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Laci Green and MTV have teamed up to bring you Braless. We bring a smart, uninhibited take on subjects like pop culture, politics, and history; all through the lens of gender, equality, and a little thing called feminism.

4 Seasons, 45 Episodes
March 17, 2015

Braless Full Episode Guide

  • Laci Green takes on the issues that no one want to talk about.

  • We take time to talk with some tansgender men who have been on both sides of the gender gap and hear what they have to say.

  • On this episode of Braless we will discuss the complicated history of the guys picking up the check.

  • With the rise in High School and College sexual assault cases, do the number suggest there is a problem within the male athlete culture?

  • An honest discussion about how many products are marketed using gender stereotypes.

  • Braless teams up with Hartbeat to discuss all things lesbian. Are the labels helpful or harmful? How could any stereotypes promote any good?

  • What if there was a shift in romance movies and the lady was a feminist? How would that change the perception of girls?

  • History tells us that gender stereotypes seem to be the exact opposite of what they used to be.

  • Why do women's sizes come in 0,2,4,6,8,10... What does this mean? Why can't women find clothes that fit?

  • For centuries women have attempted to prevent pregnancy, what happens when modern women hear the methods.

  • Laci welcomes Miles Jai to discuss what it means to be gender non-conforming.

  • Laci discusses why there can't be more options of birth control for men.

  • Laci takes to the streets to get the public's perception on selfies.

  • For a country based on religious freedom, why do we tend to over-scrutinize our political candidates?

  • For an impressive box-office hit, this movie takes on many more mature issues such as racism, and feminism.

  • It's always a good idea to take a serious look at any and all candidates and make sure to stay informed and get out an vote.

  • Some historical facts back up the idea that witches may be a feminist symbol.

  • Has the younger generation turned away from advice of the older generation to settle down and have kids.

  • Laci brings Vanessa Hill from PBS to discuss the gender of our brains.

  • With the statistical rates of sexual assault, it's important to know how to listen to any victim.

  • What is the difference between cheating on your other and an open relationship?

  • It's now Summer time, and also the time for women to be bombarded with Get A Bikini Body Now advertising.

  • Is Mad Max pushing a secret feminist agenda?

  • There is a gender revolution on! It's always good to break traditional gender roles. Is it a problem that the rich white are the face of the movement?

  • Why does beer use sex to advertise? How does this affect the drinks we choose to consume?

  • What misconceptions did Bruce Jenner prove wrong? How did he approach the rumors in regards with his transition.

  • Should women really call women a bitch?

  • Fraternities are becoming more and more blamed for racism and sexism. Is this culture acceptable?

  • Our culture has a problem with sexual women, placing them as bad and ashamed. When will women stop shaming women?

  • With the increasing number of reported sexual assaults, why are these women doubted?

  • Sometimes the social expectations for you sex are set for society by such things as Disney!

  • We have a seen a switch in things since Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have shown the TV world the power of girl friends.

  • What is really behind all fuss about the book and movie? Is it really about sexual fantasy or about an abusive relationship?