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  • 2015
  • 4 Seasons

Braless was an online series that aired on MTV’s YouTube Channel from 2014 to 2015. The show was a daring exploration of the modern society and culture, extending beyond the sphere of entertainments, fashion, or music that MTV is usually known for. The series featured astute commentary on trending topics, social issues, politics, sex, and feminism, delivered with a youth-centric, fresh, and humorous take.

The show was hosted by Laci Green, an American YouTube personality, sex educator, and fierce advocate for feminism and body positivity. With her approachable persona and penchant for deep examinations of hot-button issues, Green was the guiding light of the series, bringing a vast range of topics out of the shadows and into the light of conversation.

Each episode of Braless ran for around five to seven minutes, but in that short time, the series managed to delve deep and intense. The topics it tackled ranged widely, yet the approach was always grounded in feminist principles. Some episodes delved into the portrayal of women in pop culture, spotlighting and critiquing problematic tropes. Others took on heavier topics, such as victim-blaming in rape culture, rights to bodily autonomy, or privilege and intersectionality in feminism. The show did not shy away from topics like sexual consent and body shaming either, but instead approached them head-on with a mix of humor, directness and respect.

Despite its heavy roster of issues, Braless wasn't without a hip and entertaining vibe. It was a part of MTV after all. The show brought in pop culture anecdotes, flashy animations, and relevant memes making each episode feel current and engaging. It had a tonal balance between playful and serious that made the series both entertaining and educational. Green's delivery was personable and often humorous making the show, despite the sometimes-hefty subject matter, easy to digest and emotionally.

In between these lively discussions, Braless featured a variety of interactive elements that set an engaging tone for its young, internet-savvy audience. The platform opened up dialogues and invited its viewers to participate in the conversation through comments, questions, and debates both on YouTube and other social media platforms. Green often involved viewers in the episodes by addressing their queries, comments, or suggestions in the "Comments Section" segments. In addition, the show frequently invited different guest speakers from diverse backgrounds to provide additional perspectives on the topics.

One of the monumental aspects of Braless was that it didn't shy away from expressing strong, often controversial views. It challenged its viewers to reassess and question societal norms and expectations. This led to the show being met with a fair mix of applause and criticism. But it was clear that the series aimed not to appease but to enlighten, challenge, and provoke thought.

Braless was not your typical MTV show. It was also not your average YouTube show. With a refreshing blend of modern internet culture and traditional TV presentation, the show created a space for lively and in-depth conversations about issues that are often left unaddressed. In its short run, the show managed to build a loyal community that looked forward to each new episode and discussion topic.

In an era dominated by social media and instant trends, Braless was a stark and welcome change. It explored areas not usually touched by mainstream media in a manner that made it accessible to its young audience. The power of Braless was in its refusal to simplify or gloss over the complex – it was a show that made its viewers think, question, and, of course, laugh. It served as an example of how social conversations can go beyond shallow exchanges and venture into depths that challenge and stimulate individuals to understand the world better.

In many ways, Braless was a groundbreaker, a show that made waves by dissecting the norms, shattering stereotypes, and urging its viewers to do the same. It brought the issues out into the open, making it an avenue for discourse that wasn't confined to academia or limited to certain circles. The show was indeed braless – it went without the constraints of traditional narratives and expectations, defining its own path and creating a space for discussions that matter.

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August 12, 2016
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July 22, 2016
An honest discussion about how many products are marketed using gender stereotypes.
Do Lesbian Labels Create Stereotyes?
19. Do Lesbian Labels Create Stereotyes?
Braless teams up with Hartbeat to discuss all things lesbian. Are the labels helpful or harmful? How could any stereotypes promote any good?
If Famous Movie Romances Were Feminist?
18. If Famous Movie Romances Were Feminist?
July 8, 2016
What if there was a shift in romance movies and the lady was a feminist? How would that change the perception of girls?
5 Gender Stereotypes That Used to be Opposite
17. 5 Gender Stereotypes That Used to be Opposite
July 1, 2016
History tells us that gender stereotypes seem to be the exact opposite of what they used to be.
The Horror of Women's Clothing Sizes
16. The Horror of Women's Clothing Sizes
June 27, 2016
Why do women's sizes come in 0,2,4,6,8,10... What does this mean? Why can't women find clothes that fit?
Women React to Historical Birth Control
15. Women React to Historical Birth Control
June 17, 2016
For centuries women have attempted to prevent pregnancy, what happens when modern women hear the methods.
What is Gender Non-conforming?
14. What is Gender Non-conforming?
Laci welcomes Miles Jai to discuss what it means to be gender non-conforming.
Birth Control for Men?
13. Birth Control for Men?
Laci discusses why there can't be more options of birth control for men.
Do Men or Women Take More Selfies?
12. Do Men or Women Take More Selfies?
Laci takes to the streets to get the public's perception on selfies.
Should Religion be a Part of of Politics?
11. Should Religion be a Part of of Politics?
For a country based on religious freedom, why do we tend to over-scrutinize our political candidates?
Is Zootopia an Intersectional Feminist Utopia?
10. Is Zootopia an Intersectional Feminist Utopia?
For an impressive box-office hit, this movie takes on many more mature issues such as racism, and feminism.
What Will Trump's America Look Like?
9. What Will Trump's America Look Like?
March 7, 2016
It's always a good idea to take a serious look at any and all candidates and make sure to stay informed and get out an vote.
Are Witches Feminist Icons?
8. Are Witches Feminist Icons?
February 26, 2016
Some historical facts back up the idea that witches may be a feminist symbol.
Should Women Get Married and Have Kids?
7. Should Women Get Married and Have Kids?
February 19, 2016
Has the younger generation turned away from advice of the older generation to settle down and have kids.
Is Your Brain Sexist?
6. Is Your Brain Sexist?
February 12, 2016
Laci brings Vanessa Hill from PBS to discuss the gender of our brains.
How to Respond to a Rape Survivor
5. How to Respond to a Rape Survivor
February 3, 2016
With the statistical rates of sexual assault, it's important to know how to listen to any victim.
Are Open Relationships OK?
4. Are Open Relationships OK?
January 29, 2016
What is the difference between cheating on your other and an open relationship?
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    March 17, 2015