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Welcome to the world of Bottle Top Bill and his best friend Corky, where everything is made from everyday bits and pieces. Bottle Top Bill is a laid-back sort of a guy, however something always happens that sends him off on an adventure with Corky to a faraway place. As each story unfolds, so does the world that Bill is exploring.

Southern Star Entertainment
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
August 7, 2005
Family, Animation
Cast: Ben Bishop, Miranda Richardson, Di Adams, Lisa Bailey
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The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill Full Episode Guide

  • Bill and Corky want to give Sandy the scarecrow a present. They decide that Sandy needs a pushbike to get around on. They want a one-of-a-kind bike. But is that what Sandy wants? / Bill and Corky help Mrs Whistlehead to tidy her loft and they put all the junk they find out on the lawn. When their backs are turned, the junk disappears. Mrs Whistlehead is most upset.

  • Some of Bill and Corky's friends are in trouble. The Junkosaurs are running out of junk and might have to leave Junkosaur Island. Meanwhile, Molly the mermaid's undersea world is having so much junk dumped on it that she might have to leave her home too. / Bill and Corky have promised to help both Dandy the fairy and Mrs Whistlehead. But how can they be in two different places at the same time?

  • Mrs Whistlehead loves to hear birdsongs. Bill and Corky think they'll make her very happy if they build her a pond where birds will come and sing. / Bill and Corky have tidied up their attic. But what are they to do with the big pile of junk that they've cleaned out? Of course - The Junkosaurs would love it!

  • The Great Wild Woolly has the hiccups. Bill and Corky try to help him, but the hiccups keep coming. When Mrs Whistlehead's sheep also get hiccups, Bill and Corky seek the help of Cedric the scientist. / Tricky persuades Ned to go for a ride in Bill and Corky's go-cart - without Bill or Corky's permission! But things get even worse when Tricky admits he's never driven a go-cart before!

  • Bill and Corky are fishing when they are washed out to sea by a giant wave. Now they have to get home. But with no motor, no oars, and no sails, there is no way home! / The Fairy Queen's crown is missing! Without the fairy crown, there's no fairy magic. And without fairy magic, there might soon be no Fairyland.

  • It's Bill's birthday and he has lots of great things planned for the day. This is going to be his best ever birthday! / Bill and Corky are shocked when they discover that a big rock is heading for Tamo's planet. They've got to warn Tamo and they've got to stop the rock. But how do you stop a big space rock? Bill and Corky don't know, but they'll have to come up with an idea very quickly!

  • Bill and Corky think Mrs Whistlehead wants to get rid of her sheep. They'll miss the sheep terribly, but they've promised to help sell them. Then the Great White Woolly steps in and makes trouble. / Cedric the scientist has installed his latest invention in Bill and Corky's home. It's a computer that controls the house. It can cook, clean, and even play games.

  • Rocky the monkey is sick and needs some special bananas to perk him up. Bill and Corky promise to get them - even if they have to go all the way to the Jingle Jangle Jungle. As it turns out, they do! / Bill's hat is missing. He doesn't feel right without his hat and must find it. As Bill and Corky search for the hat, they find other things have gone missing...

  • How can one cute little lamb cause Bill and Corky so much trouble? The lamb loves to climb things, and Bill and Corky have to keep getting her down from trees and roofs. / Tricky the troll thinks food would be much better if it all tasted like his favourite chocolate pudding - especially those boring old vegetables.

  • There's trouble on Tamo's planet. Everyone is getting bad colds and Bill and Corky have to get some medicine to them. But the Great Wild Woolly takes off in Cedric's new rocket ship that contains all the medicine! / On a trip to the seaside, Bill and Corky discover a boat that takes people to see a sea monster. Joining other tourists, they take a tour and do indeed see a sea monster!

  • Tricky the Troll leads Mrs Whistlehead's sheep into Fairyland. Once there, the sheep start eating everything they see. But sheep shouldn't eat Fairyland Flowers... / Bill and Corky head for Junkosaur Island to baby-sit JoJo the Junkosaur. But when they chase a toy aeroplane into the jungle, the three of them become hopelessly lost. Can they find their way out?

  • Bill and Corky are having a beach picnic and everyone is invited! The trouble is that in order to have a beach picnic, you have to get everyone to the beach. But with so many different people, dogs, trolls and dragons coming from so many different places, how will Bill and Corky get everyone there? / Bill and Corky plan to give a surprise present to Mrs Whistlehead.

  • What a storm! Bill and Corky haven't seen rain like it, never! / Mrs Whistlehead plans to make a Strawberry Surprise for her annual garden party. Bill and Corky would love to know what the Strawberry Surprise is but first they have to pick the strawberries.

  • Bill and Corky are going water skiing. But to water ski you need water, and the there's none in the lake. Where did it all go? / There's a talent show on and all of Bill and Corky's friends are going to perform in it. Bill and Corky would also like to be in the show - but what will they do?

  • It hasn't rained for weeks and no rain looks like coming soon. Bill and Corky seek the help of Cedric the scientist. They're in luck as he has a new invention - the Cloud Catcher. / JoJo the Junkosaur and his family are in terrible danger! A volcano on Junkosaur Island is about to explode! Bill and Corky have to help everyone get off the island, including the Woppalicks.

  • Sandy the scarecrow invites Bill and Corky to the annual Scarecrow get -together. It's always a great party with lots of dancing. / Mrs Whistlehead has a cold and needs to spend a day in bed. Bill and Corky offer to help her out while she rests.

  • Every time Bill and Corky visit Fairyland they learn something new. This time they discover that Tricky is the worst singer in Fairyland. Bill decides to give him a lesson in singing. / Bill and Corky are on a mission. They want to take some wildlife photos.

  • Bill and Corky are putting up a new fence. They find that digging holes for the posts is a mucky job. / The Flying Follys are coming! Bill and Corky are very excited. The Flying Follys are the greatest acrobatic family in the world and they can't wait to see them. Even the Great Wild Woolly wants to see them.

  • Dandy the fairy has warned Bill and Corky many times - don't play around with fairy dust. But Bill and Corky aren't fairies and don't understand fairy magic. /A spaceship crash-lands near Bill and Corky's home. Could it be their space friend Tamo? It isn't Tamo, but a little girl who looks like Tamo. Bill and Corky invite her to stay with them while they help repair her spaceship.

  • Bill and Corky are having a wonderful time watching the whales migrate past their favourite beach. But when Ned accidentally drops his music player into the sea, the awful noise upsets the whales and sends them swimming off in all directions. / Rumble the dragon has a sore tooth. They have to get Rumble to a fairy dentist, but he doesn't like dentists and keeps running away.

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