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  • TV-G
  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (795)

The Sleepover Club play matchmaker and Rosie Cartwright, the new girl at Crescent Bay, proves to be worthy of the Sleepover girls' friendship when she gives the M&Ms, the Sleepover Club's arch rivals, the perfect payback.

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End Of An Era
26. End Of An Era
January 1, 2004
Fliss is forced to stay at Matthew's house while her mother is on her honeymoon, causing the boys to instigate a turf war. Rosie and Kenny also start to take more of an interest in boys. The girls throw a party for them once they get back.
25. Graffiti
December 25, 2003
The trials are on, but Crescent Bay isn't allowed to participate unless the graffiti artists who are vandalising the school are exposed.
24. Trapped
December 24, 2003
The M&Ms finally win a prize from entering mobile phone competitions, but the only place they can uncover it is in the garage of Michael's house, to whom no one can enter.
Price of Success
23. Price of Success
December 23, 2003
Frankie and Fliss are upset because Kenny thinks training with Ryan Scott is more important to her than her best friends. Frankie needs help on the science exam, which the M&Ms have found a way to cheat on.
Greek Sleepover
22. Greek Sleepover
December 22, 2003
Nina, Mr Stephanopolous' niece from Greece, comes to stay and hosts a Greek Sleepover for the girls.
Blind Date
21. Blind Date
December 18, 2003
Matthew is busy and no one knows why. Secretly he is helping his cousin, Sam, teach salsa lessons for the up coming rugby fundraising dance.
The Winning Ticket
20. The Winning Ticket
December 17, 2003
The local theme park will be handing out a years worth of free passes to the one millionth guest and every cool kid in the area will be there - including the M&Ms and the Sleepover Club.
Agony Aunt
19. Agony Aunt
December 11, 2003
Kenny becomes the Crescent Bay High style guru for the school paper and influences some weird and wonderful fashion ideas.
Family Ties
18. Family Ties
December 10, 2003
Kenny's Gran is bored and looking to add some spice to her life, but Kenny is worried she's going to do herself some damage! Lyndz and Rosie have an argument that could result in the Sleepover Club disbanding.
17. Horseback
December 9, 2003
Lyndz has a horse riding competition and Fliss offers to help her on the day. Meanwhile, Frankie finally gets the chance to prove herself as a big sister - or does she?
Shoot To Win
16. Shoot To Win
December 3, 2003
Ms Nickels is coaching the Crescent Bay netball team and because the numbers are low due to an outbreak of chicken pox, Sara and Alana have been made members, even though they cannot play.
15. Election
December 2, 2003
Frankie is running for year 7 student council representative, but the M&Ms and Kenny's sister Molly conspire together to ruin Frankie's chances. Will this be enough to stop her though?
Third Time Unlucky
14. Third Time Unlucky
December 1, 2003
Frankie is really upset about Kenny living in Sydney, however, Rosie thinks that the Sleepover Club is too valuable to let go just because the girls are missing Kenny.
Fight For Kenny
13. Fight For Kenny
November 28, 2003
Kenny is told that her family are moving to Sydney. The Sleepover Club is on a mission to do everything in their power to stop letting it happen, but will they succeed?
Outdoor Trip
12. Outdoor Trip
November 27, 2003
The year 7s go on a camping trip and a navigational exercise goes haywire, thanks to the M&Ms. Rosie is and scared as it is her first trip to the Australian Bush.
Car Wash
11. Car Wash
November 26, 2003
The Sleepover Club set up a car wash to raise money to make their sleepovers more exciting, but the M&Ms find a way to ruin the girls plan. Meanwhile Lydnz falls out with Frankie.
Swim Carnival
10. Swim Carnival
November 25, 2003
It is the Crescent Bay swim carnival and the Sleepover girls have convinced Rosie that her father's sudden health kick is due to a new love interest in his life but who will it be?
Changing Rooms
9. Changing Rooms
November 24, 2003
Rosie doesn't want to host a Sleepover but won't tell the others why not. When they devise a plan to go into her room, they find out why! On a secret mission to refurnish her room, they call upon the assistance of her father, David, and her brother, Will. The M&M's loose a bet with the Sleepover Club and have to serve them smoothies at the Beach Hut Caf
8. Makeover
November 21, 2003
Lyndz is suddenly worried about her appearance after Michael calls her 'butch' so she thinks she needs to bring some spark into what she looks like, but the other girls are worried she's gone to far and she falls out with Fliss because of it.
7. Starring
November 20, 2003
Fliss is not thrilled that her mother's new boyfriend Andy is taking up so much of their time together especially when he tries to make a "Sleepover Club Video".
Happy Birthday Rosie
6. Happy Birthday Rosie
November 19, 2003
It is Rosie's birthday and she has asked everyone to keep it low key, but now her older brother Will's basketball match threatens to eclipse her day. The rest of the club set out to find something nice for her birthday but chaos is in the cards when Lyndz doesn't tell the others that she has no money.
The Great Debate
5. The Great Debate
November 19, 2003
The year 7s have to debate that men are the stronger sex, but the teams are mixed-not only does Frankie have to argue that men are stronger, but she's in a team with Marco, Michael and Sara and Rosie has Matthew, Lyndz & Fliss on her team. Plus, Rosie seems to be feeling oddly unwell. What is wrong with her?
4. Fearlotto
November 17, 2003
Rosie creates this week's Sleepover challenge: Fearlotto, with the objective of the game being to confess your worse fears.
Beach Hut
3. Beach Hut
November 14, 2003
When Mr Stephanopolous, the owner of the girls favourite hangout The Beach Hut Cafe, decides it is time to retire early, Frankie sets out to show him how important he is to the whole community. Will he come back?
Scary Movie
2. Scary Movie
November 13, 2003
Frankie still needs convincing that Rosie can show them what she's got to be sleepover club material and decides that Lyndz's birthday scary movie is the best place to do it but then she realises that it wasn't Rosie scared!
Perfect Match
1. Perfect Match
November 12, 2003
The Sleepover Club play matchmaker and Rosie Cartwright, the new girl at Crescent Bay, proves to be worthy of the Sleepover girls' friendship when she gives the M&Ms, the Sleepover Club's arch rivals, the perfect payback.

The Sleepover Club play matchmaker and Rosie Cartwright, the new girl at Crescent Bay, proves to be worthy of the Sleepover girls' friendship when she gives the M&Ms, the Sleepover Club's arch rivals, the perfect payback.

  • Premiere Date
    November 12, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (795)