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Boston Public is an American television show that falls into the gneres of both comedy and drama. This television series mainly airs on the Fox channel, and it has a running time of about 1 hour long per episode including commercials. Boston Republic has been rated 13, and it was directed by Jonathan Pontell, Mike Listo, Joe Napolitano, Mel Damski, Duane Clark, Sheldon Larry, Arlene Sanford, Bethany Rooney, and Michael Schultz. Furthermore, this television series was produced by Johnathan Pontell, John J. Sakmar, Peter Burrell, Chuck Conway, Jason Katims, Dan Cohn, Jeremy Miller, Pamela J. Wisne, and Mike Listo, and it stars many well known actor's and actresses such as Chi McBride, Anthony Heald, Loretta Devine, Sharon Leal, Fyvush Finkel, Jeri Ryan, Michael Rapaport, Nicky Katt, Jessalyn Gilsig, Rashida Jones, China Shavers, Jon Abrahams, Joey McIntyre, and Cara Delizia.

Boston Public takes place inside of a public high school, located in Boston. This entire television series is told from the view point of the school principle, named Steven Harper. Steven Harper is a very dedicated to this school, but he has many challenges that he must face on a regular basis. Throughout all of the daily challenges, the stress that is involved is almost to much for him to bear. One issue he faces, is that of a teacher, named Harvey Lipshultz, is beginning to get up in age. Steven begins to notice that Harvey rambles nonsense more and more, leaving Steven to believe Harvey is loosing his mind.

Furthermore, Steven is also left to deal with a teacher who is making the effort to prevent student violence. However, this teacher's idea to prevent school violence is by bringing a gun to his classroom. Ultimately, this teacher ends up firing the gun off right above the heads of the students. Plus, Steven has to deal with the faculty members butting heads with the parents' of some students. They feel that there is not enough being done at the school to help their children.

1 Season, 1 Episode
November 12, 2000
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Chi McBride
Boston Public

Boston Public Full Episode Guide

  • Lauren catches two student government candidates in a compromising position; a soccer team member is devastated when Harper refuses to sign his Magna Club application; teachers are lampooned during a charity show.