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  • TV-14
  • 1993
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.8  (1,198)

Maggie Doyle, the new cop in town, convinces a local girl to press rape charges against her violent boyfriend.

Blue Heelers
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There Last Night
43. There Last Night
October 21, 1997
Dash and Adam respond to a report of vandalism at the train yards and discover a couple of young offenders - one so fleet of foot that he's even faster than Dash. She thinks she knows the boy, Jed Russell, and discovers that Jed's been living with his father, Jim. When seemingly uncaring Jim gets involved, its Tom who recognizes a fellow Vietnam veteran who is still suffering from that war.
Fool For Love
42. Fool For Love
October 14, 1997
Adam and Dash are called to a disturbance to find a lonely farmer banging at the door of what turns out to be a dating agency. Investigations reveal the farmer has paid a fortune to the agency without ever having had a date, but his fear of exposure and humiliation make him reluctant to lay an official complaint. Adam is getting married. It's a bit fast, but his friends and colleagues are there.
Charity Begins At Home
41. Charity Begins At Home
October 7, 1997
Nick and Adam are surprised when their call to a domestic dispute turns out to be at a Salvation Army women's meeting. They discover a young mother, Joanne Mason, has accused her husband Andrew of deliberately pushing her out of their car. He claims it was an accident, but Joanne announces she's going to leave him anyway. But the husband just won't take it as an answer.
Bloodstained Angels
40. Bloodstained Angels
September 30, 1997
Responding to a complaint from a concerned parent about his underage son being in a local pub, Maggie and Dash are on hand when a young woman emerges, screaming and covered in blood. Who truly is to blame for the ever increasing attacks where everyone is targeted? Who are the criminals and who are the innocent parties?
The Luck Of The Irish
39. The Luck Of The Irish
September 23, 1997
There are mixed reactions among the Heelers to Chris' sudden wedding announcement. Tom feels that she's rushing into things, a sentiment echoed by Chris' cousin, Dominic, who doesn't approve of Sean, sure that he's just trying to cash in on the Imperial's lucrative business. As Tom does a little digging into Sean's past, he discovers there's no record of him, or his son, entering Australia.
Fowl Play
38. Fowl Play
September 16, 1997
Duck hunters and wildlife protection activists clash and someone gets shot. Nick is astonished to discover that the shooter of a young protester at the opening of the duck season is none other than his sometime admirer, Dr. Zoe Hamilton. She, of course, claims it was an accident, explaining that the chief protester grabbed her gun just as she was aiming at a duck.
Reports Of Damage & Loss
37. Reports Of Damage & Loss
September 9, 1997
It's raining cats and dogs in Mt Thomas and Nick and Adam are overdue back from patrol. When they arrive they are drenched through and their uniforms are in tatters. The other Heelers have no idea of the extent of their trauma until Tom asks them to explain themselves and Adam bursts into tears. While Dash attempts to draw the story out of Adam, Nick disappears to change his uniform.
Immaculate Misconception
36. Immaculate Misconception
September 2, 1997
Leonie is pregnant and her father is upset and angry and wants justice. But what is really going on and who is the father? All evidence seems to point to Clancy. Meanwhile, the police station toilets are blocked up and this brings plumber Charlie Drake, who will become yet another suspect.
Working Lunch
35. Working Lunch
August 26, 1997
Dash discovers that her penchant for gossip may very well get her, and other people, into hot water when she and Adam overhear the Shire President, Roger Payne, having lunch with a woman who is definitely not his wife. Tom is telling everyone to relax and breathe, as part of his new relaxing regime.
Under Siege
34. Under Siege
August 19, 1997
As more people become sick and die, rabies is now blamed and the English family's dog is under threat. The police station is blocked and besieged with Keith Purvis instigating the trouble from outside and cutting off everyone inside with no way of communicating with the outside world. Nick's command of this situation will be fully tested. What is to blame for people getting sick?
Mad Dogs & Englishmen
33. Mad Dogs & Englishmen
August 12, 1997
Panic sweeps Mt. Thomas when an outbreak of a rare animal disease begins to kill humans. When Maggie suddenly collapses, PJ is desperate not to let the disease, which has already claimed two lives, take his beloved Maggie. Nick's reign as Acting Sergeant is rapidly turning into a nightmare as he deals with Keith Purvis and a mob of panic-stricken farmers.
Dead And Alive
32. Dead And Alive
August 5, 1997
Dash's mother is in desperate need of a donor's kidney to save her from certain death. But when a kidney is made available, Dash's joy is short-lived - a nasty criminal gets taken into custody and vanishes with a hostage, a car with the kidney inside, which is viable for only a few hours. It will be up to Dash to save it, but she is in a very dangerous position.
Miss MT. Thomas
31. Miss MT. Thomas
July 29, 1997
The favorite in the Miss Mt Thomas contest tells the Heelers she is being stalked, then mysteriously disappears while under the protection of Dash and Nick. With a photographer and local hunk as suspects, as well as the contestant herself, who is doing it and why? Incidents get more serious and the police have to investigate what exactly is going on and who the guilty party is.
