Bombay Blue

Bombay Blue is a crime show set in the United Kingdom. The show focuses on the rich world of Bollywood and the poor Underworld. It highlights how greed, corruption, crime and day-to-day interactions affect these worlds and the people living in them.

Channel 4
1 Season, 6 Episodes
February 10, 2011
Bombay Blue

Bombay Blue Full Episode Guide

  • A Showdown between the police and the drug lords.

  • Detective Constable Tarun Dev goes undercover as a hired assassin.

  • Detective Constable Tarun Dev continues his investigation with the men who are suspected of supplying heroin into the UK.

  • A telephone number has been written on Detective Constable Tarun Dev's chest while he was a sleep on the beach.

  • The Inspector Mayberry and Detective Constable Tarun Dev arrive in Bombay and find their investigation hampered by the local police.

  • Glasgow police are on the trial of some local drug dealers.

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