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Bramweell is a British drama that was filmed in Sarratt, Hertfordshire, England. It was produced by Whitby Davison Productions and starred: Ruth Sheen, Jemma Redgrave, David Calder, Kevin McMonagle and Keeley Gainey. The series revolves around Dr. Eleanor Bramwell, who runs a free hospital during the late 1800's.

Eleanor Bramwell is a highly educated and outspoken doctor in a prestigious London hospital. Unfortunately, the medical establishments back in this era were dominated by men and soon Dr. Bramwell found herself being treated as an inferior member. After a disagreement over a patient's diagnosis with the lead doctor, Eleanor was dismissed from the hospital.

Unsure of what to do, she discusses it over dinner with her father and a close family friend. Her father suggests that she join him in his private practice but the family friend, Lady Peters, has a much different suggestion. She offers to fund a small hospital in the East End of London, where the poor could receive free treatment. The Thrift had only six beds and in the beginning there wasn't even a staff.

Soon the Thrift starts to take on more patients then what the two women can handle. In need of hospital staff, they hire former patients to clean and help around the hospital. They realized the need for an anesthetist but did not have the funding for it so she begs a former colleague to help out. He agrees but only if he is able to practice his surgery skills.

Just as the Thrift was showing great progress, Lady Peters succumbs to an illness. Even though Lady Peters willed everything to the hospital, Dr. Bramwell is now forced to find a way to keep the hospital doors open without the guidance of her dear friend. With outbreaks of cholera and a measles epidemic, Eleanor rediscovers the reasons why she began to practice medicine and tries to stop her headstrong personality from getting in the way.

1 Season, 27 Episodes
May 22, 1995
Cast: Jemma Redgrave, Ruth Sheen, David Calder, Kevin McMonagle
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Bramwell Full Episode Guide

  • A brothel fire causes dark secrets to be revealed and the relationships between Eleanor, Joe and Major Quarrie to be finally resolved.

  • Eleanor Bramwell is adjusting to life on her own after her father's wedding. She is engaged to Dr. Marsham, but still unsure whether this is the right thing to do.

  • Robert and Alice are moving to Kew. Fearing for Eleanor's safety alone at the Thrift, Robert withdraws his support and insists she move with them. Impulsively, Eleanor proposes to Dr. Marsham in this final episode.

  • Finn O'Neill returns from America with his young bride and a growing reputation in the fields of medicine. When his wife becomes seriously ill, the Bramwells fear he might be conducting experiments on her.

  • A faith healer appears to cure one of Dr. Marsham's patients and he feels professionally undermined when Nurse Carr and the patients at the Thrift rally around the "miracle worker" Mathews.

  • Robert Bramwell borrows heavily from his friend George Talbot to finance a new medical practice, but Talbot's unstable wife becomes romantically obsessed with him. The complications threaten his marriage plans and professional future.

  • Eleanor is nursing her broken heart in the country with old friends who are playing matchmaker. Eager to escape their efforts, she becomes involved with the village school and discovers a darker side of village life.

  • When opium and bed linen are missing at the Thrift, the finger of suspicion falls on Sidney, but Nurse Carr is hiding a terrible secret. Unable to cope with her elderly mother, she drugs and ties her up, then goes to work pretending all is normal.

  • Eleanor faces heartbreak when lover Finn O'Neill returns from the States in time for Queen Victoria's Silver Jubilee celebration. Instead of formalizing his engagement with Eleanor, he brings shocking news.

  • During an intense 24 hours in the middle of a London heat wave, the Thrift copes with casualties from a local brewery and Eleanor rekindles her affair with Dr. O'Neill.

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