Half A Second
30. Half A Second
July 22, 1997
As the court has to decide on whether the earlier shooting of Mrs. Darcy was lawful, a determined prosecutor quizzes all Mount Thomas police officers involved. They seem to help the prosecution more than helping one of their own, so it's not looking good at all for one of them. PJ suffers a crisis of confidence and only Maggie stands between him and professional ruin.
Friendly Fire
29. Friendly Fire
July 15, 1997
Nick is delighted when his old friend Gordy Muir turns up in Mt. Thomas to run a stress management "war games" course for corporate clients and thrilled when Gordy offers him a partnership in the new venture. But things quickly go sour when the observing senior partner of a law firm is injured during a mock ambush on the paintball course, and the Heelers are called in to investigate.
Buck Naked
28. Buck Naked
July 8, 1997
It's Halloween in Mt. Thomas and when Dash and Adam are sent out to apprehend what they assume is a seasonal prank, a naked man painted blue, Dash is astonished to discover it is her brother Ian. Ian's wedding is only two days away and Dash is horrified to discover his fiancee in bed with a German tourist. What will Dash do about what she has seen and heard?
In The Gun (Part 2)
27. In The Gun (Part 2)
July 1, 1997
When a young mother of two is killed, a videotape of the incident appears that PJ cold-bloodedly shot her in the back. PJ faces questioning but the worst attention is that of a tabloid journalist, Paul Carson. Maggie can see that PJ is having a harder time than he lets on, so she decides to help clear his name in the media.
In The Gun
26. In The Gun
June 24, 1997
A local bully is released from prison which stirs up painful memories for Dash. He has no respect for the police or women, except his mother. But his mother is getting bashed by her husband and her boyfriend who live in the same house. If that wasn't complicated enough, all three men are going at it with each other with Mrs. Darcy caught in the middle, and this will only end badly.
Reality Bytes
25. Reality Bytes
June 17, 1997
Dash and Adam wreck the hard drive of the computer at the station while playing a computer game. They have the system quietly repaired locally and are anxious that Tom doesn't find out, but glitches soon appear, which seems to be connected to a puzzling series of break-ins Maggie and PJ are investigating.
I Spy
24. I Spy
June 10, 1997
PJ is too busy for an apology from Maggie after a toddler calls the station and says his mother won't wake up. His baby sister is also there and is running a fever. While PJ talks to the child, the rest of the Heelers work to try and determine his identity and location using what little information they have. But can they get to them, before the abusive boyfriend gets back?
Winner Takes All
23. Winner Takes All
June 3, 1997
Horses are being threatened in a local race and Detective Kowalski gets involved with a suspect and Tom sees this as going a step too far. Dash and Maggie can't escape Johnny Kowalski's womanizing and the team face PJ's return with mixed feelings
Something For Nothing
22. Something For Nothing
May 27, 1997
Intent on buying a car but short on cash, Dash turns to Chris' new gaming machines then gets carried away by her winning streak, putting pressure on her friendship with Adam. The Heelers investigate a domestic burglary. Meanwhile, Maggie and Dash spread a rumor about Detective Johnny Kowalski to pay him back for abuse and use of the local single women.
The Angel's Share
21. The Angel's Share
May 20, 1997
5,000 liters of wine goes missing worth $100,000. How was it done and what has local Charlie Drake got to do with it? The new detective Johnny Kowalski makes moves on Maggie, whilst Tom is looking for a carer for his grandson, with unexpected results.
Mud Sticks
20. Mud Sticks
May 13, 1997
As Tom accepts the possibility that his daughter is gone for good, he starts looking to get his baby grandson into a nursery. When he thinks he's found a suitable crèche, injuries start occurring to toddlers there, and the staff becomes the main focus. PJ is on holiday, so Detective Johnny Kowlaski comes in as a temporary replacement, but he will have an effect on Dash and Adam very quickly.
19. Bewitched
May 6, 1997
Nick and Adam are called out when a group of wild-eyed religious bigots attacks the home and property of full-time hairdresser and part-time witch, Siobhan Kennedy. PJ spills the beans about Roman but an investigation into the death of a clergyman's daughter leads Maggie to wonder how much he really knows.
Waiting To Happen
18. Waiting To Happen
April 29, 1997
Nick is surprised by Dash's unprofessional behavior at the scene of a fatal accident, only to later learn that both victims were friends of hers. She insists she can cope with the trauma, but Nick feels there is more to it. When he does some investigating into Dash's history, he discovers a secret. Meanwhile, PJ investigates Maggie's tutor, Roman, and finds out he's married.
A Gift From God
17. A Gift From God
April 22, 1997
Tom suspects an itinerant water dowser of being responsible for a series of bashings, the latest which has put a paraplegic farmer in hospital. Little does Tom know, however, that the stranger is the father of Anna's baby who has been searching for him and Anna across the country. Tom is caught in the middle and then the baby goes missing. Meanwhile, Adam makes a sacrifice for charity.
Other People's Lives
16. Other People's Lives
April 15, 1997
Maggie's deepening relationship with her university tutor creates sparks with PJ as they investigate the disappearance of a young ballet dancer. The police officers have to find out why and how she died and Dash questions if she could have done more.
