grows more anxious and impatient as they fail to find an effective line of attack against the Darkness. Shu's trust in Zola is unswaying, angering Jiro into to picking a fight with Shu.

  • Shadows grow from the Darkness and Darkness engulfs lands and people into it. Shu and his friends are paralyzed with shock by Zola's disappearance into the sphere of Darkness. With no recourse or way to stop this terrible event, the team is forced to watch as the Darkness is released into the world.

  • Shu and the others rejoice at the return of Kluke. But the celebration is short-lived as all seven descendants of the Soldiers of Light assemble at the Sealed Grounds and land begins to close in on the Shadow Wielders. Logi tries to avert Zola's plan by attempting to destroy one of the Shadow Wielders.

  • As the team arrives at the Sealed Grounds, Jiro begins to question Zola's plan, but she won't divulge any information. Just as anxiety and fear spreads amongst Shu and his friends, Logi, Andropov, and Schneider make their appearance.

  • After seceding from Grankingdom, Logi established a new nation of Shadow Extremists that he called "Rosekstan". Many nations and kingdoms that were once under the rule of Grankingdom begins to fall under Logi's influence. Andropov follows Logi's orders to track Shu and the others.

  • After defeating Nene and freeing the children captured by Grankingdom, Shu and his friends return to the City of Logic. Conrad, Legalas and refugees from various kingdoms and nations celebrate their return. Although they have successfully completed their mission, Jiro harbors feelings of emptiness.

  • The team is astonished as they watch Nene draw his seven Chimera together to form one monstrous Shadow. Following Kluke's lead, Shu and the others launch an attack on the gargantuan Chimera, but their attacks end in vain and Shu is knocked unconscious.

  • After Bouquet unlocks her power, Zola reveals that she has also unlocked her own power. They head toward the Air Fortress Galleon to finish things once and for all.

  • The heroes enter Bouquet's stolen ruins, where Nene is waiting for them. While the others are engaged in battle, Bouquet is transported deep within the ruins by the power of the ruins. Nene threatens that he will destroy the ruins before Bouquet can unlock her power. Even though it looks like Shu and the others are more powerful than before, Nene remains confident.

  • Kluke and Bouquet argue over which ruins to go to first, and Kluke derides Bouquet for being useless.Needing to refuel, the group enters enemy territory where they learn from an informant disguised as a soldier, Nene is on his way to the ruins of Bouquet's power.

  • When the third chapter of the Extra Seven directs the group towards Marumaro's homeland, he's sure that it must be for him. Maurmaro hurries home where his parents are overjoyed to see him. Marumaro decides that in order to awaken his new powers he needs to find all the girls in the village.

  • When the heroes' boat breaks down, Shu heads off to a nearby village in search of replacement parts. On the road he saves a boy named Tonto who is being chased by robbers. Tonto guides Shu to the village. When he learns that Tonto's parents are blacksmiths, he's excited at the prospect of getting the parts he needs.

  • Bouquet's transformation power gives our heroes a valuable chance to learn about the Extra Seven. Zola begins to decipher the pages, but the document is written in an ancient dialect and requires a special code. She successfully deciphers the introduction and learns about how the Seven Soldiers of Light sealed their Shadow Powers away.

  • After Marumaro retreats from the fight, Jiro continues to battle Andropov, and soon Zola arrives to lend him a hand. Meanwhile, with Kluke's help, Shu is able to gain headway in his battle against Logi, but Kluke is injured during the attack. Bouquet infiltrates Logi's battleship and uses her powers of invisibility to steal the Extra Seven. But waiting for her is Delphinium!

  • Shu and his friends make their way toward Logi's battleship but are stopped by Lemaire, Schneider and Andropov--members of Logi's Flying Squadron. Zola begins to fight to give Shu, Kluke and Bouquet, who holds the keys to the Extra Seven, a head start to the battleship. Lemaire fights one on one against Zola, while elsewhere Jiro and Marumaro take on Schneider. Shu sends Bouquet and Kluke on ahead and takes on Logi.

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