Duty Of Care
15. Duty Of Care
April 8, 1997
Dash and Nick are called out to an old farmhouse where they discover a vandalized room, a terrified child, and swinging from a light fitting... a dead lamb. There are then plenty of suspects, to the most serious incident of all. Despite earning a commendation for her actions, Dash's behavior continues to antagonize Tom.
Mind Games
14. Mind Games
April 1, 1997
PJ and Maggie must examine the events of the past to solve an allegation of child abuse when a woman accuses her father and unleashes her childhood memories. The evidence is convincing, but the police have to keep an objective eye, as the young woman can't control her emotions. Dash and Adam work to identify an assault suspect with no clues other than a blind man's description of the offender.
The Principle Of The Thing
13. The Principle Of The Thing
March 26, 1997
As the Heelers necessarily become involved with the discipline problems at the local high school, Tom realizes that his own problems are nothing in comparison to those of the new school principal. Maggie hires a tutor after she is disappointed with her exam results.
Shelter From The Storm
12. Shelter From The Storm
March 19, 1997
Clancy and his mum have an accident, but there is more to it than meets the eye and Tom is faced with a dilemma. With policing and luck, the truth will reveal itself.
The Kremin Factor
11. The Kremin Factor
March 12, 1997
The new Probationary Constable, Dash McKinley, arrives, much to Tom's annoyance and Adam's delight. Meanwhile, an old case of a 3-year-old who disappeared in the bush 18 years earlier resurfaces when a young woman turns up to confront a wealthy family, claiming that she is the long-lost daughter returned from the dead. The Heelers are faced with finding a solution to a crime from the past.
In Unity Is Strength
10. In Unity Is Strength
March 5, 1997
Adam succumbs to the stress of the job when he and Nick discover the body of a teenage boy who died during a drunken dare. Chris is thinking of renovating the pub, this brings her into conflict with all her staff and things are going to go from bad to worse - her staff at the pub go on strike. Nick runs in the election for the Police Association.
Old Sins, Long Shadows
9. Old Sins, Long Shadows
February 26, 1997
There's been a murder and Maggie had run into the victim the night before. The residents where she died, seem indifferent to the murdered woman's sad demise. Meanwhile, Adam deals with a complaint from a high school principal about the circulation of pornographic material in the area.
The Art Of Deception
8. The Art Of Deception
February 19, 1997
An art judging contest by a snooty guest judge and his antics at the Mt. Thomas Festival of the Arts cause headaches for Tom and Chris. Nick attempts to break down the fence between two feuding neighbors whose dispute is not shared by their children.
Fight Dirty
7. Fight Dirty
February 12, 1997
Maggie is set to prosecute the Dean Crocker case, but PJ has doubts about the investigation because he and the new detective sergeant are not getting on. PJ does his own investigation into sergeant which brings him into conflict with the rest of his colleagues. But is he onto something? Meanwhile, Adam and Jack investigate a series of pump thefts.
Under Pressure
6. Under Pressure
February 5, 1997
When a shearing competition goes horribly wrong, PJ starts his own investigation and his results lead him to the conclusion that his new partner, Jack, planted evidence. Meanwhile, someone is watering the alcohol bottles at the pub and Tom is pushing Anna to name her baby.
Fair Crack Of The Whip (Part 2)
5. Fair Crack Of The Whip (Part 2)
January 29, 1997
The spate of burglaries take a sinister turn as the wife of an ex-police sergeant is assaulted badly and PJ and Jack Woodley are at odds over how to handle this case of an elderly police widow.
Fair Crack Of The Whip (Part 1)
4. Fair Crack Of The Whip (Part 1)
January 22, 1997
Wayne's replacement finally arrives in Mt Thomas, just in time to help the Heelers deal with a rodeo cowboy who seems to be sending his young son out to steal for him. Tom anxiously awaits the birth of his first grandchild.
3. Priorities
January 15, 1997
Stories of two cars, two babies and Gary, who wants to join the police force but is sent away by Inspector Faulkner, who doesn't understand the needs of country policing and fills in for Tom when he is sent away for training, leaving the station understaffed. Things go from bad to worse - the computer system goes down, an old man goes missing, and a car is stolen with a sleeping baby inside.
Happy Families
2. Happy Families
January 8, 1997
Stories of fathers, daughters, and family. As Maggie turns 25, the whole Doyle family turns up to celebrate. Meanwhile, a local drug problem will spill over that no one sees coming. And Tom is in for a surprise.
Unfinished Business
1. Unfinished Business
January 1, 1997
With one of their own gone, the police are in shock and everyone handles it differently. Then the wife turns up and a police funeral is out of the question, which makes the grieving process worse for the Mount Thomas police force. The discovery of a stolen watch among Wayne's possessions forces the Heelers to clear their dead colleague's name.

Maggie Doyle, the new cop in town, convinces a local girl to press rape charges against her violent boyfriend. Blue Heelers is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (138 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 1993.

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  • Premiere Date
    September 9, 1993
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (1,198)